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Cover of the Week:

Cover of the Week: "Hawkeye," "Brother Lono" and "Dead Body Road"

Aja's "Hawkeye," "Johnson's "100 Bullets: Brother Lono" and Scalera's "Dead Body Road" all vie for Cover of the Week for February 26,

Cover of the Week -

Cover of the Week - "Fables," "Indestructible Hulk" & More for Nov. 20

This week, we praise a nun with guns, a bearded Hulk, simian superheroes, a giant Strife and a smelly knight!

Cover of the Week: September 18

Cover of the Week: September 18

This week, Lono does the Monster Mash, Daredevil tries to keep his head, Judge Dredd breaks glass, Legion goes a few rounds and "Fables" searches for a rose amid the thorns.

Cover of the Week: August 21

Cover of the Week: August 21

This week, Lono brings a Chihuahua to a gunfight, Gotham City meets Neo-Gotham, Lobster Johnson tiptoes through the lotuses, Kate Kane wrestles with demons, and lil’ Legion goes for a ride.

Cover of the Week: June 19

Cover of the Week: June 19

This week features the unexpected return of "100 Bullets'" Lono, Batwoman versus Killer Croc, a tear-streaked "Revival," the vortex of the First Born and a stealthy Red Skull.

Azzarello Explores Family, Crime in

Azzarello Explores Family, Crime in "Wonder Woman" & "Brother Lono"

"Wonder Woman" and "Brother Lono" writer Brian Azzarello spoke with CBR about revisiting the popular "100 Bullets" character and the clash of New and Greek gods in DC Comics' New 52.

PREVIEW: Azzarello & Risso's

PREVIEW: Azzarello & Risso's "100 Bullets: Brother Lono" #1

Vertigo has released a preview of Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso's "100 Bullets: Brother Lono" #1, which takes place four years after the acclaimed series finale. The most savage Minuteman of all returns June 19.

DC Releases Risso's

DC Releases Risso's "100 Bullets: Brother Lono" #1 Variant

DC Comics has released a first look at Eduardo Risso's variant cover for "100 Bullets: Brother Lono" #1 -- the first piece of art marking the artist's long-awaited return to the "100 Bullets" series.

Azzarello Targets

Azzarello Targets "Brother Lono" for "100 Bullets" Spinoff

Comparing "Brother Lono" to "Laverne & Shirley," Eisner Award winner Brian Azzarello wants everyone to know that his and Eduardo Risso's new Vertigo series is a spinoff not a sequel.

Azzarello Deepens

Azzarello Deepens "Wonder Woman," The New Gods & "Brother Lono"

As his New 52 take on the Amazon superheroine with artist Cliff Chiang enters its next New Gods-driven arc, Brian Azzarello has reinvention on his mind while he also preps a return to the world of "100 Bullets."

ECCC: DC Comics All Access

ECCC: DC Comics All Access

DC Comics kicked off its convention season with a Seattle panel featuring Scott Snyder, Joshua Hale Fialkov, Bill Willingham and more, and the panel promised a return of "100 Bullets" and changes to the DCU.