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PRESS RELEASE: Top Cow Extends First Round of "Pilot Season" Voting

PRESS RELEASE: Top Cow's 2011 "Pilot Season" is On the Air

CCI: Top Cow Announces

CCI: Top Cow Announces "Darkness" Movie, New "Witchblade" Team and 2011's Pilot Season

Top Cow's panel at Comic-Con International covered everything from film adaptations to new creative teams and the announcement of 8 new titles for this year's Pilot Season.

CCI EXCLUSIVE: McElroy Makes a Killing With

CCI EXCLUSIVE: McElroy Makes a Killing With "Anonymous"

Top Cow's' Pilot Season includes a tale of an assassin gone good by screenwriter Alan McElroy, who spoke exclusively to CBR News about redeeming a coldblooded gun for hire.