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Guggenheim "Resurrects" The Black Hood

Writer Marc Guggenheim steps into DC's "The Web" to recreate the famed Red Circle vigilante The Black Hood. Meanwhile, he's also introducing President Clinton into the cast of his Oni sci-fi series "Resurrection."

Apple Unveils the iPad

Apple Unveils the iPad

Apple has unveiled its highly anticipated tablet computer, officially called the iPad. ROBOT 6 kept track of all the announcements that pertained to the device's relationship with the ebook and digital comic book markets.

Matt Maxwell Travels the

Matt Maxwell Travels the "Strangeways"

The writer of ROBOT 6's ongoing webcomic "Strangeways," Matt Maxwell talked with CBR News about the tradition of weird westerns, werewolves, online serialization and what he has planned for his next project.


REVIEW: "Blackest Night: The Flash" #2

Benjamin Birdie reviewed "Blackest Night: The Flash"" #2 by Geoff Johns and Skot Kolins, giving it 4 stars and saying "Kolins' art is superb, Johns' story goes beyond the formula for a very good 'Flash' tie-in to "Blackest Night.'"

The State of Maberry's

The State of Maberry's "DoomWar"

In "DoomWar," the new miniseries kicking off next month, a band of Marvel's premier heroes must stop Doctor Doom and his global network of terror from seizing absolute power. We spoke with writer Jonathan Maberry about the series.


PREVIEW: "Brave and the Bold" with the Metal Men

Cartoon Network has provided CBR with clips and pics from this week's new episode of "Batman: The Brave and the Bold," featuring none other than Doc Magnus and his team of robot heroes, the Metal Men!

Kirkman Discusses

Kirkman Discusses "Image United: Interlude"

The "Image United" author spoke with CBR News about the upcoming "Interlude" issue, which will feature his own creation, Invincible, along with a number of assorted characters from across the Image Universe.

Lobo, Spider-Man, Kick-Ass: Jan 27th Comic Reel

Lobo, Spider-Man, Kick-Ass: Jan 27th Comic Reel

Guy Ritchie off "Lobo" for a "Holmes" sequel! Stan Lee talks "Spider-Man" reboot. Another "Kick-Ass" set of images. Also, "Green Lantern" concept art hits the web, Hulk to be an Avenger and more.

Comics A.M. - The Comics Internet in 2 Minutes

Comics A.M. - The Comics Internet in 2 Minutes

Xeric Foundation awards fall/winter grants! Borders Group CEO resigns! More criticism of Bluewater Productions! Grant Morrison talks villains and "Seasons 1 and 2" of "Batman and Robin"! Plus more!

PREVIEWS: New Comics On Sale Today!

PREVIEWS: New Comics On Sale Today!

It's New Comics Day here in the United States, and CBR has over sixty previews of titles shipping today from Marvel, DC Comics, Image Comics, IDW Publishing, Dark Horse, BOOM! Studios and more!

Marvel's Heroic Age Starts With

Marvel's Heroic Age Starts With "Avengers"

The publisher's post-Siege plans kick off with a reignited series for their biggest franchise featuring Captain America, Iron Man and Thor at the helm and Brian Michael Bendis in the writer's seat delivering stories filled with optimism.

DC Announces

DC Announces "Brightest Day" Ring Promotion

With "Brightest Day" set to break after "Blackest Night" wraps, DC has announced a follow-up to their recent rings promotion featuring a new Green Lantern ring as well as a Flash ring (costume not included). ROBOT 6 has details.

Braver and Bolder with J. Michael Straczynski

Braver and Bolder with J. Michael Straczynski

JMS spoke with CBR and teased some details on the secret weapon he has planned for "The Brave and The Bold" while also spilling on which superhero teams will be featured in upcoming issues of his critically acclaimed run.

PRESS RELEASE: Marvel Launches All-New Retailer Resource Center


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Pilot Season: Demonic"

Courtesy of Top Cow, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Pilot Season: Demonic," in stores tomorrow, January 27, from the creative team of Robert Kirkman and Joe Benitez and featuring a cover by Marc Silvestri.

Jackie Earle Haley Talks

Jackie Earle Haley Talks "Human Target"

The "Human Target" star spoke with CBR in an exclusive one-on-one interview about playing the shady Guerrero on the new FOX series, how "Watchmen" initiated his love for comic book culture, Freddy Krueger, Sinestro and more.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEWS: "Teen Titans" #79 & "Supergirl" #49

Courtesy of DC Comics, CBR presents a pair of exclusive previews for "Teen Titans" #79 and "Supergirl" #49, both of which will be hitting stores tomorrow, January 27.

