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Lepp Polishes

Lepp Polishes "Rust"

Creator Royden Lepp spoke with CBR about his newest book from Archaia, his experience as an old-school animator and his excitement over the upcoming "Rust" film.

PRESS RELEASE: Archaia to Publish English-Language Version of Marjane Satrapi's "The Sigh"

CBR TV @ CCI: Michael McMillian's

CBR TV @ CCI: Michael McMillian's "True Blood" Role Moves from TV to Comics

"True Blood" actor Michael McMillian came aboard the CBR Yacht at CCI to discuss his role on the hit HBO show and how his comic writing on "Lucid" led him to write "True Blood: Tainted Love."

Perez tells Jim Henson's

Perez tells Jim Henson's "A Tale of Sand"

Artist Ramón Perez gave CBR an artist's account of adapting the un-filmed '70s Jim Henson screenplay and how all readers will be able to relate to the upcoming graphic novel adaptation.

CCI: The Gritty Gods of Archaia's

CCI: The Gritty Gods of Archaia's "Immortals"

This September, Archaia releases "Immortals: Gods and Heroes," a companion anthology to the upcoming film by Tarsem Singh, and the creators were on hand at CCI to talk about the book.

CBR TV: Nate Cosby on

CBR TV: Nate Cosby on "Pigs," "Storyteller," All-Ages Comics & More

Nate Cosby discusses his freelance writing career, experiences as a Marvel Comics editor, his passion for all-ages comics, working on “Jim Henson’s Storyteller” at Archaia Comics and much more.

Looking At Archaia's Eisner Nods

Looking At Archaia's Eisner Nods

CBR News investigates the nomination process for the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards, which has drawn scrutiny this year over a potential conflict of interest among the judging panel.

PRESS RELEASE: Archaia Entertainment Signs with PGW

PRESS RELEASE: Archaia to Publish "Planet of the Apes" Illustrated Prose Novels

Archaia Joins comiXology with

Archaia Joins comiXology with "Days Missing"

Gene Rodenberry's "Days Missing" graphic novel series is now available as a digital comic through a new deal forged between Archaia Entertainment and comiXology.

PRESS RELEASE: Zachary Quinto to Sign "Lucid" vol. 1 at Midtown Comics

PRESS RELEASE: Archaia Names Mike Kennedy as Publisher

WC11: Archaia Comics Presents 2011 and Beyond

WC11: Archaia Comics Presents 2011 and Beyond

Last weekend at Wondercon, Archaia Comics sat down with fans to discuss the "Immortals" anthology, "The Dark Crystal," Jim Henson's "A Tale of Sand," "Mr. Murder is Dead," and more.

WC11: Cosby Helms

WC11: Cosby Helms "Jim Henson's The Storyteller"

Writer/editor Nate Cosby spoke exclusively with CBR about the 100-page "Jim Henson's The Storyteller" he is producing and editing for Archaia featuring work by Roger Langridge, Janet Lee, Marjorie Liu and more.

WC11: Milonogiannis Crafts

WC11: Milonogiannis Crafts "Old City Blues"

Looking to the year 2028, Archaia's newest OGN, "Old City Blues," tells a tale of police, robots and cyborgs in New Athens. CBR News spoke with creator Giannis Milonogiannis about the project.

PRESS RELEASE: Archaia Debuts "Mouse Guard/The Dark Crystal" FCBD Covers

Archaia's 2011 Angoulême Report

Archaia's 2011 Angoulême Report

Archaia Comics founder Mark Smylie shared his impressions of and lessons learned during his recent visit France and the 2011 Angoulême festival, the world's largest celebration of comic books and their creators.

PRESS RELEASE: C2E2 Announces Major Exhibitors, Downtown Shuttle Service

Chandler Spins a Tale of

Chandler Spins a Tale of "Skrumps"

The newest additions to the Henson family, the Skrumps get their debut one-shot from Archaia this April. Creator John Chandler told CBR how the Skrumps made it to comics and what to expect from the upcoming issue.

Rostan and Valeza Deliver “An Elegy for Amelia Johnson”

Rostan and Valeza Deliver “An Elegy for Amelia Johnson”

Writer/Creator Andrew Rostan and artist Dave Valeza talk their upcoming black and white graphic novel from Archaia and how it strikes a chord with the average reader. With exclusive art!

