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DiDio's Wall Teases

DiDio's Wall Teases "Five Years Later" For New 52

A quick shot of Dan DiDio's office wall in a DC Comics All Access video reveals logo treatments for a "Five Years Later" New 52 event.

Dan Didio Reveals His Top Ten DC Comics

Dan Didio Reveals His Top Ten DC Comics

The Co-Publisher of DC Comics looks back on his first ten years with the company by counting down his personal favorite stories and events from "Batman: Hush" through the New 52.

PRESS RELEASE: DC Announces Comic-Con International Exclusives & Giveaways

PRESS RELEASE: DC Presents Exclusive "52" Cover Portfolios at Comic-Con International

Grant Morrison's Multiversity

Grant Morrison's Multiversity

Grant Morrison says his next project, "Multiversity," is bigger than “Final Crisis.” What else would you expect from the man who's killed Batman, Darkseid, Martian Manhunter and an all-star version of Superman in the last 12 months?