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Rhino Goes on a Rampage in Activision's

Rhino Goes on a Rampage in Activision's "Amazing Spider-Man"

Classic Spidey villain the Rhino brings the pain - and an official release date - in a new trailer for Activision and Beenox's "The Amazing Spider-Man."

Harley Quinn Comes to

Harley Quinn Comes to "Arkham City Lockdown"

Harely Quinn joins the fun in Warner Bros. Interactive's "Batman: Arkham City Lockdown" as the newest addition to the iOS-based game's list of rogues the Dark Knight must hunt down.

Remedy Entertainment Sends

Remedy Entertainment Sends "Alan Wake" on an "American Nightmare"

Remedy Entertainment's shadow-battling writer Alan Wake is back for "American Nightmare," a new downloadable prequel focusing on action with new content, improved dialogue and more dangerous demons.

"Young Justice: Legacy" Comes to Gaming Consoles

Less than two weeks from the second-season premiere of "Young Justice", Little Orbit and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have announced a video game based on the Cartoon Network series. ROBOT 6 has details.

Looking Forward To

Looking Forward To "Transformers: Fall of Cybertron"

Featuring an array of upgrades from the previous game, in "Transformers: Fall of Cybertron," players will take control of fan-favorite characters like Jazz and Grimlock over the course of a single long-form campaign.

"Darksiders II" Official Release Date, Pre-Order Incentives

Hitting consoles everywhere on June 26, Joe Madueira's "Darksiders II" is officially available for pre-order with a variety of incentive-loaded packages to choose from.

"Prototype 2" Rips into Vegas

CBR News got a sneak peak at Activision's "Prototype 2," the heavily anticipated sequel featuring a new lead character, brutal abilities and all the blood and mayhem that made the original game a hit.

Telltale Games Announces New

Telltale Games Announces New "The Walking Dead" Website & Screenshots

Telltale Games has released new information for its upcoming point-and-click adventure based on "The Walking Dead" including an updated website, new screenshots and behind-the-scenes online talk show.

Lara Croft:

Lara Croft: "Tomb Raider" -- From Then 'Til Now

As the new "Tomb Raider" game inches closer to release, CBR takes a look back at the legacy of infamous heroine and pop culture icon Lara Croft in video games, comics, movies and more.


PREVIEW: "Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3" Comes to PlayStation Vita

Capcom brings the battle to PlayStation Vita in "Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3" with a full character roster and online battles on February 15.


Tracking "The Simpsons Arcade Game's" Long Road to Home Release

After waiting for over two decades, fans can now play Konami's "The Simpsons Arcade Game" in the comfort of their own home. CBR tracks the video game history of Springfield's favorite family, from coin-op to console.


New "Amazing Spider-Man" Screenshot Reveals the Return of the Open World

Beenox’s latest peek at its "Amazing Spider-Man" movie tie-in gives a hint of something that may be familiar to fans of older "Spider-Man" games.

"Gotham City Impostors": Simple Math Trailer

Check out the new trailer for "Gotham City Impostors" featuring the first-person shooter's new brand of simple math. The battle for Gotham supremacy begins in February.

Han Randhawa Discusses Death's Design in

Han Randhawa Discusses Death's Design in "Darksiders II"

Vigil Games' Han Randhawa speaks to the changes, new design elements and improvements to Joe Maduriera's "Darksiders" sequel and its new lead character, Death.

Jackie Estacado Demonstrates

Jackie Estacado Demonstrates "Quad-Wielding" in New "The Darkness II" Trailer

2K Games has released a new launch trailer for "The Darkness II" featuring Jackie Estacado executing his enemies with the new Quad-Wielding system.

Xbox 720 Processor Rumored to be Six Times More Powerful Than 360

Xbox 720 Processor Rumored to be Six Times More Powerful Than 360

Microsoft's next-gen console processor is rumored to have six times the power of the Xbox 360 according to sources close to the project.

RUMOR: Is Rocksteady Studios Tackling

RUMOR: Is Rocksteady Studios Tackling "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?"

In an exciting unconfirmed rumor, the team behind "Batman: Arkham City" could possibly be working with the shell-shocked quartet for its next project.


New "Darksiders II" Video Goes "Behind the Mask"

Joe Madureira and members of his Vigil Studios team discuss changes to the sequel in this latest video clip, complete with additional gameplay footage.

"The Darkness II" Demo Showcases Quad-Wielding Abilities and Mysterious Stranger

A new demo for "The Darkness II" on XBox Live teases the upcoming sequel to Jackie Estacado's console adventures with a focus on the game's quad-wielding control scheme.

Activision Unleashes New

Activision Unleashes New "Transformers: Fall of Cybertron" Screenshots

Grimlock, Shockwave, Optimus Prime and more robots in disguise take center stage in Activision's newly-released screenshots from the Fall 2012-releasing "Transformers: Fall of Cybertron."

