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She Has No Head: Women Don't Have to Prove Their Fandom

She Has No Head: Women Don't Have to Prove Their Fandom

Noelle Stevenson's comic about her poor experiences at comic book shops, caused quite a stir, and Kelly Thompson examines it and her own experiences.

PRESS RELEASE: Dark Horse Announces Official "Hellboy" 20th Anniversary Celebration on March 22, 2014

TOYING AROUND: Batusi Batman &

TOYING AROUND: Batusi Batman & "Iron Man 3" Die Cast Figures

A Cesar Romero Joker action figure, exclusive Star Wars Weekend merchandise, realistic Daft Punk figurines and a pair of Mark Buckingham designed "Fables" bookends highlighted this week's toy news.

PRESS RELEASE: Celebrity Guests Gather at Meltdown Comics for "Ultimate Spider-Man" Screening

PRESS RELEASE: You're Invited to the BOOM! Studios Holiday Party at Meltdown

PRESS RELEASE: Stjepan Sejic Gives Live Art Demo at Meltdown Comics

PRESS RELEASE: Grant Morrison Returns To Meltdown Comics For A Signing

PRESS RELEASE: Meltdown Comics Hosts The "Unthinkable" West Coast Launch Party

PRESS RELEASE: Guillermo del Toro "The Strain" Signing at Meltdown Comics, June 1

PRESS RELEASE: Nick Simmons Signing at Meltdown Comics on FCBD

PRESS RELEASE: BOOM! Studios Crew works the floor at Meltdown Comics

PRESS RELEASE: Paul Dini to sign at meltdown Comics in Los Angeles

PRESS RELEASE: BOOM! Studios holiday party at Meltdown, Dec. 17

Tournament of Nerds Melts Down L.A.

Tournament of Nerds Melts Down L.A.

Members of the Upright Citizens Brigade performed round 1 of their superhero debate show at Los Angeles comics shop Meltdown, with round 2 set for tonight at the UCB Theatre.

PRESS RELEASE: Meltdown Comics announces rare J.M. DeMatteis signing for FCBD