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EXCL. PREVIEW: Grecian & Rossmo's

EXCL. PREVIEW: Grecian & Rossmo's "Rasputin" #3

Things take a fantastic turn in this exclusive preview for Alex Grecian & Riley Rossmo's "Rasputin" #3, on sale Dec. 24 from Image Comics.

Madness Meets Mysticism in Grecian & Rossmo's

Madness Meets Mysticism in Grecian & Rossmo's "Rasputin"

Alex Grecian & Riley Rossmo re-team at Image Comics to tackle the lurid history, legends and lore of Russia's wandering pilgrim, Grigori Rasputin.


EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Dracula at 'Downton Abbey'" in Image's "Rasputin" #1

"Rasputin" #1 isn't out until Oct. 29, but here's an exclusive look at the book from Alex Grecian, Riley Rossmo and Ivan Plascencia.


Grecian's "Proof" Is "Endangered"

CBR News spoke with writer and co-creator of "Proof" Alex Grecian about the title's upcoming relaunch in "Proof: Endangered" #1, our hairy hero's continued journey of self-discovery and the future of the series.

PRESS RELEASE: Image's "Proof" Relaunches in December with "Endangered" #1

Grecian On

Grecian On "Proof's" Season Finale

While the Image series is on the cusp of a temporary hiatus, "Proof" is not canceled, despite rumors to the contrary. We spoke with creator Alex Grecian about ending the first season and plans for the second season and beyond.

PRESS RELEASE: "Proof" Ends With An All-New Beginning On The Horizon

"Proof" #9: Read The Full Issue

With a brand new story arc kicking off in "Proof" #25, Image Comics is giving CBR readers the chance to get to know Alex Grecian and Riley Rossmo's bigfoot government agent with the complete stand-alone issue of "Proof" #9.

Alex Grecian & Riley Rossmo Provide

Alex Grecian & Riley Rossmo Provide "Proof"

The creators of the Image Comics series speak with CBR News about "Aftermath," their startling upcoming 25th issue that temporarily transports readers a full year into "Proof's" deadly future.

PRESS RELEASE: Image asks you to Prove you're a "Proof" Freak

Sipe Talks Screamland Trade, Proof Crossover

Sipe Talks Screamland Trade, Proof Crossover

Just in time for Halloween, writer Harold Sipe unveils for CBR an exclusive first-look at the spook-tacular bonus story included in this October’s "Screamland" collection and "Proof" #13.

Grecian & Rossmo Establish

Grecian & Rossmo Establish "Proof"

He’s a nice man. He’s middle-aged. He's polite. He’s a sasquatch. They call him Proof. Creators Alex Grecian and Riley Rossmo talk about their popular, weird wildlife series and what’s in store in the issues to come.

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