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Rick and Crew Show Their Distrust in Two New

Rick and Crew Show Their Distrust in Two New "Walking Dead" Clips

As Rick and his ragtag band of survivors enter Alexandria, their distrust of fellow man may prove to be too much for them in these new "The Walking Dead" clips.


COMIC REEL: "Walking Dead" Stars Talk Beardgate; Avengers Assemble In New "Age Of Ultron" Banners

Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus reveal the final fate of Rick's beard to "The Today Show"; the Vision gets a closeup in new banner and more.

Rick Predicts

Rick Predicts "We'll Be OK" in New "Walking Dead" Season 5 Trailer

With the midseason premiere of AMC's "The Walking Dead" nearly here, a new teaser features Rick Grimes making a dubious prediction.

"Walking Dead" Promo Teases Return And Head-On Collisions

The AMC zombie drama will feel like a totally new show when it returns in February, says actor Andrew Lincoln in the featurette.

NYCC: Devouring AMC's

NYCC: Devouring AMC's "Walking Dead"

One day ahead of the Season 5 premiere, Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Danai Gurira, and the "Walking Dead" crew met with fans to talk death and perseverance in the hit AMC show

"The Walking Dead" Cast & Crew Expound on Season Five

"The Walking Dead" creator Robert Kirkman, showrunner Scott Gimple and more discuss the critically acclaimed AMC series, and what's ahead in season five.

Andrew Lincoln Thinks

Andrew Lincoln Thinks "Walking Dead" Season 5 May Be 'Best Season Yet'

AMC has released behind the scenes footage and cast interviews promoting the October 12 debut of "The Walking Dead's" fifth season.

AMC Releases First Look at

AMC Releases First Look at "The Walking Dead" Season Five

A bloodied Rick Grimes features on AMC's first photo from the upcoming season of "The Walking Dead."

"The Walking Dead" Season Five Poster Proclaims "Survive"

AMC has released a new poster for "The Walking Dead" season five featuring Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes with a single word: "Survive."

Carl Takes Center Stage in New

Carl Takes Center Stage in New "Walking Dead" Poster

With "The Walking Dead" returning with new episodes on Feb. 9, a new poster featuring Carl and Rick Grimes advises "Don't Look Back."

REVIEW: Rick Hits New Lows in

REVIEW: Rick Hits New Lows in "Walking Dead" Season 4 Premiere

In "30 Days Without an Accident," the fourth season premiere of AMC's "The Walking Dead," Rick Grimes and his prison-mates battle monstrous zombies, fellow survivors, and stale storylines.


NYCC: AMC's "The Walking Dead" Shambles Through New York

Andrew Lincoln and the cast and producers of "The Walking Dead" journeyed to New York Comic Con 2013 to discuss the anticipated season premiere of the acclaimed AMC drama.


AMC's "The Walking Dead" Attacks the Red Carpet for Season 4

"The Walking Dead" Season 4 premieres Sunday and CBR visited the cast and crew on the red carpet to get the inside scoop on the new season's themes, what gory elements fans can look forward to.

AMC Releases

AMC Releases "The Walking Dead" Season Four Poster

Rick Grimes stands alone in the first official season four poster for AMC's "The Walking Dead," which returns to television October 13.


SDCC: "Walking Dead" Stars, Crew Tease Season 4 Developments, Romance

"Walking Dead" stars Andrew Lincoln and Chad Coleman, and producers Gale Anne Hurd and David Alpert discuss the road to be traveled in Season 4, deviating from the comic and Tyresse's long-tem survival prognosis.

SDCC 2013

SDCC 2013 "The Walking Dead" Banner Teases Season Four

AMC has released a special Comic-Con International 2013 banner featuring the main cast, teasing things to come -- including Michonne on a horse and more Tyreese.

"The Walking Dead" Cast Talks Season 3 at PaleyFest

CBR spoke with the cast and crew of "The Walking Dead" at PaleyFest, discusing the current status of Season 3, saying goodbye to both old and new characters and creating the best season finale yet.

"Walking Dead" Paleyfest Panel Discusses Rick's State of Mind, Defends Andrea's Decisions

The cast and crew of AMC's "The Walking Dead" gathered at Paleyfest, discussing Andrea's questionable choices, Rick's state of mind and whether Daryl and Carol will consummate their attraction for one another.

Nicotero & Gurira Discuss the Fates of Penny, Carol & Michonne In

Nicotero & Gurira Discuss the Fates of Penny, Carol & Michonne In "The Walking Dead"

Greg Nicotero and Danai Gurira offered up some insights into the Nov. 11 episode of "The Walking Dead," "Say The Word," where fans got to see some major moments from the comic book series come to life.

Andrew Lincoln and Gale Anne Hurd Discuss the New Rick Grimes on

Andrew Lincoln and Gale Anne Hurd Discuss the New Rick Grimes on "The Walking Dead"

CBR participated in a conference call with "Walking Dead" star Andrew Lincoln and executive producer Gale Anne Hurd where they detailed Rick Grimes' rocky path during the hit show's third season.


