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Activision Announces

Activision Announces "The Walking Dead" Shooter

Activision has announced a first-person shooter based on Robert Kirkman's "The Walking Dead" television show on AMC starring characters Daryl and Merle Dixon.

"The Walking Dead's Prison Revealed In New Season 3 Photos

New photos from the upcoming third season of AMC's "The Walking Dead" reveal Rick and the other survivors taking on the zombie hordes inside the gates of the prison.

"Powers" On FX Lives, Not Derailed By AMC's "Thief of Thieves"

TV writer Chic Eglee has announced that his involvement with AMC's adaptation of Robert Kirkman's "Thief of Thieves" does not mean "Powers" on FX is dead, saying the superhero police drama is still moving forward.

PRESS RELEASE: AMC Releases CCI Schedule For "Walking Dead," "Breaking Bad" & "Comic Book Men"

"Walking Dead" Set Photos Reveal Season 3 Surprise

Spoiler-filled photos from the set of "The Walking Dead" reveal that the Prison, The Governor and Michonne aren't the only big surprises in store for Rick and the other survivors in the AMC drama's third season.

First Look at The Governor From AMC's

First Look at The Governor From AMC's "The Walking Dead"

AMC has released the first image of English actor David Morrissey as the fan-favorite villain The Governor from the upcoming third season of "The Walking Dead."

"Walking Dead" to Air Black & White Pilot During Series Marathon

Fans of Robert Kirkman's black & white zombie comic "The Walking Dead" will get their wish when AMC airs the TV series' pilot in black & white during a marathon in July. SPINOFF has details.

First Look at Danai Gurira as

First Look at Danai Gurira as "The Walking Dead's" Michonne

AMC has revealed a first look at actress Danai Gurira as fan-favorite character Michonne for "The Walking Dead" season three, complete with katana.

"Walking Dead" Video Teases "Darker, Harder, Faster" Third Season

The first video from the set of "The Walking Dead's" third season offers a few glimpses inside the Prison and promises a pace that is "darker, harder, faster, deeper."

CBR TV @ C2E2: Steve Yeun Dissects

CBR TV @ C2E2: Steve Yeun Dissects "The Walking Dead"

"The Walking Dead" actor Steve Yeun dished with CBR TV about the hit series, revealing which actor got sick at the sight of the well zombie, how far he's read in the comic and more. Check out the video and read the transcript!

C2E2: Yeun & Cohan Look Ahead to

C2E2: Yeun & Cohan Look Ahead to "Walking Dead" Season 3

Actors Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohan took the stage before a packed house at C2E2 to discuss all things "The Walking Dead," including insights into what's ahead in Season 3.

AMC Options Kirkman's

AMC Options Kirkman's "Thief of Thieves" Heist Series

AMC has optioned "Thief of Thieves," Robert Kirkman's new Image Comics heist series co-written by Nick Spencer and illustrated by Shawn Martinbrough.

"Walking Dead" Season 2 Finale Sets Ratings Record

"The Walking Dead" ratings juggernaut shambles as the Season 2 finale set new records, with 9 million viewers tuning in to watch the massive herd of walkers' descent on Hershel's farm.


SPINOFF RECAP: "The Walking Dead: Beside the Dying Fire"

Kevin Melrose brings it home with a recap of "The Walking Dead" season finale as the walker herd overruns Hershel's Farm, the survivors make tough decisions and a fan-favorite character from the comic series appears.


AMC's "The Walking Dead" Finds Its Michonne

AMC has announced that the role of "The Walking Dead's" Michonne, the popular sword-wielding character from Robert Kirkman's Image Comics series, will be played by actress Danai Gurira in season 3.

AMC Launching

AMC Launching "Walking Dead" Facebook Game

Ever wanted to test your mettle against the walkers in AMC's "The Walking Dead?" You'll get your chance when AMC launches its "The Walking Dead" social game in April. CBR News has details.


SPINOFF RECAP: "The Walking Dead: Better Angels"

In the penultimate episode of the second season of "The Walking Dead," the survivors bid farewell to Dale and fortify the farm against increasing walker encroachment as Rick grapples with a threat a little closer to home.


SPINOFF RECAP: "The Walking Dead: Judge, Jury, Executioner"

In this week's episode of "The Walking Dead," the survivors wrestle with the question of what to do with Randall, Carl edges closer to the dark side and one member of the group, well...

AMC Website Accidentally Reveals

AMC Website Accidentally Reveals "Walking Dead" Character Death

An ad on the AMC website for a limited-edition Blu-ray set seems to confirm suspicions about the death of a major character in the final episodes of "The Walking Dead's" second season.


IMAGE EXPO: "Walking Dead" Cast Gathers for "Talking Dead"

"The Walking Dead" creator Robert Kirkman and stars Steven Yuen and Norman Reedus discuss recent episodes, what to expect next season, plus a prank gone bad almost empties the room.

"The Walking Dead" Casts David Morrissey as The Governor

David Morrissey, best known to American audiences for his role in "The Doctor Who" episode "The Next Doctor," will play the ruthless Governor in the third season of AMC's "The Walking Dead."

