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SDCC: "Before Watchmen's" Adam Hughes Looks Back on His Career

Superstar comic book artist Adam Hughes received the spotlight treatment at Comic-Con and reflected on his time in the industry and what it was like to draw Dr. Manhattan in "Before Watchmen."

Hughes Reveals Fate of

Hughes Reveals Fate of "All-Star Wonder Woman" and His 2012 Plans

CBR News spoke with acclaimed artist and writer Adam Hughes about the ultimate fate of "All-Star Wonder Woman," drawing covers and his unconventional convention business.

Comics' Most Notorious No-Shows, Part 1

Comics' Most Notorious No-Shows, Part 1

From Grant Morrison's "Multiversity" to J. Scott Campbell's Spider-Man project, CBR runs down the 15 of the 30 most legendary announced-then-never-released comics ever, and the chances of their eventual publication.

Baltimore: Adam Hughes & Howard Chaykin

Baltimore: Adam Hughes & Howard Chaykin

Influential comics creator Howard Chaykin hosted a panel in Baltimore spotlighting the venerable Adam Hughes. The pair discussed with fans their respective styles, careers, and what to expect in "All Star Wonder Woman."

Hughes Says

Hughes Says "All Star Wonder Woman" Coming Soon

Despite an injury to his drawing hand, all-star creator Adam Hughes is hoping to have “All-Star Wonder Woman” flying into comic book stores in 2009, and tells CBR who the book's big baddie is.