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Get Your Mad On: Matt Wagner talks

Get Your Mad On: Matt Wagner talks "Batman and the Mad Monk"

This August, Matt Wagner revisits the Dark Knight's early years in the new mini-series "Batman and the Mad Monk." We spoke with Wagner at length about the series, as well as his plans for the 25th anniversary of Grendel in 2007.

Marvel Previews:

Marvel Previews: "Uncanny X-Men," "Beyond," "Marvel Westerns" & "Incredible Hulk"

UPDATED Marvel Comics has released previews of four July shipping titles, "Uncanny X-Men" #475, "Beyond" #1, "Incredible Hulk" #96 and "Marvel Westerns: Kid Colt And the Arizona Girl."

REFLECTIONS: Talking with the

REFLECTIONS: Talking with the "Union Jack" Crew of Gage & Perkins

Robert Taylor checks in with his last Reflections on CBR for two months by chatting with the creators behind the upcoming "Union Jack," Christos Gage & Mike Perkins.

Signing new Talent: Richie Talks

Signing new Talent: Richie Talks "Talent" Film Deal

Only one issue of Boom! Studios "Talent" has hit stands, but the mini- series has caught the eye of Hollywood. CBR News spoke with Boom! publisher Ross Richie about the recently signed deal that will bring "Talent" to the silver screen.

Legendary Artist Tim Hildebrandt Has Passed Away

Legendary Artist Tim Hildebrandt Has Passed Away

Fantasy/Comic Book artist legend Tim Hildebrandt passed away earlier today, according to a statement released by the creator's brother. CBR News has also learned how fans may express their condolences to the family and share their love for Tim's art.

Scott McCloud gets back to basics with

Scott McCloud gets back to basics with "Making Comics"

Thus far he's helped you understand and reinvent comics, but this September Scott McCloud's going to help you make comics. Coming from Harper Collins this September is McCloud's latest work, "Making Comics." We caught up with McCloud to get the latest.

"Agents of Atlas" Agent Profile: Woo, Jimmy Woo

In our continuing feature on "Agents of Atlas", CBR News gets some hard Intel from writer Jeff Parker for the agent profile: Jimmy Woo. Plus, we have news about our expanded coverage of "Agents of Atlas" as well as new interiors from issues #1 & #2.

The 52 Steps: Week Five

The 52 Steps: Week Five

It's week five of DC's weekly "52" comic and Justin checks in with the latest from the series. What's he guessed right thus far? Plus some thoughts on the future direction of the series.

Ryan Ottley Gets In Touch With His

Ryan Ottley Gets In Touch With His "Invincible" Side

Being the son of the world's greatest superhero may not be easy, but it's never looked better than in Image Comics' "Invincible." We spoke with artist Ryan Ottley about his work.

Creators Of

Creators Of "Ursa Minors!" Explain Their Major Idea: Slackers In Bear Suits!

CBR News chats with creators Neil Kleid, Paul Cote, and Fernando Pinto about boys in bear suits, beer, comics, and the beauty of 80's pop culture. Brace yourselves! Now with updated art!

"Warlord" & "Green Arrow" Urban Legends Examined At CSBG@CBR

Was Black Canary really raped in "Green Arrow: Longbow Hunters?" When did "Warlord" get cancelled? The folks at Comics Should Be Good bust through some myths about Mike Grell, as part of their extensive daily updates. If you haven't checked out the newest addition to the CBR family, now's the perfect time to jump in.

Following in the Footsteps: Romita Talks

Following in the Footsteps: Romita Talks "Eternals"

Today, CBR News continues its cosmic powered spotlight on Marvel Comics "Eternals" with an interview with the man bringing Neil Gaiman's scripts to life, series artist John Romita Jr. Plus, we've got three pages of new art from "Eternals" #1.

"Children Of The Grave" and Tom Waltz Rise At IDW

It started out as a mini-series from a small press publisher and graduated to a trade collection from a larger publisher. The series is "Children of the Grave" and we spoke with writer Tom Waltz about the series and it's new collection from IDW Publishing.

