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DC Unveils Alternate Cast of

DC Unveils Alternate Cast of "Flashpoint"

As part of their regular "Flashpoint Friday," DC Comics is revealing character designs for the alternate heroes of the series starting with Jim Lee's mysterious Element Woman. UPDATE: Who is Kubert's ferocious feline?

"Flashpoint" Adds "Reverse Flash" And More

As part of its massive "Flashpoint Friday" promotion, DC Comics today announced eight mini series and four one-shots including "Reverse Flash," "Green Arrow Industries," "Grodd of War" and much, much more.


Rebranding "The Kubert School"

The legendary comics art family of Joe, Adam and Andy Kubert explain the current changes to their art school, from its new name to its redesigned website and how those elements reflect the school's 35 years of history.

DC Debuts

DC Debuts "Flashpoint" #1 Cover

As a kicker to the week and their own "Flashpoint Friday" moves, DC Comics has let loose the first Andy Kubert cover for the incoming Geoff Johns-written event series.

DC Unveils Five

DC Unveils Five "Flashpoint" Icons

As possible tie-ins to DC's 14 support mini series for Geoff Johns' next event, the alternate lives of heroes and villains from Cyborg to Deathstroke are hinted at in the latest "Flashpoint" icons.

DC Announces 14

DC Announces 14 "Flashpoint" Titles

In support of Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert's upcoming five-issue event series "Flashpoint," DC Comics has announced titles for 14 tie-in mini series though creators details remain scarce for the "Whatever Happened?" style stories.


PREVIEW: "The Return of Bruce Wayne" #6

DC Comics has released a preview of "Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne" #6 by Grant Morrison and Lee Garbett. The final chapter in the Bat-saga hits Wednesday, November 10, with covers by Andy Kubert and Garbett.

Kubert Teases

Kubert Teases "Flashpoint"

Andy Kubert spoke with CBR News about "Flashpoint," the 2011 Flash-centric mega event he's illustrating for DC Comics, and discussed Dan DiDio's musings about his desire to see Kubert draw a Damian Wayne mini.


PREVIEW: "The Return of Bruce Wayne" #4

DC Comics has released a preview of "The Return of Bruce Wayne" #4 by Grant Morrison and Georges Jeanty. The Dark Knight's trip to the Wild West hits Wednesday, July 28 with an Andy Kubert cover.


REVIEW: "DCU: Legacies" #1

Doug Zawisza reviewed "DC Universe: Legacies" #1 and gave the Len Wein written issue 4.5 stars saying the issue, featuring art by Scott Kolins, Andy and Joe Kubert and J.G. Jones, "is a smart beginning for this series."

Wein Explores DC's History in

Wein Explores DC's History in "Legacies"

DC Comics has announced a new series entitled "Legacies" that will explore the DC Universe from its earliest beginnings to modern day. CBR has the first exclusive interview with "Legacies" writer, industry veteran Len Wein.

Pipeline - 4/7/2009

Pipeline - 4/7/2009

Sure, he writes "The Incredibles" and "Irredeemable" today, but 12 years ago Mark Waid toiled in the coal mines writing "Ka-Zar" for Marvel Comics. Guess what? It's a hidden gem. Augie extols its virtues this week.

TRINGENUITY 24: Trinity Commentary

TRINGENUITY 24: Trinity Commentary

A message from the past gives the heroes of the world insight into the new powers they face in last week’s “Trinity,” while John Stewart’s own new powers bring him some unwanted attention from Krona.

Meltzer Bridges Final Crisis with “Last Will and Testament”

Meltzer Bridges Final Crisis with “Last Will and Testament”

Best-selling novelist and comics writer Brad Meltzer discusses “DC Universe: Last Will and Testament,” the “Final Crisis” tie-in one-shot that sees DC's heroes on "the last night before the battle that will end it all."