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Archaia Studios Press: Back in Business

Archaia Studios Press: Back in Business

ASP returns to a full publishing schedule in June, following a year of restructuring. CBR News spoke with the Archaia staff for an update on when fans will see more "Mouse Guard," "The Killer" and more.

PRESS RELEASE: Archaia Names Stephen Christy As Director of Development

PRESS RELEASE: Archaia Press returns with new "Mouse Guard" and more

David Petersen Talks

David Petersen Talks "Mouse Guard" Return

After a lengthy delay, "Mouse Guard: Winter 1152" will finally see release this week. CBR News sat down for a quick chat with creator David Petersen about not just the new issue, but also the official Mouse Guard ballad!

Archaia Studios Press To Be Acquired by Kunoichi, Inc., Not Devil's Due

Archaia Studios Press To Be Acquired by Kunoichi, Inc., Not Devil's Due

Devil's Due confirmed for CBR News they are not purchasing "Mouse Guard" publisher Archaia Studios Press -- but someone else is, and ASP's creator contract is changing as well.

"Gunnerkrigg Court" - The "Harriet Potter" of Webcomics

Neil Gaiman's favorite webcomic series comes to a bookstore near you courtesy of Archaia Studios Press. CBR speaks with creator Tom Siddell about "Gunnerkrigg Court."

PRESS RELEASE: "Mouse Guard" wins Book of the Year Award

Chandra Free talks

Chandra Free talks "The God Machine"

Death can't stand in the way of true love in Archaia Studios Press new series, "The God Machine." Creator Chandra Free talks about her humorous dark fantasy book, its innovative artwork, and its philosophy about death.

PRESS RELEASE: Archaia Studios Press update on restructuring, delays

Petersen talks

Petersen talks "Mouse Guard" Role-Playing Game

"Mouse Guard" creator David Petersen talks to CBR News about the new role- playing game based on his hit comic book, and updates readers on the status of the eagerly awaited conclusion to "Winter 1152."

PRESS RELEASE: ASP title "Artesia" now available on WOWIO.com

PRESS RELEASE: ASP announces NYCC booth signing schedule

PRESS RELEASE: ASP announces "Mouse Guard" RPG, new comic titles

PRESS RELEASE: ASP's "Awakening" recieves four Eagle Award nominations