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CCI: Jock's

CCI: Jock's "Losers" Poster Leaked

CBR News has acquired a copy of the promotional poster for "The Losers," featuring art by the Vertigo series' co-creator, Jock. Copies of the poster will be given away at Comic-Con International this weekend.

WWPhilly: Simons on Daredevil's New Direction

WWPhilly: Simons on Daredevil's New Direction

This fall a new creative team takes over “Daredevil,” but before that DD has to survive the events of “Daredevil” #500. Editor Warren Simons told us about this issue, the new team and gave us an exclusive 8-page preview of #119.

PRESS RELEASE: "Thunderbolts" #128 sells out before it hits stores



CBR talks with “Thunderbolts” writer Andy Diggle about what readers can expect now that the team has become Norman Osborn's clandestine kill-squad, and we also preview exclusive artwork by Roberto De la Torre!

CCI: Diggle and Rosemann Talk

CCI: Diggle and Rosemann Talk "Thunderbolts"

Starting this November, changes are in stores for Marvel Comics' "Thunderbolts." CBR News spoke with new writer Andy Diggle and Editor Bill Rosemann about their plans for the villainous book.