DC Previews:

DC Previews: "The Creeper" & "Martian Manhunter"

DC Comics has released preview pages from August debuting titles "The Creeper" #1 and "Martian Manhunter" #1.

From Here to Eternalty: Lowe Talks

From Here to Eternalty: Lowe Talks "Eternals"

With a few notable exceptions, the Eternals have been primarily lurking in the background of the Marvel Universe. That will change this June with the launch of "Eternals" by Neil Gaiman and John Romita Jr. In part one of our look at the "Eternals," CBR News spoke with Editor Nick Lowe.

A Helluva Town: Wood Talks

A Helluva Town: Wood Talks "DMZ"

With the first trade paperback of "DMZ" hitting stores today, CBR News checks in with writer Brian Wood for a chat about the series and what's next for the book's protagonist, the burgeoning Journalist Matty Roth, as he continues his exploits in a war torn New York City. Plus, a preview of issue #8.

Marvel Unveils Second

Marvel Unveils Second "Civil War" Trailer with Preview of Issue #2

Marvel's released a trailer for the second issue of "Civil War," which recaps the events of the first issue with a preview of "Civil War" #2.

"Afterworks 2" Expands Page Count, Exclusive Story Preview

Image Comics has announced that the upcoming "Afterworks 2" anthology -- which sees animators from Pixar doing their sequential art thing -- has increased in size from 200 to 360 page with no increase in price. Plus, we've got an exclusive preview of the story "Kitosan" by Jennifer Chang.

Children of War: Zeb Wells on

Children of War: Zeb Wells on "Civil War: Young Avengers & Runaways"

The youth of the Marvel Universe aren't immune from the effects of Civil War. Writer Zeb Wells takes a look at how the Young Avengers and Runaways are dealing with it in "Civil War: Young Avengers & Runaways." We caught up with Wells for a chat and a preview of what's to come.

Take A Look At

Take A Look At "City of Heroes" #14

Top Cow Productions has provided CBR News with a preview of "City of Heroes" #14, the comic based on the popular online game, which ships later this month..

Marvel Previews:

Marvel Previews: "Daredevil" #86, "Nextwave" #6, "Fantastic Four" #538 & More!

Loads of previews today from Marvel Comics, which include "Black Panther" #17, "Daredevil" #86," "Nextwave" #6, "Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane" #7, "Storm" #5 and "Fantastic Four" #538, all of which ship on June 28th.

Answers On A

Answers On A "Postcard(s):" Jason Rodriguez Talks Star Studded Anthology

Coming early next year, Jason Rodriguez will introduce comic book fans to a whole new type of anthology inspired by actual postcards, featuring star studded cast that include Phil Hester and Harvey Pekar. CBR News had the first word with Rodriguez on this touching and heartfelt project.

Wildstorm: Ground Zero @ WW Philly

Wildstorm: Ground Zero @ WW Philly

Sunday afternoon's Wildstorm Panel during the Philly con was an interesting one. Bob Wayne and Jim Lee updated fans on the status of Wildstorm projects, all with the help of a "slightly" enthusiastic audience member. Updated with news of a new "Ninja Scroll" series.


REFLECTIONS: Talking "Wonder Woman" With Allan Heinberg

With the new "Wonder Woman" series set to launch shortly, Robert sat down for a chat with Allan Heinberg. What important role does the character play in Allan's comic fan history and what is it that attracts him to the character? Read on to find out.

Marvel Releases New

Marvel Releases New "Civil War" Previews Of "Wolverine" And "X-Factor"

"Civil War" is upon us and Marvel Comics is keeping you in the loop, with new previews of "Wolverine" #43 and "X-Factor" #8. Find out what's going to happen to your favorite heroes.

New And Improved: David Hine Talks

New And Improved: David Hine Talks "Spawn"

You've likely tried "Spawn" at least once over its 150+ issue run, but writer David Hine has something quite different planned for readers. The scribe's unique approach to the series has impressed many and has helped create new fans. CBR News talked to Hine to learn about his take on "Spawn."