NYCC: AMC's "Walking Dead" Draws a Ravenous Crowd

Robert Kirkman and the cast of AMC's "The Walking Dead" played to a standing-room only crowd at New York Comic Con, discussing the hit series and hinting at what might be lurking over the horizon.

CBR TV: Walking the Dead Carpet - Introducing Michonne

CBR TV: Walking the Dead Carpet - Introducing Michonne

The cast and crew of "The Walking Dead" discuss the development of Rick and his team of survivors during Season Three, how the characters have grown and the introduction of fan-favorite Michonne.

CBR TV: Walking the Dead Carpet - Introducing Season Three

CBR TV: Walking the Dead Carpet - Introducing Season Three

"The Walking Dead" stars Michael Rooker, Norman Reedus, Lauren Cohen and more speak out about Season Three on the dead carpet, including character relationships and special effects.

CBR TV: Walking the Dead Carpet - Meet the Governor

CBR TV: Walking the Dead Carpet - Meet the Governor

CBR TV spoke with Robert Kirkman, Andrew Lincoln, David Morrissey and more on "The Walking Dead" dead carpet about the appearance of iconic villain The Governor in season three of the AMC hit series.

CCI: Kirkman and Lincoln Discuss

CCI: Kirkman and Lincoln Discuss "The Walking Dead's" Third Season

Creator Robert Kirkman and star Andrew Lincoln discuss showrunner Glen Mazzara's impact on "The Walking Dead," the quality of prison life, and if Rick Grimes is a good guy or a jerk.

CCI: AMC Debuts 4-Minute

CCI: AMC Debuts 4-Minute "Walking Dead" Season 3 Trailer

Continuing its Comic-Con International tradition for a third straight year, AMC has debuted an action-packed 4-minute trailer for the next season of "The Walking Dead" featuring Michonne, the Governor and more.

"The Walking Dead" Comic-Con Poster Boasts Michonne, Rick & Governor

AMC has released the official CCI 2012 poster for The Walking Dead that touts the hit drama’s convention presence while revealing new images of Rick Grimes, Michonne and The Governor.

"The Walking Dead" Looks Forward at PaleyFest 2011

Cast and Crew of AMC's "The Walking Dead" assembled at the 28th Annual William S. Paley Television Festival on Friday to tease aspects of the upcoming second season and their first zombie encounters.

"Walking Dead" Numbers Rise

With its fifth episode, the AMC adaptation of Robert Kirkman and company's Image comic earns its highest ratings yet, bucking trends and possibly expectations to make "The Walking Dead" the hit of the year.

"Walking Dead" Ratings Remain Strong

With its fourth episode, AMC's adaptation of "The Walking Dead" showed a slight decline in overall numbers, but the show continues its stellar showing in a crowded cable landscape.

"Walking Dead" Rises In Ratings

With its third episode, AMC's adaptation of "The Walking Dead" showed a dramatic ratings boost, pointing the way towards a very favorable reception for Robert Kirkman and company's stories on the small screen.

"Walking Dead" Earns High Ratings, Second Season

Riding a wave of buzz from its U.S. debut, the AMC adaptation of Robert Kirkman and company's Image comic broke records for international audiences and has already been given a 13-episode second season.

The CBR Review:

The CBR Review: "The Walking Dead: Guts"

"Guts," the second episode of AMC's "The Walking Dead," introduces more of the ensemble cast and injects humor into the show, providing a more satisfying result for fans of the comic book and zombies in general.


SPINOFF: AMC Streams "Walking Dead" Premiere

For those who missed the beginning of the zombie apocalypse on Halloween, AMC is streaming the first episode of "The Walking Dead" in its entirety for a limited time. SPINOFF has the video and details.

"Walking Dead" A Ratings Smash

With 5.3 million viewers, the AMC adaptation of Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard's zombie epic netted the biggest audience in the network's history and the biggest cable debut of the year.

Keep Up With

Keep Up With "The Walking Dead"

With the AMC television series debuting this weekend, CBR wants to make sure you're up to date with all of our "Walking Dead" coverage, so click here to shamble along with all of our interviews, previews and reviews!

SPINOFF: Watch a Full Scene from

SPINOFF: Watch a Full Scene from "The Walking Dead"

To whet our appetites for the Sunday premiere of "The Walking Dead," AMC has released a sneak peek at a full scene from the first episode. SPINOFF ONLINE has the video.


SPINOFF REVIEW: "The Walking Dead"

SPINOFF reviews the pilot episode of "The Walking Dead," calling the series premiere a success thanks to brilliant performances from Andrew Lincoln and Lennie James, not to mention Greg Nicotero's zombie effects.


CBR At "The Walking Dead" Premiere

Cast, crew and the undead converged in Hollywood for the premiere of AMC's "The Walking Dead," where the series creator was in attendance, stars lined up for photos and zombies lumbered down the red carpet.

"The Walking Dead" Infects The World

On Tuesday, zombie hordes struck a number of the world's most iconic and famous landmarks. In Boston, Massachusetts, not even Rick Grimes himself could save the Washington Monument from the shambling undead.