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Aspen's Mastromauro Gets

Aspen's Mastromauro Gets "Overtaken" in August

Aspen Comics co-owner Frank Mastromauro spoke with CBR about "Overtaken," a missing persons story rooted in sci-fi and extraterrestrial survival debuting as August's entry in the publisher's 10 For $10 program.

Mark Roslan Chews the

Mark Roslan Chews the "BubbleGun" at Aspen

Mark Roslan spoke with CBR about the cyberpunk-inspired "BubbleGun," the latest addition to Aspen Comics' 10-For-10 initiative, in which a team of high-tech thieves battle corporate corruption.

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EXCLUSIVE: Hernandez Takes Center Stage in Aspen's

EXCLUSIVE: Hernandez Takes Center Stage in Aspen's "Charismagic" v2

Writer Vince Hernandez spoke with CBR about his Aspen 10-For-10 series "Charismagic" vol. 2, dabbling in the book's powerful magical elements, the talking cat Sparkles and comics censorship.

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J.T. Krul Takes

J.T. Krul Takes "The Lost Spark" on a "Jirni"

Writer J.T. Krul spoke with CBR about his newest creator-owned works at Aspen Comics, the prose novel "The Lost Spark" and new comic book series "Jirni," part of the company's "10 For 10" initiative.

Hernandez Discusses Aspen Comics' 10-for-10 in 2013

Hernandez Discusses Aspen Comics' 10-for-10 in 2013

Aspen Comics Editor-in-Chief Vince Hernandez discusses diversifying the publisher's line with its 10-for-10 initiative, the expectation for the program and the possibility of adding more female creators to its roster.

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