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James Marsden To Star in BOOM!'s

James Marsden To Star in BOOM!'s "Two Guns"

Actor James Marsden, known for his turns in "X-Men" and "Superman Returns," has signed on for a modern crime adaptation of the BOOM! Studios title by Steven Grant and Mat Santolouco alongside Mark Whalberg and Denzel Washington.

Waid TV:

Waid TV: "Dead Run" with Cosby & Nelson

In the latest episode of Waid TV, Mark Waid sits down to talk with the creators/co-writers of "Dead Run," a new 4 issue limited series from BOOM! Studios by BOOM! co-founder Andy Cosby and "Hexed" writer Michael Alan Nelson.

Cosby & Nelson Make a  “Dead Run” at BOOM!

Cosby & Nelson Make a “Dead Run” at BOOM!

"Eureka” creator Andrew Cosby and “Hexed” writer Michael Alan Nelson team-up for BOOM!'s “Dead Run,” a miniseries in the vein of "Mad Max." We spoke with the writers and got an exclusive five-page preview.

Brendan Hay Talks

Brendan Hay Talks "Eureka" Comics

On sale this week is "Eureka" #1 from BOOM! Studios, tying directly into the popular Sci Fi television series. CBR News caught up with writer Brendan Hay to talk about the comic book and thinking like a genius.

Caleb Monroe Talks “The Remnant”

Caleb Monroe Talks “The Remnant”

From the minds of Stephen Baldwin & Andrew Cosby, “The Remnant” finds a retired CIA agent at the heart of a great mystery. We spoke with scripter Caleb Monroe about the new BOOM! Studios series.

"Eureka" Coming to BOOM! Studios

BOOM! Studios, series co-creator Andrew Cosby and series star Ed "Nathan Stark" Quinn announced today that the company will be publishing a new comic book series based on the SciFi channel's hit show, "Eureka."

Stephen Baldwin & Andrew Cosby Create

Stephen Baldwin & Andrew Cosby Create "The Remnant" for BOOM!

Launching with a preview book exclusive to this month's Comic-Con International in San Diego, Stephen Baldwin & Andrew Cosby's "The Remnant" is a supernatural thriller in the vein of "24."