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Andreyko Goes Undercover with Cinderella For

Andreyko Goes Undercover with Cinderella For "Fairest"

Marc Andreyko speaks about his Cinderella "Fairest" arc, working with Bill Willingham and his thoughts on the approaching "Fables" finale.


PREVIEW: "Fairest" #18

Vertigo has released a preview of "Fairest" #18 by Sean E. Williams & Stephen Sadowski, featuring a cover by Adam Hughes. August 7, the Maharaja and Nalayani face their ultimate fate in The Village of the Dead.


SDCC: "Before Watchmen's" Adam Hughes Looks Back on His Career

Superstar comic book artist Adam Hughes received the spotlight treatment at Comic-Con and reflected on his time in the industry and what it was like to draw Dr. Manhattan in "Before Watchmen."

SDCC: DC Entertainment Goes All Access For Comic-Con

SDCC: DC Entertainment Goes All Access For Comic-Con

Geoff Johns, Jeff Lemire, Gail Simone, Tom Taylor and more join the first DC Comics Panel of Comic-Con International 2013 to share current and future plans for the New 52, Vertigo and more.

Cover of the Week: July 3

Cover of the Week: July 3

This week, Earth-2 braces for war, Legion plays with (nesting) dolls, Deadpool sets his sights on himself, Spider-Man casts a long shadow and who's the scaliest of them all?


PREVIEW: "Fairest" #17

A preview of "Fairest" #17 by Sean E. Williams, Stephen Sadowski & Phil Jimenez, featuring a cover by Adam Hughes, has been released by Vertigo. Nalayani and the Maharaja face a lethal enemy July 3.

Williams Pens A Charming Tale in

Williams Pens A Charming Tale in "Fairest"

Veteran TV and film writer Sean E. Williams discusses tackling the return of Prince Charming in the pages of "Fairest," a tale based in India featuring the debut of several new characters to the Fables universe.

Cover of the Week - April 3

Cover of the Week - April 3

This week, we get inside the mind of Madder Red (quite literally), Tony Stark faces the Merc in the mirror, Princess Alder makes an appearance, a cell phone shatters and Glory walks off into the - well, not a sunset.

EXCLUSIVE: Adam Hughes' Hit-Girl-Starring

EXCLUSIVE: Adam Hughes' Hit-Girl-Starring "Kick-Ass 3" Variant

Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.'s "Kick-Ass 3" kicks off in mid-May, but CBR has an exclusive first look at Adam Hughes' Hit-Girl-starring variant cover today!

Cover of the Week - March 6

Cover of the Week - March 6

This week's Cover of the Week finds Li’l Ultron triumphant, the fairest wolf of them all, Glory’s big -- really big -- battle, the worst road trip ever, and -- panels?

PREVIEW: Bill Willingham's

PREVIEW: Bill Willingham's "Fairest" #14

Vertigo has released an early look at Bill Willingham and Barry Kitson's "Fairest" #14, a special one-shot tale of love in Fabletown. Romance blooms on April 3.

Vertigo Announces

Vertigo Announces "Fables Encyclopedia," "Fairest: In All the Land" OGN

Vertigo expands its "Fables" franchise in the form of the "Fables Encyclopedia," written by Jess Nevins with an Adam Hughes cover, and a hardcover OGN featuring short stories written by creator Bill WIllingham.


PREVIEW: "Fairest" #11

Vertigo Comics has released a preview of "Fairest" #11 by Lauren Beukes and Inaki Miranda, featuring cover art by Adam Hughes. Rapunzel's adventure in Japan continues January 9.

Cover of the Week - November 7

Cover of the Week - November 7

In this week's "Cover of the Week rundown, "47 Ronin" and "The Shadow" get bloody, "Fairest" gets sexy, "Iron Man" gets technical,and "Legends of the Dark Knight" gets -- a little creepy.

Sturges Goes Hollywood With

Sturges Goes Hollywood With "Fairest"

Writer Matt Sturges discussed his and artist Shawn McManus' Beauty and Beast-starring stand-alone story for "Fairest," Vertigo and Bill Willingham's latest "Fables" spinoff series.


CCI: DC's "Before Watchmen" Panel

DC Comics brings "Before Watchmen" to Comic-Con International in San Diego with an incredible panel of creators gathered to discuss the publisher's mega-event with a special appearance from Quentin Tarantino.

Covers of the Week -- June 6

Covers of the Week -- June 6

This week, Ali Baba relaxes, Nick Fury … doesn't, Polaris, Siryn and Wolfsbane hit the road, Nite Owl holds the key, and Jonathan Hickman gives us a hand. Or at least part of a finger.

DiDio Calls

DiDio Calls "Before Watchmen" "A Love Letter" To Moore & Gibbons' Creation

DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan DiDio responds to Alan Moore's criticism of "Before Watchmen," calling the project "a love letter" to Moore and Dave Gibbons' seminal 1986 miniseries.

First Impressions:

First Impressions: "Before Watchmen"

They are the most anticipated titles of 2012 and CBR News was invited to to a first look at the first issues of DC Comics' "Before Watchmen" prequels.

Covers of the Week -- May 9

Covers of the Week -- May 9

This week, Morning Glory Academy turns shadowy, space turns even more mysterious, the Snow Queen turns frosty, Logan turns brainy and "Alabaster" turns...wolfier?