Matz & Jacamon Envision Future War in

Matz & Jacamon Envision Future War in "Cyclops"

"The Killer" team of writer Matz and artist Luc Jacamon return with a new science fiction series about the future of warfare in a new series out from Archaia. CBR News spoke with them about "Cyclops."

Archaia on

Archaia on "Dapper Men," "Mouse Guard" sellouts

What does it mean when a title sells out? ROBOT 6 talks to Archaia’s editor-in-chief and three creators about "Return of the Dapper Men" and "Mouse Guard" blowing through their first printings.

Petersen Forges

Petersen Forges "The Black Axe"

We spoke with "Mouse Guard" creator David Peterson who hinted at surprises in store in "The Black Axe," some familiar faces readers might see and a look at his organizational process, keeping it all in continuity.

PRESS RELEASE: "Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard" Vol. 1 Sells Out

PRESS RELEASE: "Return of the Dapper Men" Sells Out at Distributor Level


REVIEW: "Return of the Dapper Men"

Doug Zawisza gave Archaia's "Return of the Dapper Men" a rare 5 star review saying of Jim McCann and Janet Lee's original graphic novel, "Five stars does not do this book much in the way of true justice."

Talking Comics with Janet K. Lee

Talking Comics with Janet K. Lee

ROBOT 6's Tim O' Shea spoke with "Dapper Men" artist Janet K. Lee about hers and writer Jim McCann's new graphic novel, her unique approach to creating art for the project, her future projects and more.


Fialkov's "Tumor" Lands Indie Movie Deal

As part and parcel of brand new indie production shingle Red Crown, Joshua Hale Fialkov and Noel Tuazon's Archaia graphic novel "Tumor" is on track for the Hollywood treatment by the director of "Nightmare On Elm Street."

NYCC: Archaia's Black Label Panel

NYCC: Archaia's Black Label Panel

Archaia hosted one of NYCC's craziest panels in a session which featured action figures, big announcements about their Black Label line and a brief lesson about how much trouble two men and one goat can cause.

NYCC '10: The

NYCC '10: The "BleedOut" Begins

Archaia E-i-C Stephen Christy spills on the recently announced upcoming anthology "BleedOut" featuring a plethora of creative talent that explores the consequences found in eliminating an everyday commodity.

PRESS RELEASE: Archaia Ends 2010 Convention Season in Style at New York Comic Con

Petersen & Dysart Discuss

Petersen & Dysart Discuss "Mouse Guard"

Series creator David Petersen sat down with Joshua Dysart at the West Hollywood Book Fair to discuss the origins, influences and future of his Eisner Award-winning comic book, "Mouse Guard."

PRESS RELEASE: "Mouse Guard" Creator David Petersen to Sign at Comic Bug

PRESS RELEASE: Tim Gunn to Write Foreword for "Return of the Dapper Men:

CBR TV: Jim McCann

CBR TV: Jim McCann

Writer Jim McCann stopped by CBR TV to discuss his ongoing Marvel series, "Hawkeye and Mockingbird," and his new creator-owned original graphic novel "The Return of the Dapper Men" published by Archaia.

PRESS RELEASE: "Return of the Dapper Men" Pin-up Artists Revealed

EXCLUSIVE: Skottie Young's

EXCLUSIVE: Skottie Young's "Dapper Men" Art

In anticipation of October's release of Jim McCann's "Return of the Dapper Men" OGN featuring art by Janet Lee, Archaia has provided an exclusive look at a "Dapper" pin-up by artist Skottie Young.

Seeing Inside

Seeing Inside "Syndrome"

Artist David Marquez gave CBR an inside look at his just-published Archaia graphic novel "Syndrome," guiding readers through the process used to draw the story of a serial killer and the scientific root of evil.

Fogler Takes a Trip to

Fogler Takes a Trip to "Moon Lake"

Actor/director/creator Dan Fogler spoke with CBR about creating "Moon Lake," Archaia Comics' new horror pulp collection filled with irreverent humor, amazing stories and one fat Hitchcockian demon narrator.

PRESS RELEASE: Archaia Announces "Moon Lake" Horror Anthology