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ADVANCE REVIEW: Manning & Wieszczyk's

ADVANCE REVIEW: Manning & Wieszczyk's "Interesting Drug"

Shaun Manning & Anna Wieszczyk's "Interesting Drug" "defies time constraints and offers readers an imaginative escape."

Shaun Manning Goes On A Strange Trip With

Shaun Manning Goes On A Strange Trip With "Interesting Drug"

Writer Shaun Manning asks the question of what happens if a narcotic can induce time travel in his and artist Anna Wieszczyk's "Interesting Drug."

PRESS RELEASE: Archaia and Before the Door Reveal Final Cover to "Lucid" #1

Quinto & McMillian Get

Quinto & McMillian Get "Lucid"

In the first comics project from his Before The Door Pictures for Archaia, "Heroes" star Zachary Quinto enlists "True Blood" actor Michael McMillian for a spy-fi magic tale set in an alternate version of America.