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Warner Bros. &

Warner Bros. & "Smallville" Creators Settle Multimillion-dollar Fight

WB Television and "Smallville" co-creators Miles Millar & Alfred Gough have settled a multimillion-dollar dispute concerning profits from the long-running television series. ROBOT 6 has more details.

Warner Bros. Settles Half of

Warner Bros. Settles Half of "Smallville" Lawsuit

Tollin/Robbins Productions, who helped bring "Smallville" to the small screen, have settled out of court with Warner Bros. on a licensing disagreement as original show developers march on.

Creators and Producers Amend

Creators and Producers Amend "Smallville" Lawsuit

A federal judge has ruled the creators of "Smallville" can amend their 2010 lawsuit against Warner Bros. and the CW over "unreasonably low" licensing fees for the series. CBR has details.


CCI: "Charlie's Angels" Panel

Developers Miles Millar and Alfred Gough and the cast of ABC’s "Charlie’s Angels" spoke at Comic-Con about reviving the '70s hit, finding the new voice of Charlie Townsend and opting for a "young and hot" Bosley.

"Smallville" Royalties Fight Heats Up

After the series original producers filed a breach of contract complaint to earn more profits from the CW network anchor, Warner Brothers blasts back with an argument set to cut their former partners out via legalese.