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DC Announces

DC Announces "Green Lantern" Comic Prequels

The screenwriters of the incoming Ryan Reynolds actioner will team with Geoff Johns and DC's "Green Lantern" team for five comic prequels to the film shipping day-and-date with digital a month before the movie opens.


REVIEW: "Amazing Spider-Man" #654

Doug Zawisza reviewed "Amazing SPider-Man" #654 and gave the issue 4.5 stars, saying of the latest chapter in "Big Time" "the high-flying, fun-loving, strong-willed Spider-Man I became enamored with as a kid."

Comics A.M. -

Comics A.M. - "One Piece" Breaks Another Record, More on Diamond Digital

Latest volume of "One Piece" sells more than 2 million copies in three days! Details and analysis of Diamond Digital! ComicsPRO annual meeting kicks off today! A look at "Hawkeye: Blindspot"! More!

Spencer Leads

Spencer Leads "Secret Avengers" Into "Fear Itself"

Marvel Comics has announced that Nick Spencer and Scot Eaton will take over the reins of "Secret Avengers" as the team heads into "Fear Itself," starting with a special #12.1 issue hitting stores in April.

"Hack/Slash" Meets "Eva" at Dynamite

Dynamite has announced a four-issue crossover starring Tim Seeley's popular "Hack/Slash" and Eva, the daughter of Dracula. The series, launching in May, is written by Brandon Jerwa and features covers by Seeley.

Tilting at Windmills - 2/9/2011

Tilting at Windmills - 2/9/2011

The time has arrived for the annual TILTING AT WINDMILLS analysis of the sales numbers for graphic novels in the bookstore market, and the 201 numbers hold a number of surprises as Brian goes more in depth than ever.

THE BAT SIGNAL: Peter J. Tomasi

THE BAT SIGNAL: Peter J. Tomasi

"Batman and Robin" writer Peter Tomasi, Grant Morrison's handpicked successor, swung by THE BAT SIGNAL to discuss his plans for the title, adding new bad guys to the Bat-mythos, bringing back classic rogues and more.

Where The Hell Am I - 2/9/2011

Where The Hell Am I - 2/9/2011

This week, Jason Aaron explains why he's perfectly happy to be writing "Wolverine" alongside "Scalped" and why he feels corporate vs. creator owned comics is the wrong battle to choose in today's comics industry.

Whedon & Tancharoen Return to the

Whedon & Tancharoen Return to the "Dollhouse"

CBR caught up with "Dollhouse: Epitaphs'" Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen for a quick chat about the Dark Horse one-shot shipping in March and what readers will and won't see in the forthcoming miniseries.

The Line It Is Drawn: Valentine's Day

The Line It Is Drawn: Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day comes early with this week's LINE IT IS DRAWN. Our group of artists have drawn your favorite comic book characters in a series of drawings inspired by classic romance films - all based on you suggestions!

Steve Niles' Creator-Owned Spotlight

Steve Niles' Creator-Owned Spotlight

Steve Niles has been a vocal proponent of creator-owned comics. This week he kicks off a new column on ROBOT 6 spotlighting creator-owned comics and those who support the need for more creator-owned books.

Isaacs Conjures

Isaacs Conjures "Magus"

"DV8" artist Rebekah Isaacs talks about her first creator-owned book from 12 Gauge Comics, her messy layouts and working with her boyfriend, writer Jon Price. She also brought along from "Magus" #2.

FF Gains New Members, Becomes Future Foundation

FF Gains New Members, Becomes Future Foundation

Marvel has released solicitation info for "FF" #1, featuring Spider-Man joining the surviving members of the Fantastic Four as a member of The Future Foundation with mystery members and new costumes.

McGuinness Covers Oversized

McGuinness Covers Oversized "Avengers Academy" One-shot

Marvel has announced "Avengers Academy Giant-Size" #1, an 80-page original story by Paul Tobin and David Baldeon with a cover by Ed McGuinness. The oversized one-shot hits in May.

Todd Klein Chooses Comics' Greatest Logos

Todd Klein Chooses Comics' Greatest Logos

The greatest logos have an impact on readers, are instantly recognizable and stand the test of time. Legendary letter and logo designer Todd Klein chooses his favorites in a special feature for CBR.

Comics A.M. -

Comics A.M. - "Spider-Man" Producer Fires Back; More From Gareb Shamus

"Spider-Man" musical producer responds to critical thrashing! Gareb Shamus talks conventions, end of "Wizard"! Archie's digital strategy! Joe Hill talks "Locke & Key" TV series!

Joe Harris Joins Vampirella's

Joe Harris Joins Vampirella's "Scarlet Legion"

Writer Joe Harris will team with comics' most popular visitor from the planet Drakulon for the first time in Dynamite's just-announced "Vampirella and the Scarlet Legion" miniseries, debuting in May.

Dini Takes Readers to

Dini Takes Readers to "Arkham City" in Comic Tie-in

DC Comics has announced a six-issue tie-in to the upcoming "Batman: Arkham City" video game. Scripted by game writer Paul Dini and illustrated by concept artist Carlos D'anda, the series launches in May.

Sales Estimates for January, 2011

Sales Estimates for January, 2011

Inside you'll find the sales estimates for comics and trade paperbacks for January 2010 with Marvel's "Fantastic Four" #587 easily topping a weak month of monthly comic sales and "Jack of Fable" leading TPBs.

PREVIEWS: New Comics on Sale 2/9/2011

PREVIEWS: New Comics on Sale 2/9/2011

It's New Comics Day in the States, and CBR has more than 70 previews of new titles on sale today from Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Dark Horse, Image Comics, BOOM! Studios, Oni Press, Dynamite, Archaia and more!


