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CCI: Fox Closes in on Writer For

CCI: Fox Closes in on Writer For "Fantastic Four" Reboot

Only days after locking in "Chronicle" director Josh Trank to helm "Fantastic Four," Fox is finalizing a deal with up-and-coming writer Jeremy Slater to pen the franchise reboot.

CBR TV @ CCI: Lundgren, Couture & Crews On

CBR TV @ CCI: Lundgren, Couture & Crews On "Expendables 2"

Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture and Terry Crews joined CBR TV to discuss "Expendables 2" and the franchise's old-school approach to action films, eschewing cgi effects for live stunts.

CCI: Jackie Chan Insists He's NOT Retiring From Action Movies Yet

CCI: Jackie Chan Insists He's NOT Retiring From Action Movies Yet

Contrary to widely circulated reports, 58-year-old action legend Jackie Chan says he isn’t retiring from the genre, telling a Comic-Con International audience that "CZ 12" is not his last action film.

WB Debuts Selina Kyle Interrogation

WB Debuts Selina Kyle Interrogation "Dark Knight Rises" Clip

The fourth clip from director Christopher Nolan’s "The Dark Knight Rises" features Selina Kyle being questioned by Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Officer John Blake about Bane and the whereabouts of Bruce Wayne.

CCI: Capcom's

CCI: Capcom's "Street Fighter" Heading To Live-Action Television

Ken, Ryu and Akuma will make their live-action television debut in "Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist," a series created by the duo behind the popular fan film "Street Fighter: Legacy."

CCI: Chris Columbus Gets

CCI: Chris Columbus Gets "Creepy"

Director and producer Chris Columbus will develop an anthology film based on the long-running Warren horror series "Creepy Magazine," with plans to direct one of its four story segments.

"Amazing Spider-Man" Tops $400M Worldwide, On Pace For $800M

Sony's "The Amazing Spider-Man" has swung past the $400 million mark and is on pace to gross $800 million worldwide, which would bring the total box office number for comic-based movies this summer to over $2 billion.

Two New

Two New "Dark Knight Rises" Clips Spotlight Selina Kyle, Lucius Fox

Not missing a beat after Wednesday’s debut, Warner Bros. has released two more "Dark Knight Rises" clips, one featuring Lucius Fox’s introduction of The Bat and the other Selina Kyle’s whispered warning to Bruce Wayne.

"Arrow" Unleashes New Clip, Behind-the-Scenes Photos

The CW has released an intense new clip and behind-the-scenes photos from "Arrow," the network's upcoming superhero drama based on DC Comics’ Green Arrow.

CCI: The Art Of

CCI: The Art Of "Frankenweenie"

The producers of director Tim Burton's "Frankenweenie" take SPINOFF ONLINE on a tour of Disney's “Art of 'Frankenweenie'” exhibit at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

David Slade Exits Fox's

David Slade Exits Fox's "Daredevil"

Director David Slade has departed Fox’s "Daredevil" due to scheduling conflicts, leaving the studio to rush to begin filming by fall or risk the rights to the character reverting to Marvel.

"Chronicle's" Josh Trank Officially Takes On "Fantastic Four" Movie

Six months after it began circling the 28-year-old director of "Chronicle," Fox has officially set Josh Trank to helm the reboot of its "Fantastic Four" reboot. Production could begin as early as next spring.

Zachary Levi Confirmed As Fandral in

Zachary Levi Confirmed As Fandral in "Thor 2"

"Chuck" star Zachary Levi has confirmed he's been cast as Fandral in Marvel's "Thor" sequel, replacing Josh Dallas as one-third of the Warriors Three.

CCI: Comic-Con Poster Debuts For

CCI: Comic-Con Poster Debuts For "Marvel One-Shot: Item 47"

Marvel has unveiled a poster for "Item 47," the Marvel One-Shot centering on a couple that discovers a weapon left behind by the Chitauri, accompanying the September 25 release of "The Avengers" on Blu-ray and DVD.

Director, Cast Discuss

Director, Cast Discuss "Dark Knight Rises" Challenges & Rewards

Christopher and Jonathan Nolan, Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway and more cast and crew discuss their third and final Batman film, "The Dark Knight Rises," from its literary influences to filming in NYC and more.

First Look at Marvel's

First Look at Marvel's "Phase One" Cinematic Collection

Disney and Marvel have released the first look at the package for “Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One -- Avengers Assembled," the 10-disc limited-edition Blu-ray collection arriving Sept. 25.

CCI: First Look at Guy Gardner on

CCI: First Look at Guy Gardner on "Green Lantern: The Animated Series"

Cartoon Network has revealed the first image of Guy Gardner from the upcoming second season of "Green Lantern: The Animated Series" voiced by "Batman: The Brave and the Bold's" Diedrich Bader.

"Dark Knight Rises" Debuts Clip, Trailer, On Track For Record Opening

As "The Dark Knight Rises" is on track towards a record-setting opening weekend, Christopher Nolan's final Batman film debuts a new clip and trailer that serves as a retrospective for the trilogy.

CCI: Greg Capullo’s Con-Exclusive Poster For AMC's

CCI: Greg Capullo’s Con-Exclusive Poster For AMC's "The Walking Dead"

AMC has unveiled this year's Comic-Con International poster for "The Walking Dead," created by "Spawn" and "Batman" artist Greg Capullo.

Comic-Con International Attendee Struck, Killed By Car

Comic-Con International Attendee Struck, Killed By Car

A 53-year-old "Twilight" fan who was camping outside the San Diego Convention Center in anticipation of CCI's Thursday's Hall H panel died this morning after being struck by a car.


