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Exclusive: Chris Weston's Art For Albert Hughes'

Exclusive: Chris Weston's Art For Albert Hughes' "Motor City"

Chris Weston, who worked on concept designs and storyboards for Albert Hughes' "The Book of Eli" and aborted "Akira" adaptation, has provided Robot 6 with an exclusive look at art for the as-yet-unproduced movie "Motor City."

The Hughes Bros Attack

The Hughes Bros Attack "Akira"

Early word is that the sibling directing team behind the sleeper hit "The Book of Eli" will reteam with Warner Brothers and their comic-friendly screenwriter to bring the classic manga and anime to live action.

Directors of

Directors of "Eli" - Allen & Albert Hughes

Allen and Albert Hughes, directors of "The Book of Eli," talked with CBR news about how they work together, the challenges of making a film like "Eli," working with stars Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman and more.