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CCI: Tischman & Gardner on Trace Adkins & “Luke McBain”

CCI: Tischman & Gardner on Trace Adkins & “Luke McBain”

12-Gauge Comics unleashes “Luke McBain,” a miniseries starring a tough Southern hero based on country music star Trace Adkins. CBR spoke with writer David Tischman and 12-Gauge Publisher Keven Gardner about the project.

Pearson Unzips

Pearson Unzips "Body Bags"

One of the most controversial comics of the '90s, Jason Pearson's "Body Bags" returns with "One Shot," starring of the ultra-violent father-daughter bounty hunting team who've captivated fans for more than ten years.

Venturing West: Medri talks

Venturing West: Medri talks "13 Chambers"

Italian artist Denis Medri joins the acclaimed music video director known as mink for "13 Chambers," a fantasy Western shipping in September from 12 Gauge Comics. Medri spoke with CBR News about the book.