New "Man of Steel" Plot Details Leak

An expanded plot synopsis and IMAX release details have surfaced for Man of Steel, director Zack Snyder’s Superman franchise starring Henry Cavill, Amy Adams and Michael Shannon.

"The Wolverine" Casts Silver Samurai

Will Yun Lee will star opposite Hugh Jackman in Fox’s "The Wolverine," playing the mutant mercenary the Silver Samurai in the film based in part on the 1982 miniseries by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller.


EXCLUSIVE: "Adventure Time" Clip Goes Behind-The-Music

Cartoon Network has provided CBR with an exclusive first look at a special behind-the-scenes bonus feature on the upcoming release of "Adventure Time: The Complete First Season" on DVD.

Christopher Nolan Won't Produce

Christopher Nolan Won't Produce "Batman" Reboot or "Justice League"

"The Dark Knight Rises" director Christopher Nolan insists he won't have any involvement in Warner Bros.' planned Batman franchise reboot or the in-development Justice League movie.

Michonne Comes Out Swinging in

Michonne Comes Out Swinging in "The Walking Dead" Preview Clip

AMC has premiered a 50-second clip from the third season of The Walking Dead featuring Danai Gurira as Michonne dealing swiftly with walkers that stand between her and some aspirin.

"Amazing Spider-Man" Captures $140M Six-Day Holiday Opening

"The Amazing Spider-Man", director Marc Webb’s franchise reboot, topped the North American box office this weekend, bringing its six-day forth of July total to $140 million. Worldwide, the movie has brought in $341.2 million.

"The Dark Knight Rises" Reveals 13-Minute Behind-the-Scenes Video

Warner Bros. has released a 13-minute featurette that goes behind the scenes of "The Dark Knight Rises" with director Christopher Nolan, stars Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway, Michael Caine and more.

TV Guide, CW In-Canon

TV Guide, CW In-Canon "Arrow" Comic Giveaway Debuts At Comic-Con

The CW and TV Guide will give away a 10-page comic based on "Arrow" to CCI attendees, introducing viewers to the network's take on DC Comics' Green Arrow character.

VIDEO: Spider-Man Debuts On Disney XD's

VIDEO: Spider-Man Debuts On Disney XD's "Ultimate Spider-Man"

In anticipation of its Jeph Loeb-hosted panel at CCI on Saturday, Marvel Animation and Disney XD have released a clip from an upcoming episode of "Ultimate Spider-Man" featuring Loki and the Amazing Spider-Ham!

Development Deal: Rogue Trooper

Development Deal: Rogue Trooper

This year's Dredd movie could be just the beginning of a Marvel-esque 2000AD movie empire, and SPINOFF knows just what character should get the big screen treatment next: The Genetic Infantryman who wants an end to war.

Five Actors Who've Suffered From The Do-Over Replacement

Five Actors Who've Suffered From The Do-Over Replacement

It's not just Tobey Maguire who's found himself overshadowed by an actor replacing him in a famous role. SPINOFF considers five other has-beens who deserved our respect (and maybe a second chance).

"Amazing Spider-Man" Confirmed As First Film in Sony Trilogy

Sony Pictures quietly confirmed this week that "The Amazing Spider-Man," director Marc Webb’s franchise reboot, is the first film in a planned trilogy.

"Savages" Cast Discusses Relationships, Working With Oliver Stone

The star-studded cast of "Savages" discusses the film's complex relationships and the experience of working with three-time Oscar-winning director Oliver Stone. The crime drama opens today nationwide.

Dark Knight Rises, Amazing Spider-Man, Dredd: July 6th Comic Reel

Dark Knight Rises, Amazing Spider-Man, Dredd: July 6th Comic Reel

Gary Oldman reflects on his time as Commissioner Gordon in "The Dark Knight Rises!" "The Amazing Spider-Man" gives a breakdown of the high school battle! "Dredd" screenwriter writes to a fan! Plus, "The Walking Dead" & more!

"Dark Knight Rises" Website Reveals Story Details, New IMAX Poster

With the July 20 premiere of "The Dark Knight Rises" fast approaching, Warner Bros. has released a new IMAX poster, a Hong Kong trailer and nearly 50 pages of production notes.



Set against the violent backdrop of America's drug war with Mexico, director Oliver Stone's "Savages" boasts a great cast and some good action, but ultimately fails to deliver the goods.

"Dredd" Dispenses Justice in Comic-Con Motion Poster

Lionsgate has released a new motion poster to promote the free advance screening of "Dredd" in San Diego during Comic-Con International. The film, starring Karl Urban, Lena heady and Olivia Thirlby, opens Sept. 21.

"Amazing Spider-Man" Breaks Tuesday Box Office Records At $35 Million

A mid-week July 4th has helped Sony's "The Amazing Spider-Man" break a Tuesday opening record previously held by "Transformers" with a $35 million domestic first day take.

Oliver Stone On The Politics Of The Drug War & Creating

Oliver Stone On The Politics Of The Drug War & Creating "Savages"

Outspoken director Oliver Stone sat down with members of the press to discuss the importance of preserving film as well as the politics involved in his latest crime drama "Savages."

"Amazing Spider-Man" Pulls in $7.5 Million at Midnight

Sony's "The Amazing Spider-Man" opened with $7.5 million in domestic midnight showing box office take, adding to its already impressive $50 million worldwide gross.