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Alice Eve on "Star Trek Into Darkness," Carol Marcus & That Controversial Scene

"Star Trek Into Darkness" actress Alice Eve spoke with SPINOFF ONLINE about portraying Carol Marcus, and the controversy surrounding her now-infamous underwear scene.

In the Flesh: Good Naked Vs. Bad Naked on Film and TV

In the Flesh: Good Naked Vs. Bad Naked on Film and TV

With even J.J. Abrams acknowledging Alice Eve's underwear scene in "Star Trek Into Darkness" was gratuitous, Spinoff's Anna Pinkert considers when nudity (or near-nudity) serves the story, and when it only titillates.

January Jones Rounds Out

January Jones Rounds Out "First Class"

Playing the part of Emma "The White Queen" Frost, the leading lady of "Mad Men" is just one of several surprise final cast members set in place for Fox's "X-Men: First Class"

Alice Eve Is Emma Frost

Alice Eve Is Emma Frost

The casting for "X-Men: First Class" heats up as the "She's Out Of My League" starlet signs on to play the diamond-skinned mutant in the franchise relaunched headed by Matthew Vaughn.