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Jim Rugg Designs A

Jim Rugg Designs A "Supermag"

The indie cartoonist known for "Afrodisiac" and "Street Angel" gets personal with his latest project, a one-man anthology inspired by zine-making, "Eightball," '90s magazine design and Jim Rugg's personal favorite art.

"Oh, Brother!," it's Jay Stephens

Award-winning cartoonist Jay Stephens spoke with CBR News about his move to the daily comics page with "Oh, Brother!," working in a new medium and the upcoming AdHouse collection of "Oddville."

Alternative Press Expo's Big Spotlight on Small Press

Alternative Press Expo's Big Spotlight on Small Press

Creators and fans met to share their passion for comics at the 2010 Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco. CBR News was in attendance and has a full report from the convention's floor.

Rugg Raps About

Rugg Raps About "Afrodisiac"

'70s action is back in December, as Jim Rugg's "Afrodisiac" gets collected by Adhouse Books. CBR spoke with Rugg about his blaxploitation hero, who has been known to beat up on Nixon, Hercules, and even Dracula.