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Keatinge Leaves

Keatinge Leaves "Glory," Returns With "Hell Yeah" in 2013

Writer Joe Keatinge discusses his second arc on the creator-owned "Hell Yeah," the end of his run on Image Comics' "Glory," his first Marvel work and the importance of kicking ass.

Joe Keatinge Sings

Joe Keatinge Sings "Glory," "Glory" "Hell Yeah"-luja

Image Comics PR master turned writer Joe Keatinge tells CBR about everything from the ongoing "Hell Yeah" and "Glory's" price raise to the status of "Brutal" with artist Frank Cho.

Joe Keatinge Goes For The

Joe Keatinge Goes For The "Glory"

Image Comics PR guru turned writer Joe Keatinge discusses taking over "Glory" and creating his own superhero universe in "Hell Yeah" with exclusive art from "Hell Yeah" artist Andre Szymanowicz.

Exclusive Preview:

Exclusive Preview: "Hell Yeah #1"

Courtesy of Image Comics and Joe Keatinge, ROBOT 6 presents an exclusive look at "Hell Yeah #1," by Keatinge and artist Andre Szymanowicz. The comic comes out this March.