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Kevin Smith: Proud To Be A

Kevin Smith: Proud To Be A "Comic Book Man"

Writer, director and podcaster Kevin Smith spoke with the press in New York City to talk about everything, from his upcoming AMC TV series "Comic Book Men" to the power of his SmodCast and much more.

AMC Debuts Action-Packed

AMC Debuts Action-Packed "Walking Dead" Teaser

AMC has premiered an action-packed, and tension-filled, teaser for the second half "The Walking Dead" Season 2, which kicks off Sunday, February 12.

"L.A. Noir" Casting May Signal "Walking Dead" Character’s Death

News that a certain actor is in talks for the lead role in Frank Darabont’s "L.A Noir" may spoil a major plot development in the remainder of "The Walking Dead’s" second season. SPINOFF has details.

AMC Expands

AMC Expands "The Walking Dead" Season 3 to 16 Episodes

AMC announced over the weekend that the third season of "The Walking Dead" will increase to 16 episodes as showrunner Glen Mazarra addressed reports of Frank Darabont’s original idea for the Season 2 premiere.

Darabont Had a Different Opening  for

Darabont Had a Different Opening for "Walking Dead" Season 2

Former showrunner Frank Darabont reveals that actor Sam Witwer’s account of a "Black Hawk Down"-style prequel wasn’t intended as a "Walking Dead" web series, but rather as the Season 2 premiere.

"Being Human" Star Reveals Aborted Plans for "Walking Dead" Web Series

Sam Witwer, star of Syfy’s "Being Human," laments AMC’s firing of "The Walking Dead" showrunner Frank Darabont, who planned to use the actor’s cameo in the pilot episode as a launching pad for a web series.


CONTEST: Win a "Walking Dead" TV Figures 4-Pack by McFarlane Toys

CBR and McFarlane Toys are giving away a 4-pack of "The Walking Dead" TV figures based on the hit AMC show. Click for more info and learn how to enter.

"Walking Dead" Mid-Season Finale Attracts 6.6 Million Viewers

Sunday’s midseason finale of "The Walking Dead" delivered 6.6 million viewers, down from the series high of the Season 2 premiere, but still ahead of the first season's average ratings. SPINOFF has details.


SPINOFF RECAP: "The Walking Dead - Pretty Much Dead Already"

As "The Walking Dead" reaches its midseason finale, tensions come to a head as the entire group learns the secret of the barn, Shane finds out about Lori’s pregnancy and we finally discover what happened to Sophia.


SPINOFF RECAP: "The Walking Dead - Secrets"

As the search for Sophia languishes, Dale takes being a busybody to new, dangerous heights, Shane offers Andrea some "advanced training" and Rick finally catches on that Lori's hiding something.


SPINOFF RECAP: "The Walking Dead - Chupacabra"

In this week's "The Walking Dead," the search for Sophia enters Day 4 as Daryl goes full-on Rambo, Hershel grows tired of his guests and a sex-crazed Glenn discovers the dark, festering secret of the Greene farm.

Kirkman Preps

Kirkman Preps "Walking Dead's" Mid-Season Finale

While his shocking AMC series remains a certifiable smash hit, Robert Kirkman busies himself with the task of upping the zombie craziness of "The Walking Dead," adapting his comics to include Shane and preparing for a mid-season finale.


SPINOFF RECAP: "The Walking Dead - Cherokee Rose"

In this week's "The Walking Dead," Shane eulogizes Otis, Rick discovers their stay at Hershel's farm may be limited, Glenn ventures down a well (and then gets lucky) and Lori confirms what viewers have long known.


SPINOFF RECAP: "The Walking Dead - Save The Last One"

In this week's "The Walking Dead" recap, Shane and Otis try to escape a high school teeming with walkers, Daryl and Andrea continue the search for Sophia and Hershel prepares to operate on Carl.

AMC Renews

AMC Renews "The Walking Dead" for Third Season

Just two episodes into its second season, AMC has announced a third for the hit zombie drama "The Walking Dead," based on Robert Kirkman's Image Comics title.


SPINOFF RECAP: "The Walking Dead - Bloodletting"

In "Bloodletting," this week’s episode of "The Walking Dead," Rick arrives with a wounded Carl at Hershel’s farm, the interminable search for Sophia continues, and Daryl gets zen on everyone.

CBR TV: Jon Bernthal, Laurie Holden & Chandler Riggs on Surviving “The Walking Dead”

CBR TV: Jon Bernthal, Laurie Holden & Chandler Riggs on Surviving “The Walking Dead”

Jon Bernthal, Laurie Holden & Chandler Riggs answer some of CBR TV's most offbeat zombie apocalypse questions before Bernthal leads our crew in a rousing rendition of a classic '80s sit-com theme song.

CBR TV @ NYCC: Greg Nicotero, Lauren Cohan on

CBR TV @ NYCC: Greg Nicotero, Lauren Cohan on "The Walking Dead"

Co-Executive Producer Greg Nicotero and new "Walking Dead" cast member Lauren Cohan spoke with CBR TV about Cohan's character, Maggie, the second season shift to Hershel's farm and more.

