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"LEGO Jurassic World" Roars in with Launch Trailer

The family-friendly adventure allows gamers to relive all four franchise films, and even play as LEGO dinosaurs!

New Jim Gordon

New Jim Gordon "Batman: Arkham Knight" Poster Teases Beginning Of The End

"Breaking Bad's" Jonathan Banks will voice the commissioner in the latest installment in the "Arkham" series of games.

He-Man and G.I. Joe Join Ubisoft's

He-Man and G.I. Joe Join Ubisoft's "Toy Soldiers: War Chest"

The toy-versus-toy action and strategy game will include characters from Masters of the Universe and G.I. Joe to help you defend the toy box.


This "Batman: Arkham Knight" Harley Quinn Cosplay Is Just About Perfect

Although fans who preordered the game have to wait another two weeks to play as Harley Quinn, this cosplayer already has the character down pat.


First "LEGO Marvel’s Avengers" Trailer Reimagines the Battle of New York

In the E3 trailer for "LEGO Marvel’s Avengers," Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye must save New York from Chitauri invaders.

Artist Tyler Kirkham Creates $50,000

Artist Tyler Kirkham Creates $50,000 "Elder Scrolls" Basement

Comic book artist Tyler Kirkham is a huge fan of "The Elder Scrolls." No - we mean a huge fan.

Red Hood Descends on

Red Hood Descends on "Batman: Arkham Knight" in New Story Pack Trailer

In a new story pack trailer for "Batman: Arkham Knight," Red Hood strikes fear into the heart of Gotham's criminal underbelly.

Batman Takes to the Streets in New

Batman Takes to the Streets in New "Batman: Arkham Knight" Gameplay Footage

A new episode of Batman: Arkham Insider showcases several minutes of new gameplay footage from the upcoming "Batman: Arkham Knight" game.


New "Star Wars: Uprising" Mobile Game Set In "Episode VI" Aftermath

The mobile game will allow players to explore the Anoat Sector as characters of their own creation.

"Batman: Arkham Knight" Unveils "Flashpoint" Skin

Add one more in-game skin to the growing list of incentives to preorder the hotly anticipated conclusion of the Rocksteady Studios trilogy.


EXCLUSIVE: "Disney Infinity 3.0" Art Director Discusses Obi-Wan's "Infinitized" Look

"Disney Infinity" VP of Art Development Jeff Bunker discusses developing the look and style of Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi in the new video game.

Disney's Playmation Lets Kids Become Iron Man

Disney's Playmation Lets Kids Become Iron Man

Disney today unveiled a line of toys and wearable accessories that’s billed as "the next step in the evolution of play."

DC Comics-Themed

DC Comics-Themed "Infinite Crisis" MOBA Shutting Down

The free to play game will remain online through mid-August; Starter and Elite Pack purchasers are eligible for refunds.

Harley Quinn's

Harley Quinn's "Batman: Arkham Knight" Trailer Features Another Type Of Bat

The latest trailer for the upcoming Rocksteady video game shows off Harley's moves as well as Tara Strong's one-liners.

Red Hood, Riddler Feature in New

Red Hood, Riddler Feature in New "Batman: Arkham Knight" Promos

The Ridder and Red Hood take over "Batman: Arkham Knight's" latest promotional material with a new official poster and Gamestop pre-order ad.

Rocksteady Shares New Batmobile, Riddler

Rocksteady Shares New Batmobile, Riddler "Arkham Knight" Gameplay Footage

Learn what challenges await when the Riddler creates a combination racetrack/puzzle designed to destroy Batman!

Watch Captain America Vs. Hulk In Canceled Marvel Fighting Game

Watch Captain America Vs. Hulk In Canceled Marvel Fighting Game

Rough footage from the canceled EA Chicago game showcases the destruction unleashed in a brawl between a rampaging Hulk and smack-talking Cap.

Strong Talks Merging

Strong Talks Merging "Super-Cute" with "Super-Psycho" for "Arkham Knight's" Harley Quinn

Tara Strong discusses her take on the iconic character, inheriting the voice from original actor Arleen Sorkin and her hopes for Margot Robbie's big screen version.

The Flash and Reverse-Flash Zoom Into

The Flash and Reverse-Flash Zoom Into "Grand Theft Auto V"

The Flash mod enables the red-clad character to run faster and fly higher, while the Reverse-Flash version introduces the yellow suit.

