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EXCL. PREVIEW: The Sentence is Death in

EXCL. PREVIEW: The Sentence is Death in "Aquaman: Futures End" #1

The New 52 jumps five years ahead as Mera claims the throne and sentences Arthur to death in "Aquaman: Futures End" #1 by Dan Jurgens & Alvaro Martinez.


Gillen's "Iron Man" Pits Tony Stark Against the Mandarin's Legacy

Kieron Gillen catches CBR up on "Iron Metropolitan," which pits Tony Stark against the Mandarin's sentient rings and upcoming "Iron Man Annual."


X-POSITION: "Cataclysm" Strikes Fialkov's "Ultimate X-Men"

Writer Joshua Hale Fialkov takes on reader questions about "Cataclysm: Ultimate X-Men" and moving the series through the event. Plus, exclusive art!

Wood Wages

Wood Wages "World War X" in "Ultimate Comics X-Men"

"Ultimate Comics X-Men" scribe Brian Wood discusses "World War X," his final arc as ongoing series writer, which pits Kitty Pryde's Utopia against Jean Grey's Tian in an all-out mutant war.