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The Deeper Experience of

The Deeper Experience of "Avengers Alliance Tactics"

Playdom's Gabe Brown & William Schmidt discuss "Avengers Alliance Tactics," the new Facebook game that expands the "Alliance" universe.

Marvel Expands Shared Video Game Universe with

Marvel Expands Shared Video Game Universe with "Avengers Initiative"

CBR News spoke with Marvel and developer Wideload Games about their newest mobile game for iOS and Android, "Avengers Initiative," and their ambitious plans for a shared gaming universe.


Irvine's "Dark Sun" Shines Bright

CBR News spoke with writer Alex Irvine about “Dark Sun,” IDW Publishing's second “Dungeons and Dragons” series, discussing details about the heroes, villains and monsters of the 5-issue mini drawn by Peter Bergting.


ADVANCE PREVIEW: "Iron Man: The Rapture" #1

Marvel Comics has released an advance look at "Iron Man: The Rapture" #1 by writer Alexander Irvine and artist Lan Medina with covers by Tim Bradstreet. Suit up on Wednesday, November 3.

Irvine Readies Iron Man for

Irvine Readies Iron Man for "The Rapture"

In "Iron Man: The Rapture," Tony Stark's good intentions come back to haunt him in the form of a violent artificial intelligence. We spoke with writer Alexander Irvine about the series, which kicks off in November.

The Man Who Would be King(pin): Irvine on Daredevil Noir

The Man Who Would be King(pin): Irvine on Daredevil Noir

Writer Alexander Irvine reimagines the Man Without Fear as a Prohibition Era mystery man. CBR spoke with him about "Daredevil Noir," a new Tomm Coker-drawn miniseries that kicks off this month.

CCI: The Vertigo Encyclopedia

CCI: The Vertigo Encyclopedia

Vertigo Executive Editor Karen Berger and the creators behind “The Vertigo Encyclopedia” gave the scoop on the upcoming tome that promises to tell you everything you ever wanted to know about the comics of Vertigo.