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NYCC: "666 Park Avenue" Producers Bring Horror to Network TV

In the supernatural drama's New York Comic Con debut, creator David Wilcox and executive producer Matt Miller discussed what inspired them to make "666 Park Avenue."


NYCC: "666 Park Avenue" Cast On How Season 1 Will Evolve

The actors behind many of The Drake's residents on "666 Park Avenue" teased the direction of the ABC supernatural drama's first season during during interviews at New York Comic Con.

NYCC: O’Quinn, Williams & Taylor Tease ABC's

NYCC: O’Quinn, Williams & Taylor Tease ABC's "666 Park Avenue"

During a conversation at New York Comic Con, "666 Park Avenue" stars Terry O'Quinn, Vanessa Williams and Rachael Taylor discussed what fans have to look forward to in ABC's new supernatural drama.


CCI: "666 Park Avenue" Promises Mysteries, Devilish Terry O'Quinn

The stars and executive producers screened the pilot for ABC's "666 Park Avenue" at Comic-Con International, and teased a series filled with dark secrets, soul-selling and a struggle between good and evil.

PRESS RELEASE: Warner Bros. Keys Up Excitement for Upcoming TV Shows at Comic-Con 2012

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