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Kazu Kibuishi Continues The Saga of “Amulet”

Kazu Kibuishi Continues The Saga of “Amulet”

The cartoonist talks about the sixth volume of his all-ages fantasy epic, “Escape from Lucien,” detailing the influence of “Final Fantasy” and Polaroid photos.

Conversing On Comics with Kazu Kibuishi

Conversing On Comics with Kazu Kibuishi

ROBOT 6’s Chris Arrant talks with Kazu Kibuishi about “Amulet,” “Daisy Kutter,” his “Harry Potter” covers and recovering from bacterial meningitis.


ECCC: "Comics Aren't Real" Panel Wages War on Realism

Kazu Kibuishi, Klaus Janson, Rob Guillory & Erik Larsen talked about why realism has no place in comics, and why Alex Ross "bores the crap" out of Janson.

Jeff Kinney Shares Secret Origin of

Jeff Kinney Shares Secret Origin of "Diary of a Wimpy Kid"

Creator Jeff Kinney spoke with CBR about Greg Heffley's newest adventures, sharing exclusive art from the upcoming "Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Hard Luck."

"Harry Potter" Books To Feature New Covers By Kazu Kibuishi

Kazu Kibuishi, the acclaimed creator of "Copper," "Daisy Kutter" and "Amulet," is the new cover artist for the new printings of Scholastic's "Harry Potter" books. ROBOT 6 has a look at his "Sorceror's Stone" cover.

Kazu Kibuisihi Takes a Final

Kazu Kibuisihi Takes a Final "Flight"

With the final volume on sale this week, CBR News spoke with the cartoonist about editing the influential, long running anthology, plus details on his Scholastic series "Amulet."

PRESS RELEASE: "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" Book 5 Hits November 9, 2010


Kibuishi's "Copper" Finds a Home in Print

Writer/artist Kazu Kibuishi spoke with CBR News about the new print edition of his webcomic "Copper" as well as his Scholastic graphic novel series "Amulet" and some details about the next "Flight" anthology.

Jason Shiga on

Jason Shiga on "Meanwhile"

"Meanwhile," a Choose Your Own Adventure-style comic from Eisner and Ignatz Award-winning cartoonist Jason Shiga, debuts in March from Amulet Books. CBR spoke with the artist about branching stories and apocalyptic devices.

PRESS RELEASE: Jeff "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" Kinney to appear at Baltimore Comic-Con