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CBR TV @ SDCC: Kirkman on the Origins of

CBR TV @ SDCC: Kirkman on the Origins of "Outcast," Owning IP & "Walking Dead's" Future

Robert Kirkman talks about his newest series' success, why he's unafraid to launch new properties and the future of "Walking Dead" in comics & TV.

Gaudiano Joins

Gaudiano Joins "The Walking Dead" to Ink "All Out War"

Acclaimed artist Stefano Gaudiano talks to CBR about inking Charlie Adlard for "The Walking Dead's" bi-weekly "All Out War" and his approach to art.


PREVIEW: "All-Out War" Begins in Kirkman & Adlard's "Walking Dead" #115

Courtesy of Image, CBR has a preview of Robert Kirkman & Charlie Adlard's "The Walking Dead" #115, which kicks off the massive "All-Out War" storyline and the book's 10th anniversary celebration.

Kirkman Declares

Kirkman Declares "All Out War" in "The Walking Dead"

"The Walking Dead" heads towards "All Out War" starting in October at Image Comics, and franchise creator Robert Kirkman discusses what to expect from the 12-issue arc.

Image Announces

Image Announces "Walking Dead" #115 Midnight Release Parties, Variant

When "All Out War" kicks off in the pages of Robert Kirkman's "The Walking Dead" #115, Image Comics will celebrate by sponsoring midnight release parties featuring a special variant cover by series artist Charlie Adlard.

IMAGE EXPO 2013: Kirkman Unleashes

IMAGE EXPO 2013: Kirkman Unleashes "All Out War" in "Walking Dead"

Robert Kirkman discusses "All Out War," a twelve-part "Walking Dead" story arc which shifts the Image Comics series' focus from survival to rebuilding society in a world overrun with zombies.