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Seth Green, Clare Grant Talk

Seth Green, Clare Grant Talk "Robot Chicken" and "A Marvel Idea"

Geek power couple Seth Green and Clare Grant discuss the current season of Adult Swim's "Robot Chicken," the upcoming guest appearance by Joss Whedon, and their hopes for a Marvel special.

NYCC: Creative Team Takes

NYCC: Creative Team Takes "Superjail!" in New Direction

The creators and animators of Adult Swim’s "Superjail!" spoke at New York Comic Con about the third season of the Adult Swim animated series and the challenges of killing inmates every episode.


NYCC: "Robot Chicken" Crew Talks Season 7 -- and Threesomes

Seth Green, Kevin Shinick, Macaulay Culkin and company teased the season finale of "Robot Chicken" at NYCC, announced the show's renewal and answered plenty of probing questions from fans.

"Robot Chicken DC Comics Special" Gets a Trailer & Release Date

The trailer for the much-discussed "Robot Chicken DC Comics Special," which features an all-star voice cast including Neil Patrick Harris, Afred Molina, Nathan Fillion and Megan Fox.


CCI: "Black Dynamite" Takes Viewers, and Michael Jackson, Back to '70s

The cast of Adult Swim’s "Black Dynamite" won over the audience at CCI with a screening of a crude, but hilarious first episode of the animated series.


CCI: "Robot Chicken" Previews "DC Comics Special"

Geoff Johns joined Seth Green, Breckin Meyer and the rest of the "Robot Chicken" team at Comic-Con International to discuss the upcoming sixth season and the highly anticipated "DC Comics Special."

CCI: Jackson Publick, Doc Hammer Talk

CCI: Jackson Publick, Doc Hammer Talk "Venture Bros." and Inspiration

Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer, the masterminds behind Adult Swim’s "Venture Bros.," gave fans a peek at the fifth season of the animated series, answering questions about inspiration and creating a “bad-ass” gay character.

Robot Chicken To Lampoon DC Comics in New Special

Robot Chicken To Lampoon DC Comics in New Special

Adult Swim's stop-motion animation show "Robot Chicken" will produce a new DC Comics episode in the same vein as its Emmy-award winning "Robot Chicken: Star Wars" specials.

James Urbaniak Lends An

James Urbaniak Lends An "Aggravated" Voice to Dr. Venture

Actor James Urbaniak, the voice of Dr. Venture on Adult Swim's hit "The Venture Bros.," discusses the "emotionally vulnerable" super-scientist, playing Robert Crumb in "American Splendor" and making the jump to YouTube.

Matt Maiellaro On

Matt Maiellaro On "Knowbodys" & "Aqua Teens"

The creator of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force," Matt Maiellaro spoke with CBR about his first graphic novel, "Knowbodys" and the impending deaths of Frylock, Master Shake and Meatwad.


NYCC: "Robot Chicken"

An all-star panel including Seth Green and Geoff Johns gave a glimpse behind the scenes of "Robot Chicken," announced a DC Comics episode and explained why Frank Oz didn’t voice Yoda in the Star Wars special.


NYCC: "Robot Chicken" Co-Creator on "Star Wars," Broken Toys & Parody

"Robot Chicken" co-creator Matthew Senreich spoke at NYCC about what it's like to work with Seth Green, which sketches got them in trouble and how he'd like the hit series to end.

NYCC: Patton Oswalt, Kristen Schaal Discuss

NYCC: Patton Oswalt, Kristen Schaal Discuss "The Heart, She Holler"

The cast and crew of "The Heart, She Holler," including Patton Oswalt and Kristen Schaal, discuss the upcoming Adult Swim miniseries described as "'Falcon Crest' with rickets."

CBR TV @ NYCC: Patton Oswalt on DC Comics & “The Heart, She Holler”

CBR TV @ NYCC: Patton Oswalt on DC Comics & “The Heart, She Holler”

Comedian Patton Oswalt spoke with CBR TV at New York Comic Con about the controversy over his DC Comics boycott and his new miniseries on Adult Swim, "The Heart, She Holler."

"Black Dynamite: TAS" Producers Talk Animation, Inspiration, Movie Sequel

The producers of Cartoon Network's upcoming Adult Swim show "Black Dynamite: The Animated Series" spoke at NYCC on what fans of the cult hit film can expect from the series, along with the inevitable movie sequel.


NYCC: "Robot Chicken" Can Live Forever

"Robot Chicken's" Matt Senreich told fans there is no end in sight for the stop-motion comedy series, confirmed "Titan Maximum" is on indefinite hold and teased about the comedy "Star Wars" series in development.

PRESS RELEASE: Cartoon Network and Adult Swim Reveal NYCC Plans

PRESS RELEASE: "Robot Chicken" Exclusive Comic-Con Figure Revealed

PRESS RELEASE: Bif Bang Pow! to Create The Venture Bros. Toys

PRESS RELEASE: Cartoon Network and Adult Swim Comic Con 2009 Panels & Events Line-Up

PRESS RELEASE: Adult Swim Announces "Robot Chicken" Roller Skating Tour


NYCC: "The Venture Bros." Panel

"Venture Bros. creators Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer were at NYCC with surprise guest Michael Sinterniklaas and imaginary guest of honor David Bowie in tow to talk about the fan favorite cartoon series.

Tony Millionaire Talks “The Drinky Crow Show”

Tony Millionaire Talks “The Drinky Crow Show”

The creator of the popular comic strip, “Maakies,” Tony Millionaire discusses his new animated series on Adult Swim, “The Drinky Crow Show,” and the process of adapting his illustrated work for TV.

Senreich talks

Senreich talks "Robot Chicken: Star Wars: Episode II"

“Robot Chicken” co-creator Matt Senreich talks to CBR News about this weekend's new Star Wars spoof, the show's friendly rivalry with “Family Guy,” and his love for Billy Dee Williams.

PRESS RELEASE: The "Metalocalypse" descends on SDCC via Shocker Toys

NYCC: The Venture Bros. Panel

NYCC: The Venture Bros. Panel

Fans that managed to get into the overstuffed, turning people away at the door NYCC Venture Bros. panel were not at all disappointed with the presentation. CBR News was there to bring you a full report.