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New "Arkham Knight" Gameplay Footage Showcases Batmobile

Batman faces off against the Arkham Knight's drone tanks in new "Batman: Arkham Knight" gameplay footage featuring the might of the Batmobile.

Batman Learns About

Batman Learns About "Arkham Knight" in New Gameplay Footage

The new look at "Batman: Arkham Knight" showcases the Batmobile's combat abilities and the new 'Fear Takedown' maneuver.


REVIEW: "LEGO Batman 3"

TT Games' newest LEGO game takes the DC Universe to space, but may not fare as well as previous installments.

EXCLUSIVE: Meet the (Many) Characters of

EXCLUSIVE: Meet the (Many) Characters of "LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham"

The third "LEGO Batman" takes the action out of Gotham City and into outer space -- and encompasses more than 150 DC Comics characters.

"Spider-Man Unlimited" Mobile Game Update Brings Sandman, Spider-Girl

The first major update for Marvel's "Spider-Man Unlimited" game adds Sandman & Spider-Girl, with more "Spider-Verse" content to come.

Abnett Branches Out with

Abnett Branches Out with "Alien Isolation" & "Shadow of Mordor" Games

"Guardians of the Galaxy" writer Dan Abnett tells CBR about spending 2014 working on "Alien: Isolation" & "Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor."

Sneak Peek at

Sneak Peek at "Legend of Korra" Game Shows Off Killer Combos

Players can master all four elements to create massive attack moves in Korra’s video game debut.


NYCC: "LEGO Batman 3" Hits the Bricks With Smith, Amell & More

The "LEGO Batman 3" panel at NYCC included new reveals and special guests, including Stephen Amell and Kevin Smith!

NYCC: TellTale Talks Emotional Gameplay, Clem's Action Figure Debut

NYCC: TellTale Talks Emotional Gameplay, Clem's Action Figure Debut

With TellTale Games deep in the planning stages for "The Walking Dead" Season 3, the big NYCC reveal was for Clem's first action figure.

Green Loontern, Jim Lee, Conan O'Brien and

Green Loontern, Jim Lee, Conan O'Brien and "Arrow" DLC Come to "LEGO Batman 3"

The newest characters set to hit "LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham" include the Green Loontern, Jim Lee, Conan O'Brien and a special "Arrow" DLC.


NYCC HANDS-ON: "Marvel: Contest of Champions" Maximizes Mobile Gaming

Kabam!'s "Marvel: Contest of Champions" fighter adds new depth and graphical mastery to the mobile platform with a creative story by Sam Humphries.

Cartoonist Nate Simpson Returns With Video Game

Cartoonist Nate Simpson Returns With Video Game "Human Resources"

Simpson gives an update about the progress of his Image series "Nonplayer," revealing that the second issue looks "very much like a complete book."

The New Thor to Debut in

The New Thor to Debut in "Marvel Puzzle Quest"

The new Thor will make her first video game appearance in "Marvel Puzzle Quest" on October 17.

Smith, Johns & Amell's (Green) Arrow Join Cast of

Smith, Johns & Amell's (Green) Arrow Join Cast of "LEGO Batman 3"

Kevin Smith, Geoff Johns and a voiced-by-Stephen Amell Green Arrow are the latest playable characters to join the next "LEGO Batman" game.


REVIEW: "Disney Infinity 2.0" Brings More than Marvel to the Table

"Disney Infinity 2.0" is an upgrade in nearly every way from the original toys-to-life game, and the Marvel heroes are a valuable addition to the roster.

"Disney Infinity 2.0" Expands Toy Box, Looks Past Marvel(ous) Launch

Executive producer John Vignocchi discusses the upcoming launch of the anticipated toys-to-life game, and its addition of Marvel characters.

Hulk Hologram Raises London's Tower Bridge for

Hulk Hologram Raises London's Tower Bridge for "Disney Infinity 2.0"

In celebration of "Disney Infinity 2.0's" upcoming release, a 36-foot high Hulk hologram was seen raising London's Tower Bridge.

Yondu & Falcon Head to

Yondu & Falcon Head to "Disney Infinity 2.0"

Yondu and the Falcon are the two newest characters from the Marvel Universe headed to "Disney Infinity 2.0" later this year.

"The Dark Knight," "Man of Steel" Heads to "LEGO Batman 3" in DLC

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has released information on "LEGO Batman 3" DLC, including scenarios based on "The Dark Knight," "Man of Steel" & more.


Rocksteady's "Batman: Arkham Knight" Set For June 2015

The final chapter of Rocksteady's "Arkham" video game series, "Batman: Arkham Knight," is set to launch June 2015 with two collectors editions.