WATCH: Batman, Poison Ivy Star in New

WATCH: Batman, Poison Ivy Star in New "Arkham Knight" Gameplay Video

When Scarecrow makes his bid to control Gotham in "Batman: Arkham Knight," which side will Poison Ivy find herself on?

"Batman: Arkham Knight" Trailer Reveals PlayStation-Exclusive Content

PlayStation players will get a first crack at Scarecrow Nightmare Missions and skins based on the 1966 TV series and "Justice League 3000."

"Arkham Knight" Debuts "Batman Beyond, "Dark Knight Returns" Skins

Fans have one more incentive to preorder "Batman: Arkham Knight" -- the "Gotham's Future" Skin Pack.

Go Behind the Scenes with

Go Behind the Scenes with "Arkham Knight's" Batman, Scarecrow & Arkham Knight Designs

Rocksteady Studios reveals what went into the designs of the heavily anticipated game's three biggest characters.

Harley Quinn and Joker Get Their Own

Harley Quinn and Joker Get Their Own "LEGO Dimensions" Pack

The crime-committing duo are joined by Superman, Aquaman and Bane, the "Back to the Future" fun pack, with Doc Brown and more.


Live-Action "Arkham Knight" Trailer Encourages You to "Be The Batman"

The video, which finds everyday people battling tough situations, is directed by Tim and Jeff Cronenweth and features Nine Inch Nails' "The Wretched."

Star Rob Kazinsky Says

Star Rob Kazinsky Says "Warcraft" Will Be a Game-Changer

The voice of Orgrim Doomhammer says the movie "will more than satisfy" its gamer-based audience.


Watch "Batman: Arkham Knight's" Dual Play Combat In Action

A new behind-the-scenes video from Rocksteady Studios offers a look at one of the most anticipated new features of "Batman: Arkham Knight" - Dual Play Combat.

DC Collectibles Reveals Second Wave of

DC Collectibles Reveals Second Wave of "Batman: Arkham Knight" Figures

DC Collectibles has debuted its second wave of action figures based on the upcoming "Batman: Arkham Knight" video game.

"Ratchet & Clank" Adds Stallone, Giamatti, Goodman and Dawson

Sylvester Stallone, Paul Giamatti, John Goodman, Bella Thorne & Rosario Dawson join the CG-animated adaptation of the popular video game franchise.

"Captain America: The Winter Soldier" Is the 8-Bit Game We All Want

If there were an actual old-school adventure-spy game like this, we’d never get anything else done.

John Noble, Jonathan Banks & More Join

John Noble, Jonathan Banks & More Join "Batman: Arkham Knight" Voice Cast

A new video reveals the rest of Kevin Conroy's co-stars, as John Noble, Jonathan Banks, Ashley Greene and more arrive in Gotham City.

Nintendo is Heading to Universal Theme Parks

Nintendo is Heading to Universal Theme Parks

Details are slim, but the agreement represents the latest effort by the video-game giant to expand its pop culture reach.

Fred Van Lente Takes

Fred Van Lente Takes "Marvel Mighty Heroes" Game on a Cosmic Adventure

The writer talks about making the leap from Marvel's comics to games, and which character he'd love to develop a first-person shooter for.

"Star Wars"-Centric "Disney Infinity 3.0" Officially Announced

The next installment of "Disney Infinity" will, as predicted, focus on all eras of "Star Wars," along with new Marvel additions and more.

"Humanity in Chains" Devloper Explains How to Prepare for "Attack on Titan"

"Humanity in Chains" lead Michael Manzanares spoke with CBR about what the upcoming Nintendo 3DS game offers fans of the hit manga and anime.

"Mortal Kombat X" Unleashes NSFW Jason Vorhees Trailer

A gory trailer announces that the "Mortal Kombat X" Jason Voorhees Bundle will be available to Kombat Pack owners for early download.

"Attack on Titan" 3DS Game gets Character Trailer, May 12 Release

Atlus USA has debuted a new trailer showcasing the characters that appear in the Nintendo 3DS game.

"Arkham Knight" Continues To Expand With Batgirl, Nightwing & More In Season Pass

Beyond the finish of Rocksteady's Arkham trilogy awaits new features and characters for those paying for a little more.

It’s Batman Day, Apparently -- So, Happy Batman Day?

It’s Batman Day, Apparently -- So, Happy Batman Day?

Saturday is Free Comic Book Day, when you can stock up on free comics, and Tuesday was National Superhero Day. But today? It’s Batman Day.

"Hitman: Agent 47" Gets Comic Book Prequel

The 20th Century Fox take on the hit video game comes to BOOM! Studios for a prequel one-shot.