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Bachalo, Coipel Cover

Bachalo, Coipel Cover "Age of X: Alpha" #1

Marvel Comics has released Chris Bachalo and Olivier Coipel's covers for "Age of X: Alpha" #1 which kicks off their January launching X-Event written by "X-Men: Legacy" writer Mike Carey.

MARVEL T&A: All Axel Alonso

MARVEL T&A: All Axel Alonso

CBR News is back with a new AAA installment of Marvel T&A – All Axel Alonso, that is, as the Executive Editor dives into the entire X-Line, the fate of "PunisherMAX," pics of Marvel's new offices and more!

Carey Ushers In the

Carey Ushers In the "Age of X"

Mike Carey takes fans to the "Age of X" where the X-Men never formed and mutants must wage war against a world that fears and hates them just to survive. We spoke with Carey about his biggest Marvel storyline to date.

Marvel Unleashes Viral

Marvel Unleashes Viral "Age of X" Promo

Marvel Comics has launched a new viral marketing campaign for "Age of X" in this week's new comics through use of a QR Code revealing an image of Beast being attacked by ant-mutant demonstrators.

Mike Carey reveals the

Mike Carey reveals the "Age of X"

After revealing the roster of Mike Carey's mysterious "Age of X" last week, Marvel held a press conference call Monday to tease out further details, including the nature of this alternate universe and the identity of Phoenix.


Final "Age of X" Roster Members Revealed

Marvel has revealed the last two characters in their "Age of X" teaser as Revenant and Reaper, though they look suspiciously like Rogue and Phoenix. Answers will be given in the Mike Carey scripted "Age of X!"

Cannonball, Magneto Enter

Cannonball, Magneto Enter "Age of X"

Marvel has revealed two more characters involved in the Mike Carey scripted "Age of X" series, giving us a glimpse of the New Mutant Cannonball as well as the Master of Magnetism himself, Magneto, in a new costume.

Basilisk, Frenzy Join

Basilisk, Frenzy Join "Age of X" Roster

Marvel Comics has updated the Olivier Coipel illustrated "Age of X" teaser once more, this time revealing two more characters: Basilisk and presumably the one-time Acolyte known as Frenzy.

Berserker and Nightmare Join

Berserker and Nightmare Join "Age of X"

Marvel Comics has released an updated version of yesterday's "Age of X" teaser image, this time revealing two new characters referred to as Berserker and Nightmare. No further information was given.

X-POSITION: Mike Carey

X-POSITION: Mike Carey

Mike Carey dropped in on CBR's X-POSITION HQ to discuss the upcoming "Age of X," Rogue's future in "X-Men: Legacy," Hellion's prosthetic hands and zombie underpants – no joke! All this, plus exclusive art!

MARVEL T&A: Death Bags And X-Ages

MARVEL T&A: Death Bags And X-Ages

Marvel's Tom Brevoort and Axel Alonso take time during a busy week where the publisher is packing up and moving to new digs to discuss the history of '90s cover gimmicks and polybags and tease the secret of "Age of X."



X-Editor Nick Lowe dropped in on X-POSITION to hit us with a few teases and tantalizing tidbits while offering some Hope as he answers your emails. All this, plus exclusive art!