REVIEW: "The Walking Dead: Season 2 - No Going Back" Lives Up To Its Name

Telltale's final episode of "The Walking Dead: Season 2" is an emotionally gut-wrenching piece of art that lives up to its name of "No Going Back."

Joker Has the Whole World in his Pants in New

Joker Has the Whole World in his Pants in New "LEGO Batman 3" Trailer

Warner Bros. Interactive has released a new "LEGO Batman 3" trailer featuring Brainiac and a hilarious gag from the Joker.

DC Announces

DC Announces "Batman & The Flash: Hero Run" Mobile Game

DC Comics has announced "Batman & The Flash: Hero Run," a new infinite runner mobile game featuring the Scarlet Speedster and the Dark Knight.

TT Games Takes

TT Games Takes "LEGO Batman 3" to the Far Reaches of the DC Universe

TT Games director Arthur Parsons and the cast of "LEGO Batman 3" discuss going beyond Gotham City to combat Brainiac in the new video game.

SDCC: Activision Captures a New Challenge With

SDCC: Activision Captures a New Challenge With "Skylanders Trap Team"

Activision's Glenn Oliver walks us through the latest build of "Skylanders Trap Team," demoing everything from the new portal to the villain capture mechanics.

Kirkman, Overkill Announce New

Kirkman, Overkill Announce New "The Walking Dead" Game for 2016

Robert Kirkman and "Payday 2" studio Overkill have released the first trailer for a new cooperative "The Walking Dead" game releasing in 2016.

SDCC: Hands-On With Nintendo's

SDCC: Hands-On With Nintendo's "Super Smash Bros.," "Hyrule Warriors" & "Bayonetta 2"

SDCC: Hands-On With Nintendo's "Super Smash Bros.," "Hyrule Warriors" & "Bayonetta 2."

SDCC: The Wonder of

SDCC: The Wonder of "Disney Infinity 2.0"

Disney Interactive has added more than Marvel heroes to "Disney Infinity 2.0" -- and CBR News went hands-on with the latest "Guardians of the Galaxy" content.

SDCC: Adam West On

SDCC: Adam West On "LEGO Batman 3" and the Dark Knight's Legacy

Adam West spoke with reporters at Comic-Con about his role in "LEGO Batman 3" as well as the lasting legacy of the Dark Knight and "Batman '66."

SDCC: IDW Games Fleshes Out Details on

SDCC: IDW Games Fleshes Out Details on "Chew," "Kill Shakespeare" And More

IDW Games announced details for upcoming games, including "Chew" and "V-Wars," while putting out the call for new playtesters.

SDCC: Marvel Games Brings

SDCC: Marvel Games Brings "Infinity," "Marvel Heroes" & More to Comic-Con

The Marvel Games team revealed new updates, characters, add-ons and fresh games coming to platforms everywhere.

SDCC: Marvel's

SDCC: Marvel's "Contest of Champions" Heads to Mobile Fall 2014

"Contest of Champions," a new Marvel mobile game by Kabam and writer Sam Humphries is set to debut Fall 2014.


New "Disney Infinity 2.0" Trailer Brings Villains Home to Roost

Loki, Ronan and Green Goblin get the spotlight in the newest trailer for "Disney Infinity 2.0," revealing more on the evil end of the spectrum.


SDCC: "LEGO Batman 3" Launches New Comic-Con Trailer

A new trailer for "LEGO Batman 3" has debuted at Comic-Con International as the Warner Bros. Interactive game shows off more intergalactic adventure.


Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy" Heads to "Disney Infinity" in New Trailer

The newest trailer for "Disney Infinity" has hit online, giving a good look at the "Guardians of the Galaxy" playset with Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon & more.

AMC Expands

AMC Expands "The Walking Dead" with "No Man's Land" Mobile Game in 2015

AMC, in conjunction with Next Games, has released a trailer for "The Walking Dead: No Man's Land," a mobile game set to debut in 2015.


EXCLUSIVE: Titan's "Doctor Who" Comics To Cross Over To Mobile Game

Titan's upcoming "Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor" and "Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor" will unlock exclusive content in the "Doctor Who: Legacy" mobile game.

Abnett Scripts

Abnett Scripts "Guardians of the Galaxy's" Side-Scrolling Adventure

Dan Abnett discusses his return to Marvel's cosmic heroes for the side-scrolling "Guardians of the Galaxy: The Universal Weapon" video game.

Star-Lord, Gamora Come to

Star-Lord, Gamora Come to "Disney Infinity" This Fall

A new photo of a "Guardians of the Galaxy" two-pack indicates the Guardians are on their way to the "Disney Infinity" video game this fall.

Telltale Reveals

Telltale Reveals "The Wolf Among Us" Finale Trailer, Release Dates

Telltale's "The Wolf Among Us" heads to its season finale with a trailer and official release dates for all platforms.