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COMIC REEL: "Avengers: Age Of Ultron" Unleashed; Wan Rumored For "Shazam"

Marvel Studios released the highly anticipated trailer following a "Hydra" leak; "Conjuring" director James Wan might be attached to a DC Comics film and more.


COMIC REEL: "Avengers" Sequel Trailer Teams Up With "S.H.I.E.L.D."; Meet "Gotham's" Harvey Dent

Fans will get their first look at "Age of Ultron" during next week's "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." episode; Nicholas D'Agosto talks playing Gotham's white knight and more.

COMIC REEL: Wildcat And Firestorm Debut On

COMIC REEL: Wildcat And Firestorm Debut On "Arrow" And "Flash"; Hardy Rumored For "Apocalypse"

The "Arrow"-verse expands to include two potential heroes; Tom Hardy is possibly up for the villain role in the "X-Men" sequel and more.

"Agents of SHIELD" Recap: The May Has Two Faces

It's a face-stealing "spy vs. spy" setup for Melinda May in a slight one-shot episode that still gets the mission accomplished.


COMIC REEL: Goyer On "Constantine's" Occult Expansion; "Arrow's" Laurel Toughens Up

David S. Goyer hints that we will see some mystical DC characters in the first few episodes of the NBC horror drama; Katie Cassidy says Arrow "needs Black Canary" and more.

"Agents of SHIELD's" Ming-Na Wen Takes Agent May On the Dance Floor

Ming-Na Wen discusses losing Agent May's scowl briefly in tonight's "Marvel's Agents of SHIELD" episode, and the joys of dancing.

NYCC: Clark Gregg & Jeph Loeb Talk

NYCC: Clark Gregg & Jeph Loeb Talk "Marvel's Agents of SHIELD's" Secret Sauce

The director of S.H.I.E.L.D. and head of Marvel TV discuss maintaining the perfect level of levity in an increasingly dark sophomore season.

COMIC REEL: Marvel Heads Towards Civil War;

COMIC REEL: Marvel Heads Towards Civil War; "Walking Dead" Premiere Wins Big

Robert Downey Jr. is close to signing on for "Captain America 3," potentially setting into motion the most epic phase of Marvel's movies to date; the zombie drama devours "Sunday Night Football" and more.


NYCC: "Frozen" Strengthens Its Icy Grip on ABC's "Once Upon a Time"

Star Jennifer Morrison and the show's executive producers previewed the next "Once" episode and offered insights into what lies ahead for Storybrooke.

"Agents of SHIELD" Recap: "God Help the Girl"

With its latest episode, "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." delivers on the spy premise by opening up a can of Hydra double agents around Simmons.

POLL: What Do You Think of

POLL: What Do You Think of "Marvel's Agents of SHIELD" Season 2 Direction?

What do you think of "Agents of SHIELD's" new, Hydra-fueled direction so far?

"Agents of SHIELD" Recap: Heavy Is The Head

Coulson's new crown weighs him down in the second episode of the Marvel drama's sophomore season.

"Once Upon A Time" Unleashes a "Frozen" Crossover for its Season Premiere

The creators of ABC's fairy tale drama bring the cast of "Frozen" in to shake up Storybrooke and explain the mystery at the heart of the show.

"Agent Carter" Adds James D'Arcy as Edwin Jarvis

Jarvis -- the human version -- will make his debut in ABC's "Agent Carter," played by "Broadchurch" actor James D'Arcy.


First "Agents of SHIELD" Season 2 Clip Teases New Mysteries

The first official clip from the "Agents of SHIELD" sophomore season offers several hints as to what Agent Coulson's team will be facing in the months ahead.

"Agents of SHIELD's" Whedon & Tancharoen Reflect on Season One, Look at What's to Come

After fine-tuning their agents' mission for a satisfying season closer, the showrunners are ready to launch the series' new paradigm in Season Two.

"Once Upon a Time" Prepares For "Frozen’s" Icy Spell and a New Villain

The cast and producers of the ABC fantasy drama open up about integrating the "Frozen" characters, relationship turmoil and Rumple’s grand deception.

"Agents of SHIELD" Goes Ghost in Season Two Promo

A fan-uploaded commercial for "Marvel's Agents of SHIELD" features the first footage of the ABC show's forthcoming second season.


SDCC: "Once Upon a Time" Teases "Frozen" Storyline, Regina's Dark Path

The cast and producers discussed the power struggles and tangled relationships in the upcoming fourth season of ABC's fantasy drama.

TV Vets MacLachlan and Simmons Join

TV Vets MacLachlan and Simmons Join "Agents of SHIELD"

Kyle MacLachlan and Henry Simmons have both been cast on "Marvel's Agents of SHIELD," with the former reportedly set to play Skye's father.

First Official Look at

First Official Look at "Frozen's" Elsa on "Once Upon a Time"

The clever crossover was first teased in the Season 3 finale of of the fairy-tale drama, which quickly cast the roles of Queen Elsa, Princess Anna and Kristoff.