Watch Impressive Effects Reel For

Watch Impressive Effects Reel For "The Walking Dead" Season 2

A behind-the-scenes "The Walking Dead" featurette highlights the impressive special effects process for the AMC hit show. SPINOFF has the details.


SPINOFF RECAP: "The Walking Dead - Triggerfinger"

Kevin Melrose recaps this week's episode of "The Walking Dead," "Triggerfinger," as Rick, Glenn and Hershel are left to shoot their way out of the bar, while Lori goes full-on Lady Macbeth.

"The Walking Dead" Devours Basic Cable Records

The midseason premiere of AMC's "The Walking Dead" broke the show's own record on Sunday for total number of viewers and the 18-49 and 25-54 demographics.

Robert Kirkman Calls

Robert Kirkman Calls "Walking Dead" Lawsuit "Ridiculous"

Robert Kirkman calls the lawsuit filed against him by former "Walking Dead" collaborator Tony Moore "ridiculous," and insists the artist is being properly paid for his contributions to the series.

FIRST LOOK: Play Along With

FIRST LOOK: Play Along With "The Walking Dead Story Synch"

In a new app for your computer or tablet hitting this Sunday, viewers can play along with the action of AMC's "The Walking Dead" by gauging the gore, counting the zombie kills and getting inside info on the characters and their world.

AMC Launches Kevin Smith's

AMC Launches Kevin Smith's "Comic Book Men"

Kevin Smith and his friends, the cast of AMC's "Comic Book Men," took to the stage to field questions, divulge show details and secrets and explain what fans can expect from the reality series.

Kevin Smith: Proud To Be A

Kevin Smith: Proud To Be A "Comic Book Man"

Writer, director and podcaster Kevin Smith spoke with the press in New York City to talk about everything, from his upcoming AMC TV series "Comic Book Men" to the power of his SmodCast and much more.

AMC Debuts Action-Packed

AMC Debuts Action-Packed "Walking Dead" Teaser

AMC has premiered an action-packed, and tension-filled, teaser for the second half "The Walking Dead" Season 2, which kicks off Sunday, February 12.

"L.A. Noir" Casting May Signal "Walking Dead" Character’s Death

News that a certain actor is in talks for the lead role in Frank Darabont’s "L.A Noir" may spoil a major plot development in the remainder of "The Walking Dead’s" second season. SPINOFF has details.

AMC Expands

AMC Expands "The Walking Dead" Season 3 to 16 Episodes

AMC announced over the weekend that the third season of "The Walking Dead" will increase to 16 episodes as showrunner Glen Mazarra addressed reports of Frank Darabont’s original idea for the Season 2 premiere.

Darabont Had a Different Opening  for

Darabont Had a Different Opening for "Walking Dead" Season 2

Former showrunner Frank Darabont reveals that actor Sam Witwer’s account of a "Black Hawk Down"-style prequel wasn’t intended as a "Walking Dead" web series, but rather as the Season 2 premiere.

"Being Human" Star Reveals Aborted Plans for "Walking Dead" Web Series

Sam Witwer, star of Syfy’s "Being Human," laments AMC’s firing of "The Walking Dead" showrunner Frank Darabont, who planned to use the actor’s cameo in the pilot episode as a launching pad for a web series.


CONTEST: Win a "Walking Dead" TV Figures 4-Pack by McFarlane Toys

CBR and McFarlane Toys are giving away a 4-pack of "The Walking Dead" TV figures based on the hit AMC show. Click for more info and learn how to enter.

"Walking Dead" Mid-Season Finale Attracts 6.6 Million Viewers

Sunday’s midseason finale of "The Walking Dead" delivered 6.6 million viewers, down from the series high of the Season 2 premiere, but still ahead of the first season's average ratings. SPINOFF has details.


SPINOFF RECAP: "The Walking Dead - Pretty Much Dead Already"

As "The Walking Dead" reaches its midseason finale, tensions come to a head as the entire group learns the secret of the barn, Shane finds out about Lori’s pregnancy and we finally discover what happened to Sophia.


SPINOFF RECAP: "The Walking Dead - Secrets"

As the search for Sophia languishes, Dale takes being a busybody to new, dangerous heights, Shane offers Andrea some "advanced training" and Rick finally catches on that Lori's hiding something.


SPINOFF RECAP: "The Walking Dead - Chupacabra"

In this week's "The Walking Dead," the search for Sophia enters Day 4 as Daryl goes full-on Rambo, Hershel grows tired of his guests and a sex-crazed Glenn discovers the dark, festering secret of the Greene farm.

Kirkman Preps

Kirkman Preps "Walking Dead's" Mid-Season Finale

While his shocking AMC series remains a certifiable smash hit, Robert Kirkman busies himself with the task of upping the zombie craziness of "The Walking Dead," adapting his comics to include Shane and preparing for a mid-season finale.


SPINOFF RECAP: "The Walking Dead - Cherokee Rose"

In this week's "The Walking Dead," Shane eulogizes Otis, Rick discovers their stay at Hershel's farm may be limited, Glenn ventures down a well (and then gets lucky) and Lori confirms what viewers have long known.