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In Andi Watson's

In Andi Watson's "Princess Decomposia," Romance Is Undead

The creator of "Gum Girl" and "Glister" talks with ROBOT 6 about his latest all-ages graphic novel, "Princess Decomposia and Count Spatula."


Watson's "Princess Decomposia and Count Spatula" Romances the Underworld

Andi Watson discusses the responsibility and romance in his latest graphic novel with First Second, "Princess Decomposia and Count Spatula."

Covers of the Week -- May 2

Covers of the Week -- May 2

This week brings a grim fairy tale, a journey into Nick Fury's past, a visit with an adorable ghost, a flood of purple flowers and an up-close introduction to Matt Murdock's date. Plus, April's Cover of the Month!

Andi Watson Unlocks A New

Andi Watson Unlocks A New "Skeleton Key"

As Dark Horse releases a new "Skeleton Key" one-shot, cartoonist Andi Watson explains why he returns to the fantasy comic again and again for its fox spirits, New Wave ghouls, secret museums and quirky story turns.

PRESS RELEASE: Andi Watson's "Skeleton Key" Debuts in "Dark Horse Presents" #5



Marvel Comics has released a preview of the long-awaited romance series from writer Andi Watson and artist Tommy Ohtsuka. Featruing covers by Sho Murase, "15 Love" debuts in July.