Critically Acclaimed

Critically Acclaimed "Elk's Run" Finds Home with Random House's Villard

The critically acclaimed title "Elk's Run" has had a tough go of it, but it's found a way to survive even the closure of their last publisher. Now the series has found a stable home at Villard, a division of Random House. CBR News caught up with series creator Joshua Fialkov to get the full story.

Top Cow Surprises Fans @ WW Philly

Top Cow Surprises Fans @ WW Philly

Witchblade, Cyberforce, and Weapon Zero were all front and center at Wizard World Phildelphia during Top Cow's spotlight panel. Learn what the future holds for this fan favorite company. Corrected

X-Men X-Changes @ WW Philly

X-Men X-Changes @ WW Philly

Friday afternoon at Wizard World Philly, the Marvel Editorial staff headed up by EiC Joe Quesada clued fans in to a number of plans, including the new series' "X-Men: First Class," "X-Men: Phoenix - Warsong" and more.

Jim Lee One-On-One @ WW Philly

Jim Lee One-On-One @ WW Philly

Wizard World Philadelphia shone the spotlight on superstar artist Jim Lee. What's his dream book to write? How often would he like to draw the Legion Of Superheroes? We've got those answers and lots more.

Agents of Atlas

Agents of Atlas" Week 4 - Agent Profile: Marvel Boy & a Cryptic Invitation

CBR News' "Agents of Atlas" coverage continues this week as writer Jeff Parker gets cosmic on us with the Agent Profile for Marvel Boy. Plus CBR News "AOA" coverage seems be making waves in some mysterious circles. We share an enigmatic missive that our spotlight has provoked.

The 52 Steps: Week Four

The 52 Steps: Week Four

It's week four of "52" and Justin checks in with an update. What were the highlights from that issue and which two heroes could be a part of that odd melted mass? Read on and join in on the speculation.

Vertigo Panel @ WW Philly

Vertigo Panel @ WW Philly

Saturday afternoon DC Comics updated fans on the status of a variety of upcoming Vertigo projects, which included recolored pages to be featured in the upcoming "Absolute Sandman."

DCU: One Year Greater Panel @ WW Philly

DCU: One Year Greater Panel @ WW Philly

Saturday afternoon at Wizard World Philly, DC updated fans on the status of many different series, announced a new "Omega Men" mini-series and discussed further the new Batwoman.

"Civil War" Planning @ WW Philly

Spider-Man's marriage, the role of Cable & Deadpool in the future, and the ending to "Civil War" #2 were hot topics at today's "Civil War Planning" panel at Wizard World Philadelphia.

Cup O' Joe @ WW Philly

Cup O' Joe @ WW Philly

Comic book fans woke up to a fresh Cup O' Joe, in the form of Marvel Comics EIC Joe Quesada. Find out what he told fans at Wizard World Philadelphia.

Aspen Shares The Love @ WW Philly

Aspen Shares The Love @ WW Philly

Aspen's fans flocked to the company's Wizard World Philadelphia panel to find free goodies and some exciting news about future projects. CBR News was on hand to tell you what happened.

It's Not Over Till She Sings: Greg Pak Talks

It's Not Over Till She Sings: Greg Pak Talks "X-Men: Phoenix- Warsong"

Thought Marvel Comics left Jean Grey behind in "Endsong?" C'mon True Believer! Today at Wizard World Philadelphia, Marvel Comics announced Greg Pak's sequel "X-Men: Phoenix- Warsong." Come see what Pak told CBR News about the series.

Razor Sharp: Guggenheim talks

Razor Sharp: Guggenheim talks "Blade"

The life expectancy of the Marvel Universe's undead is about to plunge, because this September, Blade, the scourge of bloodthirsty nosferatus everywhere, returns in a new ongoing series. CBR News spoke with "Blade" writer Marc Guggenheim.

Shout at the Devil: Irvine talks

Shout at the Devil: Irvine talks "Son of Satan"

This fall the city of New Orleans will be the site of an epic battle between father and son when Daimon Hellstrom returns in the five issue "Hellstorm: Son of Satan" mini-series. CBR News spoke exclusively with writer Alexander Irvine about the mini-series which debuts this October from Marvel Comics' Max line.