Paul Tobin's Marvelous Adventures

Paul Tobin's Marvelous Adventures

ROBOT 6's Tim O'Shea interviewed Paul Tobin about the recently announced relaunch of Marvel's line of kid-friendly titles, revisiting Spider-Man's Secret Wars experiences, scripting the Black Widow's early adventures and more.

PRESS RELEASE: Bluewater's Michael Jackson Tribute Gets Fourth Printing

PRESS RELEASE: Jo Chen Covers ECCC's "Monsters and Dames" Art Book


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers" #1

Courtesy of IDW, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers" #1, in stores this week from writer/artist Nick Roche.

PRESS RELEASE: AC/DC Iron Man 2 Video to Debut Exclusively on Vevo

Millar Announces

Millar Announces "Nemesis" Benefit Auction

Creator Mark Millar is offering a lucky fan the opportunity to be immortalized in the pages of his and co-creator Steve McNiven's "Nemesis" through a benefit auction with all proceeds going to a special fund to help handicapped children.


AC/DC "Iron Man 2" Video Debuting Online Today

Marvel and Columbia Records have announced that a new AC/DC video for "Iron Man 2" will debut online today, with the movie's soundtrack featuring the music of the veteran metal band hitting stores on April 19.

Bendis Creates an

Bendis Creates an "Ultimate Enemy"

"Ultimate Comics Enemy" is in stores this week, kicking off a trilogy that will introduce a powerful new villain to the Ultimate Universe. CBR spoke with Brian Michael Bendis about the project. Updated with exclusive art!

Comics A.M. - The Comics Internet in 2 Minutes

Comics A.M. - The Comics Internet in 2 Minutes

Sentencing delayed in Handley case! Two men charged in Ponzi scheme involving comics and film rights! SPACE Prize winners announced! "Geek Monthly" magazine shuts down! Plus, much more!

Green Lantern, Thor, Walking Dead: Jan 26th Comic Reel

Green Lantern, Thor, Walking Dead: Jan 26th Comic Reel

Director Martin Campbell talks space in "Green Lantern." Sam Jackson surprised to learn he will be in "Thor." A review of "The Walking Dead" script. Also, another "Smallville" guest and more.

CBR Reviews Last Week's New Comics

CBR Reviews Last Week's New Comics

Last week, CBR's review staff looked at twenty different new releases including "Dark Wolverine" #82, "Incorruptible" #2, "Phantom Stranger" #42, "Spider-Woman" #5, "Green Lantern Corps" #44 and more.

COMMITTED: Comics Without Capes

COMMITTED: Comics Without Capes

COMICS SHOULD BE GOOD's Sonia Harris looks back on her early comic book reading days and remembers what it was like when she first discovered the existence of super heroes in the latest installment of COMMITTED.

PRESS RELEASE: Cartoon Art Museum's February Cartoonist-in-Residence: Jamaica Dyer

PRESS RELEASE: Dark Horse and EA's "Mass Effect: Redemption" Hits the iPhone

Kirkman and Silvestri's

Kirkman and Silvestri's "Demonic" Enters "Pilot Season"

The "Pilot Season" masterminds talk about their work on "Demonic," the second installment in Top Cow's ongoing competition that focuses on the nefarious relationship between man and demon.

PRESS RELEASE: Top Cow Announces Angelus #3, Guest Starring the Darkness

PRESS RELEASE: Long Beach Comic Con Presents Comic Expo 2010


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Gotham City Sirens" #8

Courtesy of DC Comics, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Gotham City Sirens" #8 by the creative team of Guillem March and Marc Andreyko. The issue will be hitting stores this Wednesday, January 27.

PRESS RELEASE: BOOM! Studios Announces Farscape: Scorpius Ongoing

Wallace Takes

Wallace Takes "Titans" Down A Dark Path

With Deathstroke set to lead an all-villain team, the new writer of DC's former graduated sidekick series draws up his battle plan for a book full of devious villains while explaining how history weighs heavy in their lives.

James Kyson Lee Talks

James Kyson Lee Talks "Heroes"

"Heroes" actor James Kyson Lee spoke with CBR about Ando's evolution over the course of the series, why he's not worried about the show's ratings and his hopes for the sixth volume, tentatively titled "Brave New World."


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Vengeance of the Moon Knight" #5

Courtesy of Marvel Comics, CBR presents an exclusive advance preview of "Vengeance of the Moon Knight" #5, slated to hit stores February 10 with a story by Gregg Hurwitz and Jerome Opena.

Mark Crilley on

Mark Crilley on "Brody's Ghost"

CBR has an exclusive first look at "Brody's Ghost" part two, which hits "MySpace Dark Horse Presents" next week. We spoke with writer-artist Mark Crilley about the web comics and the graphic novel series starting in June.