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"Robotech" Reboot Recruits "300" Writer

Michael Gordon is set to write the adaptation, which the producers reportedly hope will be directed by "Mama" filmmaker Andrés Muschietti.

Director Noam Murro Had

Director Noam Murro Had "A Tremendous Amount of Creative Freedom" On "300: Rise of an Empire"

Director Noam Murro discusses "300: Rise of an Empire," calling it a "companion piece" to Zack Snyder's original Frank Miller adaptation.

Green, Headey & Cast Talk Strong Women &

Green, Headey & Cast Talk Strong Women & "300: Rise of an Empire"

Lena Headey, Eva Green, Callan Mulvey and Jack O'Connell talk about getting into character (and costume) -- as well as paying tribute to the first "300"

13 Minutes Of

13 Minutes Of "300: Rise Of An Empire" Screened For Fans

Warner Bros. shared brand new footage from its "300" prequel at an event in ten cities across the U.S., and CBR News was there to share the experience.


Miller's "Xerxes" Won't Be Done In Time For "300: Rise of an Empire"

Frank Miller has yet to finish work on "300" follow-up "Xerxes," which won't be ready by the March release of "300: Rise of an Empire."

Gillen Pits

Gillen Pits "Three" Against 300 at Image

"Phonogram" and "Uber" writer Kieron Gillen returns to Image Comics in October with "Three," a historical thriller following three slaves pursued by Sparta's 300, drawn by Ryan Kelly and colored by Jordie Bellaire.

"300: Rise of an Empire" International Trailer Promises "Death and Destruction"

The new international trailer for "300: Rise of an Empire" sets Greece and Persia on a collision course, as Rodrigo Santoro's god-king Xerxes pledges, "Nothing will stop the march of my empire."

SDCC: Director, Actors Construct

SDCC: Director, Actors Construct "300: Rise of an Empire"

Director Noam Murro and stars Eva Green, Rodrigo Santoro and Sullivan Stapleton discuss the challenges of creating cinematic mythology with "300: Rise of an Empire," the sequel to Zack Snyder's 2006 film.

SDCC: Warner Bros. Announces

SDCC: Warner Bros. Announces "Superman/Batman"

Warner Bros. and Legendary opened Saturday at Comic-Con International with footage and discussion of "Godzilla," "300: Rise of an Empire," more before shocking fans by announcing the live-action "Superman/Batman."

WB & Legendary Release First

WB & Legendary Release First "300: Rise of an Empire" Trailer

Warner Bros. has released the first trailer for "300: Rise of An Empire," based on Frank Miller's "Xerxes" graphic novel. The film, directed by Noam Murro, is a sequel to Miller and director Zack Snyder's "300."

Santoro Teases How

Santoro Teases How "300: Rise of an Empire" Will Act As A Spinoff

"There's a place where they meet, the first movie and the second movie," Rodrigo Santoro told Comic Book Resources in an interview, saying fans are going to be pleased with the direction of the film.

"Strike Back's" Sullivan Stapleton to Star in WB's "300" Follow-Up

Actor Sullivan Stapleton joins Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures' "300" follow-up as Themistocles, legendary Athenian politician and general. SPINOFF has the details.

SPINOFF: Canton Talks

SPINOFF: Canton Talks "Immortals," "300" Sequel

"Immortals" and "300" producer Mark Canton spoke with SPINOFF ONLINE about Tarsem Singh's upcoming Greek epic while spilling a little about what's going on with the "300" prequel.

SPINOFF: WB Denies Offering

SPINOFF: WB Denies Offering "Xerxes" to Ritchie

A Warner Bros. spokesperson has dismissed a report that director Guy Ritchie had been offered the follow-up to the 2007 hit "300," calling it "an erroneous rumor."

SPINOFF: Guy Ritchie Offered

SPINOFF: Guy Ritchie Offered "300" Prequel

Warner Bros. has reportedly offered "Xerxes," the follow-up to Zack Snyder’s 2007 hit "300," to "Sherlock Holmes" director Guy Ritchie. SPINOFF looks into the reasons Warners may be turning to RItchie over Snyder.

CCI: Zack & Deborah Snyder's

CCI: Zack & Deborah Snyder's "Sucker Punch"

"Sucker Punch" director Zack Snyder and producing partner Deborah sat down with CBR News to discuss the new film, "Watchmen," "Xerxes" and a hint at projects further down the road.

SPINOFF: Work Begins on

SPINOFF: Work Begins on "300" Prequel "Xerxes"

SPINOFF ONLINE reports that "300" director Zack Snyder has begun work on the prequel "Xerxes," based on a forthcoming comic book also created by Frank Miller. Click here for all the details.

Frank Miller's

Frank Miller's "Xerxes" Confirmed

The long-anticipated "300" prequel sees its first official art hit the web in the form of an October-shipping lithograph before the legendary cartoonist's Persian epic hits in 2011.

CBR's Decade In Review: 2007

CBR's Decade In Review: 2007

Big comics, big movies, big innovations and much more can all be found in CBR's look back at 2007, arguably the single biggest year of the decade! So, what exactly went down? Come on in and let's find out together...

Heroes, Wolverine 2, Flash: Oct 7th Comic Reel

Heroes, Wolverine 2, Flash: Oct 7th Comic Reel

A "Heroes" kiss to break the Internet! Hugh Jackman and Katie Couric talk "Wolverine 2." Current "Flash" writer says "all systems go!" All this, plus "Predators" casting, "Losers" set photo and more.

Iron Man 2, Smallville, 300 Sequel: July 27th Comic Reel

Iron Man 2, Smallville, 300 Sequel: July 27th Comic Reel

"Iron Man" Hype Machine Roundup! The "Smallville" Costume Controversy! Meanwhile, Zach Snyder talks "300" Sequel, an actor lays claim to "Black Panther," and Avengers assemble.

300 Sequel, Man of Steel, The Green Hornet: July 23rd Comic Reel

300 Sequel, Man of Steel, The Green Hornet: July 23rd Comic Reel

Frank Miller complete 300 Sequel! Meanwhile, Lex Luthor may still be in the cards for Space. All this, plus a look at the Black Beauty, a "Jonah Hex" poster and the "Whiteout" trailer in the Comic Reel.

300 Sequel, Man of Steel, Thor: July 3nd Comic Reel

300 Sequel, Man of Steel, Thor: July 3nd Comic Reel

Is everything ship-shape in Sparta? Also, Superman Brandon Routh would love to fly again. All this plus denials, conjecture, spy shots, changes in "Watchmen" the Director's Cut and more in the Comic Reel.

Fathom, 300: One Year Later, Heroes: March 4th Comic Reel

Fathom, 300: One Year Later, Heroes: March 4th Comic Reel

Megan Fox is ready to get wet, Zack Snyder's heading back to Sparta, the makers of the NBC series have a lot to say, plus news on "Wonder Woman," "Watchmen" and more.

300 Part Two, Punisher: War Zone, Heroes: October 3rd Comic Reel

300 Part Two, Punisher: War Zone, Heroes: October 3rd Comic Reel

Stepping back into ancient Greece, Frank Castle goes the hard way, Peter Petrelli takes us on a tour, plus "Smallville, "Green Hornet" and more in the week's last look at links, legends and lies.