Get Set to Gear Up with

Get Set to Gear Up with "Gotham City Impostors"

Prep yourself for the February-releasing "Gotham City Impostors" with some helpful tips from CBR on how to get the most out of your time with the multiplayer shoot-em-up.

Looking Ahead to 2012's Comic Book Video Games

Looking Ahead to 2012's Comic Book Video Games

From web-slinging with Spider-Man and returning to the Darkness to all-out war on Cybertron and running wild in the streets of Gotham City, CBR presents our guide to 2012's slate of comic book video games.

"Lego Batman 2" Spans the DC Universe

Warner Bros. Interactive and TT Games expand the "Lego Batman" universe to the DC Universe this summer with the inclusion of Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and more.

"Marvel Pinball" Gets Bigger, Greener In 2012

Zen Studios' "Marvel Pinball" games will see green in 2012 as the gamma-powered behemoth known as the Hulk smashes his way into the popular cross-platform franchise.

Rocksteady Celebrates the Holidays with a

Rocksteady Celebrates the Holidays with a "Batman, Inc." "Arkham City" Skin

Rocksteady Studios celebrates the holiday season with deals on "Batman: Arkham City" Bundle Packs, a "Batman, Inc." themed skin and a secret unlock code for those who haven't beaten the game but want a fresh look.

"DC Universe Online" Celebrates the Holidays with "Seasons Greedings"

Heroes and villains alike team-up to take on the ever-greedy Orange Lantern Larleeze in Sony's latest update for "DC Universe Online," the holiday-themed "Seasons Greedings."

Marvel and Gazillion Reveal

Marvel and Gazillion Reveal "Marvel Heroes" Spider-Man Design

The "Marvel Heroes" Massively Multiplayer Online game gets an official name and a brand new design for the web-slinger himself, Spider-Man.

You'll Form the Head in THQ's

You'll Form the Head in THQ's "Voltron: Defender of the Universe"

Executive Producer Peter Armstrong spoke with CBR News about the return of lions, giant robot battles and 80s cartoon nostalgia in THQ's "Voltron: Defender of the Universe."

Video Teaser for Joe Madureira's

Video Teaser for Joe Madureira's "Darksiders II"

THQ has released a teaser trailer for "Darksiders II," shining the spotlight on Death, a central character in Joe Madureira's Vigil Games' 2012 follow-up to the popular "Darksiders."

"Transformers: Fall of Cybertron" Gets Dramatic with New Trailer

Optimus Prime, Grimlock and various other Autobots and Decepticons battle it out in the just-released teaser trailer for the upcoming "Transformers" video game sequel.

"Amazing Spider-Man" Gameplay Trailer Debuts

Everyone's favorite web-slinger returns in "The Amazing Spider-Man," and Activision has debuted the first look at footage from the anticipated movie tie-in.

What Is

What Is "Batman: Arkham World?"

The Joker's acceptance speech for Character of the Year at Spike TV's Video Game Awards may have provided fans of "Batman: Arkham City" a clue to the next move from Rocksteady Studios and WB Games.

WB Interactive Releases

WB Interactive Releases "Arkham City" Batman Skins Pack

Originally available as store-specific bonuses for players buying copies of "Batman: Arkham City," all seven Batman skins are now available as a single download pack.

"The Darkness II" Introduces "Vendettas"

Four new characters join Darkness wielder Jackie Estacado in a new gameplay mode in 2K Games upcoming sequel to the hit video game based on the Top Cow title. CBR News has details.


EXCLUSIVE DEBUT: "Gotham City Imposters" Animated Short

Warner Bros. Interactive and DC Entertainment have provided CBR News with the exclusive debut of the third animated short promoting January's "Gotham City Imposters" download-only first-person shooter.


VIDEO: New "Gotham City Imposters" Short

Warner Bros. Interactive has released a new cartoon in support of its January-launching "Gotham City Imposters" video game. The short will also be featured on Cartoon Network's upcoming DC Nation programming block.

2011: The Year in Comic Book Video Games

2011: The Year in Comic Book Video Games

Spider-Man, Batman and other superheroes dominated the nearley-over gaming year as CBR News breaks down the most significant comic book-related games of 2011.

"Batman: Arkham City" Expands in Late December

WB Games and Rocksteady Studios wish gamers Happy Holidays, offering "Batman: Arkham City" fans access to two previously exclusive Challenge Maps and one brand new one.

"Lego Batman" Sequel to Involve the DC Universe

The Dark Knight, Superman and other DC Universe characters appear to be getting Lego-ized for a Summer 2012 follow-up to the popular "Lego Batman" console game.

"Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3" Gets Skinned

From now through February, Capcom will offer players special skins to dress up their favorite superheroes and villains in the newly-released "Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3" fighter.