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EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: "Samurai Jack" # 12

Aku tries to exploit Jack's unexpected new flaw in Jim Zub, Andy Suriano and Ethen Beaver's "Samurai Jack" #12, on sale September 24 from IDW.


EXCL. PREVIEW: "Samurai Jack" #11 is Determined to Go Home

The fearless warrior Samurai Jack must find a way back to the past, but that comes with a price in Jim Zub & Andy Suriano's "Samurai Jack" #11.

EXCL. PREVIEW: Zub & Suriano Go Silent in

EXCL. PREVIEW: Zub & Suriano Go Silent in "Samurai Jack" #8

IDW presents an exclusive look at this week's special "Samurai Jack" #8, a silent issue by Jim Zub and Jack character designer Andy Suriano.


ECCC: IDW's "Super Secret Crisis War" with Zub, Simonson, Charm & More

IDW discussed plans for "Super Secret Crisis War," its Cartoon Network crossover, with tie-ins featuring "Johnny Bravo," "Cow and Chicken" and "Samurai Jack."

EXCL PREVIEW: Jack Battles Aku in Zub & Suriano's

EXCL PREVIEW: Jack Battles Aku in Zub & Suriano's "Samurai Jack" #5

After defeating opponents of all stripes, only one Thread of Time remains. Find out if Jack can defeat Aku in Jim Zub & Andy Suriano's "Samurai Jack" #5.

"Skullkickers'" Jim Zub Takes a Stab at IDW's "Samurai Jack"

Cartoon Network's "Samurai Jack" in a new series from IDW and writer Jim Zub reveals details about his first story, how he pitched it, assesses the success of his "Skullkickers" #1 strategy and more.

Andy Suriano Pages

Andy Suriano Pages "Doc Bizarre, M.D."

Artist Andy Suriano put on the latex gloves to explain the ins and outs of his and co-creator Joe Casey's new Image graphic novel "Doc Bizarre, M.D." while sharing some exclusive pages.

PRESS RELEASE: Image & Joe Casey Prescribe "Doc Bizarre, M.D."

CCI: Casey & Suriano Talk

CCI: Casey & Suriano Talk "Doc Bizarre, M.D."

The creative team behind "Charlatan Ball" is at it again with an all-new series titled "Doc Bizarre, M.D." CBR News caught up with Joe Casey and Andy Suriano for an exclusive chat about all things "Bizarre."

Casey & Suriano Throw a

Casey & Suriano Throw a "Charlatan Ball" at Image

What happens when a bottom rung stage magician finds himself in a crazy realm where magic is very real? What doesn’t happen? Joe Casey and Andy Suriano answer those questions and more in Image's "Charlatan Ball."