Gregg Promises a 'Very Different Coulson' in

Gregg Promises a 'Very Different Coulson' in "Agents of SHIELD" Season 2

"I think you would have to be different having gone through that stuff," Marvel Studios veteran Clark Gregg teases of his character's future.

Clark Gregg Goes

Clark Gregg Goes "Back to Basics" for "Agents of SHIELD" Season 2

The actor who plays Agent Coulson on the ABC TV series talks about the darker direction for the Marvel drama when it returns in the fall.

Loeb & Bell Unpack

Loeb & Bell Unpack "Agents of SHIELD" Season Finale and Tease What's Next

With the first season of "Agents of SHIELD" wrapped, Jeph Loeb and Jeffrey Bell talk the finale in-depth, and what might be explored next fall.


REVIEW: "Agents of SHIELD" Satisfyingly Concludes First Season Mission

Scott Huver says tonight's "Marvel's Agents of SHIELD" finale proves the show has "rallied victoriously" from its "occasionally rocky" start.

Marvel Shares Promo Image for

Marvel Shares Promo Image for "Agent Carter"

A new image for the fall-debuting series shows up on Marvel.com with an official synopsis of the show.

Clark Gregg Debriefed on the Final Episodes of

Clark Gregg Debriefed on the Final Episodes of "SHIELD"

The "Agents of SHIELD" star hints at more "Winter Soldier" tie-ins and promises fans a Coulson ready to give as good as he's received.

"Once Upon a Time" Producers Kitsis & Horowitz Tease Season Finale

"Once Upon a Time" creators Adam Horowitz & Edward Kitsis discuss Season 3, the two-hour finale and characters who have yet to appear on the fairy-tale drama.


Richards "Wants Redemption" for Deathlok on "Agents of SHIELD"

J. August Richards talks with CBR News about what he'd like to see for Mike Peterson in the final few episodes of "Agents of SHIELD" season one.

Hail HYDRA: Brett Dalton on Ward's

Hail HYDRA: Brett Dalton on Ward's "Agents of SHIELD" Team Shift

Brett Dalton discusses last week's massive game-changer, and teases what the future holds for Grant Ward as an Agent of HYDRA.

Paolo Rivera Illustrates

Paolo Rivera Illustrates "Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD"

Eisner winner Paolo Rivera renders the "Marvel's Agents of SHIELD" cast for the ABC series' latest promotional art piece, teasing next week's episode.

Tancharoen & Whedon Detail the Fateful Post-

Tancharoen & Whedon Detail the Fateful Post-"Winter Soldier" "Agents of SHIELD"

"Captain America: The Winter Soldier" had a big impact on "Agents of SHIELD," and the showrunners talk the Clairvoyant reveal and that final scene. MAJOR SPOILERS!

Gregg Says

Gregg Says "Agents of SHIELD" is "Building to Something I Don't Think You've Seen Before"

Stars Clark Gregg and Chloe Bennet plus executive producer Jeffrey Bell talk what to expect from the climax of "Agents of SHIELD" season one.

"Winter Soldier" & "Agents of SHIELD" Posters Spotlight Agent 13 & Deathlok

"Captain America: The Winter Soldier" debuts new posters featuring Emily Van Camp’s Agent 13 and a retro look; ABC shows off Deathlok in "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."

"Captain America: The Winter Soldier" Tie-In Coming to "Agents of SHIELD"

"Agents of SHIELD" cast and executive producers gathered at PaleyFest to discuss "Winter Soldier's" effect on the show, and the "hope" for a second season.

EXCLUSIVE: Downey Dissects Iron Man in Marvel's

EXCLUSIVE: Downey Dissects Iron Man in Marvel's "Assembling a Universe" Clip

Robert Downey, Jr. talks about playing Tony Stark in an exclusive clip from the upcoming Marvel Studios documentary, "Assembling a Universe."

In Your Face Jam - 3/12/2014

In Your Face Jam - 3/12/2014

Writer Brett White breaks down how the latest episode of "Agents of SHIELD" captured some of Marvel's big screen magic.

Whedon & Tancharoen Answer <i>Your</i>

Whedon & Tancharoen Answer Your "Agents of SHIELD" Questions

For the second time this season, showrunners Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen answer questions submitted by "Agents of SHIELD" viewers.

"Avengers: Age of Ultron" Sneak Peek To Air During ABC Special in March

ABC will broadcast "Marvel Studios: Assembling a Universe" on March 18, a one-hour special that promises a sneak peek for "Avengers: Age of Ultron."

TV RATINGS: Tracking

TV RATINGS: Tracking "Marvel's Agents of SHIELD's" Week-Long Numbers

CBR's Steve Sunu compiles and analyzes the "Agents of SHIELD" Live+7 ratings and viewer numbers and examines re-run health in anticipation of the series' return after a monthlong hiatus.