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Combat Human Trafficking with the Comic Creators for Freedom

Combat Human Trafficking with the Comic Creators for Freedom

IDW Creator and Comic Creators for Freedom founder Lora Innes sends out a call to arms to comic creators and fans to help combat human trafficking in the United States in a special CBR guest editorial.



Courtesy of DC Comics, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Batgirl" #3, written by Gail Simone with art by Ardian Syaf with an Adam Hughes cover. The issues swoops into stores November 9.

Simone Adds

Simone Adds "Batgirl," "Fury of Firestorm" to DC's New 52

Writer Gail Simone spoke with CBR News about her plans for the new "Batgirl" and "The Fury Of The Firestorm" series, as well as her reservations and hopes for DC Comics' New 52.

CCI: DC Comics Heads Into

CCI: DC Comics Heads Into "Uncharted" Territory

DC Comics calls upon Joshua Williamson, Francesco Francavilla and Adam Hughes to bring Sony's Nathan Drake comic book debut to life in November's "Uncharted."

WC11: The Art of the Cover

WC11: The Art of the Cover

Superstar cover artists Frank Quitely, Adam Hughes, Bill Sienkiewicz, Francis Manapul, and Amy Reeder gave a packed Wondercon audience the inside scoop on what makes an attractive cover—and what doesn't.

An All-Star Team-Up For

An All-Star Team-Up For "Action Comics" #900

An A-list team of creators including Damon Linelof, Richard Donner and Alex Ross bring the Man of Steel back home from his cross-country journey to "Action Comics" where Doomsday and Lex Luthor await.

PRESS RELEASE: Hero Initiative Haunts Long Beach Comic Con


PREVIEW: "Teen Titans" #88

DC Comics has released a preview for "Teen Titans" #88, the debut issue of the new creative team of J.T Krul and Nicola Scott with covers by Scott and Adam Hughes. The new era of Titans begins Wednesday, October 27.

Covering Adam Hughes

Covering Adam Hughes

Acclaimed artist Adam Hughes spoke with CBR News about his recently published collection of DC Comics' covers, "Cover Run," his favorite character to draw, offered some insight into his artistic process and more.

JMS Recreates

JMS Recreates "Wonder Woman"

Debuting Wednesday in her milestone 600th issue, Wonder Woman gets a new Jim Lee-designed costume, a new mission and a new world in the reality-altering storyline which writer J. Michael Straczynski tells CBR about in detail.

PRESS RELEASE: C2E2 Adds Guests Chris Ware, Adam Hughes, David Finch and Others

PRESS RELEASE: DC Unveils Collected Editions for Summer 2010

Red Sonja 35th Anniversary Cards

Red Sonja 35th Anniversary Cards

Dynamite releases this week a new Red Sonja anniversary card set featuring art by Adam Hughes, Alex Ross, John Romita, Sr., Frank Cho, Jim Lee, Arthur Adams, Joseph Michael Linsner and more. Check out this preview.

Baltimore: Adam Hughes & Howard Chaykin

Baltimore: Adam Hughes & Howard Chaykin

Influential comics creator Howard Chaykin hosted a panel in Baltimore spotlighting the venerable Adam Hughes. The pair discussed with fans their respective styles, careers, and what to expect in "All Star Wonder Woman."

Hughes Says

Hughes Says "All Star Wonder Woman" Coming Soon

Despite an injury to his drawing hand, all-star creator Adam Hughes is hoping to have “All-Star Wonder Woman” flying into comic book stores in 2009, and tells CBR who the book's big baddie is.