"Walking Dead" Premiere Draws Record 7.3 Million Viewers

The second-season premiere of "The Walking Dead" attracted 7.3 million viewers in its first airing, a 38-percent increase from its series debut. It also set a cable record for viewers in the adults 18-49 demo.

CBR TV @ NYCC: Gale Anne Hurd, Steven Yeun talk

CBR TV @ NYCC: Gale Anne Hurd, Steven Yeun talk "The Walking Dead"

Gale Anne Hurd and Steven Yeun discuss how the success of the AMC series has affected their lives and what the new season holds for "The Walking Dead."


SPINOFF RECAP: "The Walking Dead: What Lies Ahead"

Kevin Melrose offers up SPINOFF's first recap of "The Walking Dead's" second season, a 90-minute premiere that splinters the group as Rick and the other survivors set off on a bloody path to Hershel's farm.

NYCC: Gale Anne Hurd on

NYCC: Gale Anne Hurd on "Dead Man's Run," "Walking Dead"

"The Walking Dead" executive producer Gale Anne Hurd spoke with CBR News about the show's season two and her new comic "Dead Man's Run" out from Aspen Comics and written by Greg Pak.


NYCC: "The Walking Dead" Season 2 Preview

Following its presentation at New York Comic Con, AMC has released a five-and-a-half-minute preview of tonight’s season premiere of The Walking Dead.


CBR REVIEW: "The Walking Dead" Season 2, Episodes 1,2

Josie Campbell reviews the first two episodes of the second season of "The Walking Dead," saying they maintain the tone and suspense of last year's series one, for good and bad.

Watch the Saga of

Watch the Saga of "The Walking Dead's" Bicycle Girl

AMC has premiered all six episodes of "Torn Apart," "The Walking Dead" web series that explores the back story of "Bicycle Girl" from the first season of the acclaimed drama. SPINOFF has the videos.

Five New Images From Season 2 Premiere Of

Five New Images From Season 2 Premiere Of "The Walking Dead"

AMC has released five new stills from “What Lies Ahead,” the October 16 season premiere of "The Walking Dead" that finds Rick leading the survivors out of Atlanta.

AMC Releases New

AMC Releases New "Walking Dead" Season 2 Trailer

AMC has released a tension-filled new teaser for the Season 2 premiere of its hit zombie survival series "The Walking Dead," which is set to debut October 16.

AMC Orders

AMC Orders "Walking Dead" Talk Show

"Talking Dead" will feature a live, half-hour discussion of each week’s episode of the acclaimed horror series, debuting after the encore presentation of "The Walking Dead" season premiere.

PRESS RELEASE: Emmy Award-Winner Greg Nicotero Named Co-Executive Producer of AMC's "The Walking Dead"

"The Walking Dead" Crew Discuss Season Two, Darabont's Exit

"The Walking Dead" creator Robert Kirkman, executive producer Gale Anne Hurd, and showrunner Glen Mazzara discuss season two as Mazzara addresses filling in Frank Darabont's shoes.

"Walking Dead" Gets 90-Minute Premiere, Split Season

AMC officially announces the premiere date for "The Walking Dead," along with a 90-minute debut episode, but the network is also splitting the second season into two parts.

AMC Releases Four

AMC Releases Four "Walking Dead" Teaser Clips

AMC has unveiled four new tension-filled teasers for the second season of its hit zombie-ridden series "The Walking Dead," which is set to debut on October 16.

New Details Emerge On Darabont's

New Details Emerge On Darabont's "Walking Dead" Exit

The firing of show-runner and executive producer Frank Darabont from AMC's hit "Walking Dead" TV show has raised many questions, and new details point to financial fights at the heart of the change.

CCI: Robert Kirkman Panel

CCI: Robert Kirkman Panel

Robert Kirkman gave panel-goers a treat at Comic-Con International, answering audience questions everything from "Invincible" and "The Walking Dead" and discussing new projects coming down the line from Skybound.

AMC Releases Statement on

AMC Releases Statement on "Walking Dead" Creative Shake Up

AMC has released an official statement on the departure of "Frank Darabont as "The Walking Dead's" showrunner, officially naming writer/producer Glen Mazzara as his replacement.

Frank Darabont Exits

Frank Darabont Exits "The Walking Dead"

Frank Darabont, who was instrumental in bringing Robert Kirkman's comic "The Walking Dead" to television, has reportedly stepped down as showrunner for AMC's hit zombie series.

PRESS RELEASE: Fox International Channels Announces "The Walking Dead" Season 2 Launch Dates

CCI: Kirkman & Darabont Liven Up the

CCI: Kirkman & Darabont Liven Up the "Walking Dead" Panel

The cast and crew of AMC's "The Walking Dead" discuss Season Two, new emotional hurdles for the survivors and what that zombie blood is made of.


CCI: "The Walking Dead" Cast And Creators Talk Season Two

CBR spoke with the cast and crew of "The Walking Dead" about season two, plot differences between the comic and the TV show, and what to look for in casting a zombie.

CBR TV @ CCI: Kirkman on “The Infinite,” “Walking Dead” & More

CBR TV @ CCI: Kirkman on “The Infinite,” “Walking Dead” & More

Robert Kirkman keeps his CBR TV appearance streak alive, discussing "The Walking Dead" prose novel, the AMC series' second season, "The Infinite" and more.