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X-POSITION: Cornell Gives

X-POSITION: Cornell Gives "Wolverine" "Three Months to Die"

"Wolverine" is on a clock to Logan's death, and series writer Paul Cornell joined X-POSITION to answer reader questions about the book's direction.

EXCL. PREVIEW: Cornell & Anka Give Wolverine

EXCL. PREVIEW: Cornell & Anka Give Wolverine "3 Months to Die"

Paul Cornell is joined by artists Kris Anka & David Curiel on the first chapter of "3 Months to Die," the "Wolverine" arc that changes everything for Logan.

Cornell Preps

Cornell Preps "Wolverine" for "The Madripoor Job"

"Wolverine" writer Paul Cornell takes Logan to Madripoor and puts him in conflict with the agents of MI:13 and tells CBR about the upcoming "3 Months to Die" arc.

EXCLUSIVE: Wolverine Has

EXCLUSIVE: Wolverine Has "3 Months to Die" Starting in June

Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso and executive editor Mike Marts tell CBR News the loss of Wolverine's healing factor was only the beginning.