C2E2: DC All Access:

C2E2: DC All Access: "Before Watchmen"

In a special All Access panel, DC brought fan-favorite creators for a behind-the-scenes look at the highly anticipated "Before Watchmen" with Adam Hughes, Brian Azzarello, Dan DiDio and more.

Covers of the Week -- March 7

Covers of the Week -- March 7

This week, the Green goes art nouveau, the War on Drugs goes psychedelic, Miles Morales goes to Aunt May and Gwen Stacy, "Fatale" goes for its gun and the title of "Fairest" cover goes to...

EXCLUSIVE: DeConnick and Noto Resurrect Dark Horse's

EXCLUSIVE: DeConnick and Noto Resurrect Dark Horse's "Ghost"

Kelly Sue DeConnick and Phil Noto breathe new life into Ghost beginning in "Dark Horse Presents" #13. CBR spoke with them about the character, her city and what's changed with an exclusive look at the redesigned character.

Comic Book Easter Eggs - Claremont Kills Wolverine?

Comic Book Easter Eggs - Claremont Kills Wolverine?

Join CSBG in its examination of in-jokes and hidden references, as a certain Canadian X-Man meets his fate in "Aliens/Predators," Adam Hughes pays homage to his past and Clark and Lois crossing paths with Green Hornet.

Adam Hughes Reveals Frosty Cover Art for

Adam Hughes Reveals Frosty Cover Art for "Fairest" #3

Adam Hughes has revealed his Snow Queen-starring cover for the third issue of "Fairest," Vertigo’s upcoming "Fables" spinoff series that will spotlight such female characters as Rapunzel, Snow White and Rose Red.

JMS Addresses

JMS Addresses "Before Watchmen," "Babylon 5" Comparisons

Addressing one of the reactions to his involvement in DC Comics’ "Before Watchmen" project, J. Michael Straczynski has tackled the question, "How would you feel if Babylon 5 was being done without your permission?"

Adam Hughes Weighs In On

Adam Hughes Weighs In On "Before Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan"

In a post on his personal blog, artist Adam Hughes expounds on his excitement to be working on DC Comics' "Watchmen" prequel miniseries featuring Dr. Manhattan.

DC Releases All Eight

DC Releases All Eight "Before Watchmen" Covers

DC Comics has released hi-resolution images of all eight "Before Watchmen" covers, and ROBOT 6 has the full gallery for your Rorschach, Silk Spectre and Ozymandias viewing pleasure.

POLL: Which

POLL: Which "Before Watchmen" Series Are YOU Most Excited About?

The word is out, now it's time for the fans to weigh in! Which of DC Comics' announced "Before Watchmen" series are you most looking forward to?

"Before Watchmen" Creators on Bold Moves, Alan Moore & More

In the wake of DC Comics' "Before Watchmen" announcement, ROBOT 6's Kevin Melrose has a round-up of quotes from various creators involved in the prequels, from Brian Azzarello to Darwyn Cooke and more.


EXCLUSIVE: JMS Talks "Before Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan"

In an exclusive first interview, J. Michael Straczynski tells CBR why "Before Watchmen" is a good idea with or without Alan Moore and how he views Dr. Manhattan. Plus, a first look at Adam Hughes' art for the project.

DC Comics To Publish

DC Comics To Publish "Before Watchmen" Prequels

Brian Azzarello, J. Michael Straczynski, original "Watchmen" editor Len Wein and colorist John Higgins and more team to tell more stories from the world of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons 1986 classic. UPDATED with Moore's reaction.

Hughes Reveals Fate of

Hughes Reveals Fate of "All-Star Wonder Woman" and His 2012 Plans

CBR News spoke with acclaimed artist and writer Adam Hughes about the ultimate fate of "All-Star Wonder Woman," drawing covers and his unconventional convention business.

Combat Human Trafficking with the Comic Creators for Freedom

Combat Human Trafficking with the Comic Creators for Freedom

IDW Creator and Comic Creators for Freedom founder Lora Innes sends out a call to arms to comic creators and fans to help combat human trafficking in the United States in a special CBR guest editorial.



Courtesy of DC Comics, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "Batgirl" #3, written by Gail Simone with art by Ardian Syaf with an Adam Hughes cover. The issues swoops into stores November 9.

Simone Adds

Simone Adds "Batgirl," "Fury of Firestorm" to DC's New 52

Writer Gail Simone spoke with CBR News about her plans for the new "Batgirl" and "The Fury Of The Firestorm" series, as well as her reservations and hopes for DC Comics' New 52.

CCI: DC Comics Heads Into

CCI: DC Comics Heads Into "Uncharted" Territory

DC Comics calls upon Joshua Williamson, Francesco Francavilla and Adam Hughes to bring Sony's Nathan Drake comic book debut to life in November's "Uncharted."

WC11: The Art of the Cover

WC11: The Art of the Cover

Superstar cover artists Frank Quitely, Adam Hughes, Bill Sienkiewicz, Francis Manapul, and Amy Reeder gave a packed Wondercon audience the inside scoop on what makes an attractive cover—and what doesn't.

An All-Star Team-Up For

An All-Star Team-Up For "Action Comics" #900

An A-list team of creators including Damon Linelof, Richard Donner and Alex Ross bring the Man of Steel back home from his cross-country journey to "Action Comics" where Doomsday and Lex Luthor await.

PRESS RELEASE: Hero Initiative Haunts Long Beach Comic Con