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CCI: Archaia's Henson Company Panel

CCI: Archaia's Henson Company Panel

Archaia and the Jim Henson Company talked about upcoming titles including "The Dark Crystal," more "Fraggle Rock," and a comic adaptation of an unproduced Jim Henson screenplay at Comic-Con.

CCI: Archaia and Zachary Quinto Have

CCI: Archaia and Zachary Quinto Have "Lucid" Dreams

Archaia comics spotlighted writer Michael McMillian's new project "Lucid" at Comic-Con International. It's the first of two planned books with actor Zachary Quinto and Before the Door.

CCI: Archaia Returns to

CCI: Archaia Returns to "Fraggle Rock"

Archaia Comics announced the release of the second volume of the popular all ages series during CCI and Editor-in-Chief Stephen Christy spoke with CBR about all the fun and friendly stories yet to come.

CCI EXCLUSIVE: Archaia Tells Henson's

CCI EXCLUSIVE: Archaia Tells Henson's "Tale of Sand"

Archaia and the Jim Henson Company unite to tell a never-before-seen story written over 40 years ago by Jim Henson himself. We spoke with Lisa Henson and Stephen Christy about the book.

PRESS RELEASE: Archaia and Jim Henson Company Announce OGN Written by Henson and Jerry Juhl

PRESS RELEASE: Five Cover Artists on 'Days Missing: Kestus' Announced


CCI: "Cyclops" Comes to America

The French graphic novel by writer Matz and artist Luc Jacamon hits American audiences courtesy of Archaia Studios and Matz spoke with CBR News about bringing his futuristic war-based title to the U.S.

CCI: Fogler Takes Readers to

CCI: Fogler Takes Readers to "Moon Lake"

Actor Dan Fogler joins with Archaia and a host of collaborators to launch "Moon Lake," a new anthological graphic novel that explores the more supernaturally scary and mind-bendingly hilarious side of comics.

PRESS RELEASE: Archaia Announces San Diego Comic-Con Signing and Appearance Schedule

PRESS RELEASE: Archaia and Fantasy Prone's "Syndrome" Has a Hardcover Cure

PRESS RELEASE: Archaia Panels at Comic-Con

PRESS RELEASE: Archaia to Host Five Panels at Comic-Con International

CBR TV: Zachary Quinto Takes Over

CBR TV: Zachary Quinto Takes Over

From the CBR TV vaults comes this previously unseen gem from last summer's CCI featuring actor Zachary Quinto taking over the show and interviewing Victor Quinaz and Michael McMillian about their Archaia titles.

Days Missing and Non-Serial Series

Days Missing and Non-Serial Series

Over at ROBOT 6, Michael May looks at Archaia and Roddenberry’s "Days Missing" series, and asks fans for suggestions of self-contained adventure stories.

PRESS RELEASE: Archaia and Before the Door Reveal Final Cover to "Lucid" #1

PRESS RELEASE: "Days Missing" Vol. 2 to Premiere at Comic-Con

Quinto & McMillian Get

Quinto & McMillian Get "Lucid"

In the first comics project from his Before The Door Pictures for Archaia, "Heroes" star Zachary Quinto enlists "True Blood" actor Michael McMillian for a spy-fi magic tale set in an alternate version of America.

Sheikman Deciphers “Legends of the Guard”

Sheikman Deciphers “Legends of the Guard”

“Robotika” creator Alex Sheikman gives CBR News a little perspective on what it’s like playing in David Petersen’s world of “Mouse Guard.” The first issue of Archaia's "Legends of the Guard" anthology series is on sale now.

Dragoon and Myler Head to

Dragoon and Myler Head to "Fraggle Rock"

Writer Leigh Dragoon and artist Jake Myler spoke with CBR News about channeling childhood memories of the beloved television series into the perfect Fraggle tale for Archaia's second "Fraggle Rock" issue.

PRESS RELEASE: "Fraggle Rock" #1 Sells Out at the Distributor Level

PRESS RELEASE: Archaia Announces Free Comic Book Day 2010 Signings

PRESS RELEASE: The Comic Bug Announces FCBD Plans

C2E2: Archaia

C2E2: Archaia

At Chicago's C2E2, Archaia discussed their present and future in the digital world of comics and announced an all new brand extension banner. Black Label, specifically dedicated to Hollywood partnership titles.

C2E2: Robot's Saturday Report

C2E2: Robot's Saturday Report

Robot 6's Michael May takes you on a tour of what was to see and do at C2E2 on Saturday, including highlights from Archaia's presentation, the Women in Comics panel, and, of course, pictures of cosplayers.

C2E2: Archaia Identifies A New

C2E2: Archaia Identifies A New "Syndrome"

Writers Daniel Quantz and R.J. Ryan talked with CBR about their new original graphic novel that explores the root of evil and explained how they prepared for their stroll into the criminal mind and the human condition.

PRESS RELEASE: Red Fraggle to Make Live Appearance with Sam Humphries and Jeremy Love on Free Comic Book Day

WC10: Archaia

WC10: Archaia

Archaia was out in force at WonderCon 2010, where Stephen Christy and Mel Caylo, joined by many of the publisher's writers and artists, discussed upcoming projects, from "Fraggle Rock" to Mouse Guard" and beyond.

PRESS RELEASE: Archaia Announces Wondercon Plans

PRESS RELEASE: Archaia Announces 'Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard'

David Petersen and the Future of

David Petersen and the Future of "Mouse Guard"

"Mouse Guard" creator David Petersen spoke with CBR News about "Black Axe" and "Legends of the Guard" while teasing some information about the future of the series and a much-anticipated update on the Mouse Guard film.

Archaia Returns to

Archaia Returns to "Fraggle Rock"

Creators Heather White, Jeffery Brown and Katie Cook all dance their cares away and leave their worries for another day as they discuss their involvement with Archaia's newest ongoing series, "Fraggle Rock."

PRESS RELEASE: Archaia Going to a Third Printing of 'Mouse Guard Vol. 1: Fall 1152'

PRESS RELEASE: Archaia and Jim Henson Company Announce First Fraggle Rock Comics

PRESS RELEASE: Archaia Distributes "Days Missing" Digitally Exclusively on iVerse

PRESS RELEASE: David Petersen Signing at London's Forbidden Planet

Archaia Forecasts

Archaia Forecasts "Titanium Rain"

"Titanium Rain" writer/artist Josh Finney gives CBR the details on his book, and how the traumatic experience of being shot added to the story's process. Plus: read the entire first issue online, now!

LBCC: Digital Distribution

LBCC: Digital Distribution

At the Archaia hosted panel in Long Beach, the publisher and LongBox provide some details and hints concerning big announcements fans can look forward to from digital comic book distribution side of the industry.

LBCC: The Archaia Panel

LBCC: The Archaia Panel

Archaia's panel at the Long Beach Comic-Con was an eventful one, full of news about "Mouse Guard," "Fraggle Rock," the company's new partnership with Before the Door Pictures, their Kindle graphic novel, "Tumor," and more

A Walk Through

A Walk Through "Gunnerkrigg Court"

CBR News speaks with Tom Siddell, creator of the popular fantasy/adventure webcomic, "Gunnerkrigg Court," which is releasing it's second hardcover collection this November, courtesy of Archaia.

McCann's & Lee's

McCann's & Lee's "The Return of the Dapper Men"

Jim McCann is penning his first OGN with artist Janet Lee at Archaia where they prepare readers for a forecast of cloudy with a chance of raining Dapper Men. CBR News spoke with McCann & Lee about their modern fairy tale.