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PRESS RELEASE: IDW Launches New Zombie Comic Series

Johnston & Templesmith Talk âDead Space: Extractionâ

Johnston & Templesmith Talk “Dead Space: Extraction”

With the comic on shelves now and the video game coming this month, CBR caught up with Antony Johnston and Ben Templesmith to get their thoughts about the "Dead Space" universe.

PRESS RELEASE: C2E2 Reveals Four New Guests Of Honor

CCI: McCool and Templesmith Gag on "Choker"

CCI: McCool and Templesmith Gag on "Choker"

Two Bens with delightfully twisted minds, writer McCool and artist Templesmith plan on unifying their sickly visions with "Choker," an all-new miniseries from Image Comics announced at CCI.

PRESS RELEASE: 1492 Ent. options Ben Templesmith's "Welcome To Hoxford"

PRESS RELEASE: "Hope Falls" from Markosia in May

PRESS RELEASE: IDW's "Dr. Who: The Whispering Gallery" due out February 29

Templesmith Takes On âThe Presidents of the United Statesâ

Templesmith Takes On “The Presidents of the United States”

CBR talks to Ben Templesmith about IDW’s “The Presidents of the United States,” which features portraits by the artist of America’s 44 Commanders in Chief.

Ryall & Templesmith Want to Believe in âGroom Lakeâ

Ryall & Templesmith Want to Believe in “Groom Lake”

CBR speaks with IDW publisher Chris Ryall about his most recent foray into writing with “Groom Lake,” a new miniseries about UFOs, a cigarette smoking alien and government intrigue featuring artwork by Ben Templesmith.

PRESS RELEASE: IDW announces new "Wormwood" one-shot

PRESS RELEASE: IDW holding "One and Only" customer appreciation sale

PRESS RELEASE: Ben Templesmith's "Art of Wormwood" coming from IDW

PRESS RELEASE: Mignola, Templesmith to appear at Emerald City ComiCon

Bringing "Dead Space" to Life: Chuck Beaver

Bringing "Dead Space" to Life: Chuck Beaver

Senior Producer Chuck Beaver talks to CBR News about Electronic Arts' "Dead Space" -- the new horror/sci-fi video game for which Image is producing a tie-in comic-- about its auspicious influences and innovative design.

Bringing "Dead Space" To Life: Antony Johnston

Bringing "Dead Space" To Life: Antony Johnston

Antony Johnston is the writer for the "Dead Space" comic series, a prelude to the highly anticipated video game due out this October. CBR News recently spoke with Johnston about the unique project.

CCI: IDW's Ideals and Dreams

CCI: IDW's Ideals and Dreams

IDW Publishing announced a slew of upcoming comics and multimedia projects based on their properties at their panel "Ideals and Dreams" at CCI Saturday. CBR News was there.

PRESS RELEASE: IDW and Ben Templesmith say "Welcome to Hoxford"

PRESS RELEASE: Tamplesmith's "Wormwood" gets deluxe TPB treatment

PRESS RELEASE: Ben Templesmith signs exclusive contract with IDW