EXCL. PREVIEW: "Justice League: Generation Lost" #19

Courtesy of DC Comics, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Justice League: Generation Lost" #19 by Judd Winick and Joe Bennett. The next chapter in Max Lord's resurrection hits Wednesday, February 9.

X-POSITION: Kathryn Immonen

X-POSITION: Kathryn Immonen

Join X-POSITION this week as Kathryn Immonen vamps things up in "Wolverine and Jubilee" and we learn just how "wrong" certain storylines can be in different states. All this plus exclusive art!

Pipeline - 2/8/2011

Pipeline - 2/8/2011

Augie has some thoughts on the recent sell-out of Comic-Con International ticket, the joys of Stan Sakai's "Usagi Yojimbo" artistry, Marvel's growing of lots of spines and Image's unpublished hardcovers.

Wiebe & Rossmo Welcome You to

Wiebe & Rossmo Welcome You to "Green Wake"

CBR News spoke exclusively with author Kurtis J. Wiebe about "Green Wake," the new Shadowline miniseries illustrated by "Cowboy Ninja Viking" artist Riley Rossmo about a mysterious town with no way out.

Christina Hendricks Attending

Christina Hendricks Attending "All Star Superman" NY Premiere

The voice of Lois Lane, Christina Hendricks will be attending the sold out February 14 world premiere of Warner Bros. Animation's "All Star Superman" at The Paley Center for Media in New York.

Georges Jeanty: The Process of

Georges Jeanty: The Process of "Buffy"

CBR News spoke with series artist Georges Jeanty about illustrating the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 8" finale, from thumbnails to pencils and working with inker Andy Owens and colorist Michelle Madsen.

Farmer Discusses

Farmer Discusses "Special Exits"

Legendary underground cartoonist Joyce Farmer spoke before an audience of fans about her new graphic novel, the autobiographical "Special Exits," her beginnings as an alt-comic book creator and more.


ADVANCE PREVIEW: "Captain America" #615.1

Marvel Comics has released an advance look at "Captain America" #615.1, a specially produced jumping on issue by Ed Brubaker and Mitch Bretiweiser. The issue, with a cover by Daniel Acuña, hits stores March 9.


EXCL. PREVIEWS: "T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents," "Titans"

DC Comics has provided CBR with advance looks at two comics hitting the stands on February 9 -- "T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents" #4 by Nick Spencer, Cafu and George Perez and "Titans" #32 by Eric Wallace and Fabrizio Fiorentino.

Comics A.M. -

Comics A.M. - "Essex County" Voted Off Canada Reads, NYCC Ticket Sales

Jeff Lemire's graphic novel axed in first round of Canada Reads debates! Ticket sales begin for New York Comic Con! A closer look at January comic sales! Geoff Johns talks process! Plus more!

TEASER: Find Out How

TEASER: Find Out How "Fear Itself" Begins

Marvel has released a Red Skull themed teaser for the "Fear Itself: Book of the Skull" one-shot by Ed Brubaker and Scot Eaton along with the statement "Find Out How It All Begins."

Last Week's Comics Reviewed

Last Week's Comics Reviewed

Last week, CBR's review staff weighed in on nearly two dozen new comic releases including "Superboy" #4, "Witchfinder: Lost and Gone Forever" #1, "Captain America: Hail HYDRA" #2, "Secret Six" #30, "Kato Annual" #1 and more.


Read "Echoes" #1 Online for Free

Top Cow and Comic Book Resources have teamed up to serialize the first issue of Josh Fialkov and Rahsan Ekedal's horror comic "Echoes" online through CBR's ROBOT 6 blog.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Adventure Comics" #523

Courtesy of DC Comics, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Adventure Comics" #523, written by Paul Levitz and featuring art and cover by incoming artist, Phil Jimenez. The issue hits stores this week, February 9.

When Words Collide - 2/7/2011

When Words Collide - 2/7/2011

This week, Tim continues THE DAREDEVIL DIALOGUES with Ryan K. Lindsay. In part 3, they talk about the topic everyone has been waiting for: Frank Miller's Daredevil. Is it really as good as its reputation?

Ian Flynn Rocks

Ian Flynn Rocks "Mega Man"

Writer Ian Flynn spoke with CBR about his plans for "Mega Man," Archie Comics' April-launching ongoing series based on Capcom's famous robotic hero with the goal of recreating the feel of the classic games.


EXTENDED PREVIEWS: "Hack/Slash," "Tyrannosaurus Rex"

Image Comics has provided CBR with extended looks at Tim Seeley's "Hack/Slash" #1 and "Tyrannosaurus Rex" by Mark Kidwell, Jay Fotos and Jeff Zornow, both on sale February 9.


PREVIEW: "Jericho Redux"

Courtesy of IDW, CBR presents a preview of "Jericho Redux" picking up where Season 2 of the TV show left off. The title is written by show writers and producers Dan Shotz, Robert Levine & Jason M. Burns and hits stores February 9.

Immonen and Captain America's Lucky Number

Immonen and Captain America's Lucky Number "Thirteen"

Updated with new art! With March's "Captain America and the First Thirteen" one-shot, writer Kathryn Immonen brings readers a tale of love and war starring Captain America and his first love, Peggy Carter.


REVIEW: "Freedom Fighters" #6

Doug Zawisza gives DC Comics' "Freedom Fighters" #6 a 4 star review, calling the series by Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray and Travis Moore, "unlike anything else on the stands today."