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Jonathan Hickman Has a

Jonathan Hickman Has a "Secret"

"Manhattan Projects" and "Fantastic Four" writer Jonathan Hickman kicks off a new Image Comics series with Ryan Bodenheim. CBR News spoke with Hickman for details.

PRESS RELEASE: Hickman's Creator-Owned Comics Hit ComiXology

The Buy Pile - 10/2/2008

The Buy Pile - 10/2/2008

A by-the-book (or is that "buy the book?") solid showing led by a return to Neopolis, Marvel making some smart moves and another showing by Jonathan Hickman, plus "Terror Titans," "Cable" and more.

Image Comics On Sale October 1st

Image Comics On Sale October 1st

Image Comics has provided CBR with advance looks at new books on sale Wednesday October 1st, including Robert Kirkman's "Invincible" #53 and Jonathan Hickman's "A Red Mass for Mars" #2.

Hickman & Bodenheim Hold

Hickman & Bodenheim Hold "A Red Mass for Mars"

The end of the world is nigh and humanity can call upon but one hero who's not keen on helping. Jonathan Hickman & Ryan Bodenheim take a new look at the super-archetype in “A Red Mass For Mars”