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"Arrow" Recap: Oliver Queen Questions His Mission In "The Offer"

Ollie mulls Ra's Al Ghul's stunning proposition as new the new villain Murmur emerges to take revenge against Starling City's police force.

"Arrow" Cast on Oliver's Demonic Bargain, Ray Palmer's Heroics & Caity Lotz's Return

With the offer for Ollie to succeed Ra's al Ghul on the table, the world of "Arrow" just got even more complicated.

COMIC REEL: T.J. Miller Reveals

COMIC REEL: T.J. Miller Reveals "Deadpool" Role; "Lucifer" Actor Gets Recast

The "Silicon Valley" actor hinted he may be playing Weasel in the Merc's movie; Fox's adaptation of the Vertigo drama finds a new Maze and more.

"The Flash's" Dominic Purcell Joins "Arrow"/"Flash" Spinoff

Purcell, who played Heat Wave in "The Flash," will star alongside Wentworth Miller, his fellow Rogue Captain Cold, among others.

COMIC REEL: Momoa Sends Marvel A Message; Reynolds Talks

COMIC REEL: Momoa Sends Marvel A Message; Reynolds Talks "Deadpool's" "Devotion" To Canon

Jason Momoa addresses "DC haters" with two words; Ryan Reynolds reveals why he thinks "critical fanboys" will embrace "Deadpool" and more.

Guggenheim Teases Lazarus Pit's

Guggenheim Teases Lazarus Pit's "Arrow" Debut

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim reveals that Ra's al Ghul's Lazarus Pit will play a part in "Arrow's" return episode, "The Offer."

Berlanti Discusses New

Berlanti Discusses New "Flash"/"Arrow" Spinoff Details, Robbie Amell's Absence

Executive producer Greg Berlanti opens up about the upcoming "Flash"/"Arrow" spinoff.

Wells Promises

Wells Promises "The Flash" Will Die In New Trailer For Upcoming Episodes

With the first season of "The Flash" nearing its close, a two-minute clip contains plenty of enticing teases, including a threat from Harrison Wells.

Ra's al Ghul is Coming in New

Ra's al Ghul is Coming in New "Arrow" Trailer

Oliver Queen's day of reckoning approaches in this new "Arrow" trailer that teases the rest of season three.

COMIC REEL: Kirkman Talks

COMIC REEL: Kirkman Talks "Walking Dead" Spinoff's Timeline; New "Powers" Promo Images Revealed

Robert Kirkman reveals how "Walking Dead's" spinoff will tie into to the hit series; Retro Girl takes the lead in new "Powers" images and more.

"The Flash" Showrunners Say Wally West Could Be Coming Next Season

Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg talk the future of the hit show, plus watch the entire PaleyFest 2015 "Arrow" and "The Flash" panels.

"I'd Make Felicity Smoak the New Oracle" & More I'Ds of March

Each Ides of March, CSBG celebrates with ideas that they would try out in comics, like having "Arrow's" Felicity Smoak become Batman's new Oracle.


CW's "Arrow"/"Flash" Spinoff, and the Mystery of the Missing Monikers

"The Traveler?" "Female Warrior?" "Mystery Hero?" ROBOT 6 tries to figure out which DC characters we should expect in the new TV series.

EXCL. PREVIEW: Oliver Searches for Felicity in

EXCL. PREVIEW: Oliver Searches for Felicity in "Arrow: Season 2.5" #15

Oliver Queen will stop at nothing to save Felicity Smoak in the new digital first chapter by Marc Guggenheim, Szymon Kudranski & Joe Bennett.

COMIC REEL: Whedon Reveals Spader's

COMIC REEL: Whedon Reveals Spader's "Weirdest" "Avengers" Experience; "Lucifer" Adds Woodside, Harris

Joss Whedon talks working with James Spader on "Age of Ultron"; Fox's Vertigo drama adds D.B. Woodside and Rachael Harris and more.

Diggle Gets Married, Oliver and The Atom Face Off in New

Diggle Gets Married, Oliver and The Atom Face Off in New "Arrow" Photos

The CW has released 19 new images from upcoming "Arrow" episode "Suicidal Tendencies," including Oliver and the Atom going head to head.

"Arrow" Faces Front With New Poster Heralding Oliver Queen's Return

The CW has released a new image of the archer teasing "Arrow's" return to their lineup after a monthlong hiatus.

COMIC REEL: Ritter Appears In

COMIC REEL: Ritter Appears In "AKA Jessica Jones" Set Photos; "iZombie" Parody Sells Easy Brains Oven

Krysten Ritter sports scrapes on "Jones'" NYC set; the CW released a new "Working Dead" promo for the upcoming zombie show and more.

The CW Announces Season Finale Dates for

The CW Announces Season Finale Dates for "The Flash," "Arrow"

The CW's two DC Comics-based series will see their season finales arrive a week apart from each other.

COMIC REEL: Colter Talks Cage's

COMIC REEL: Colter Talks Cage's "Jessica Jones" Role; Lotz Discusses Sara Lance's Inclusion On "Arrow" Spinoff

Mike Colter gives a rundown on Luke Cage's powers; Caity Lotz teases her involvement on the CW's new "Arrow"-verse show and more.

Character Descriptions Revealed For

Character Descriptions Revealed For "Arrow"/"Flash" Spinoff

New casting info sheds light on the heroes that will team up with Firestorm, Canary and the Atom in the potential CW series.


COMIC REEL: "Suicide Squad's" Enchantress Blows Brains Out; Bebop & Rocksteady Join "Ninja Turtles"

David Ayer offers up a first look at Enchantress, a pair of dimwitted villains challenges the TMNT, characters exit and arrive in "Gotham" and more.

"Arrow's" Stephen Amell Recalls His Near Wardrobe Malfunction

Following the debut of Melissa Benoist's Supergirl costume, Amell took to Facebook to recount how his first official photoshoot almost went wrong.

Guggenheim, Butters on

Guggenheim, Butters on "Agent Carter's" Future, "Arrow's" Rogues & More

Tara Butters hints at "Marvel's Agent Carter" Season 2 plans, while Marc Guggenheim talks DC's Harley Quinn, Onomatopoeia on "Arrow," and much more.

COMIC REEL: Winnick Talks

COMIC REEL: Winnick Talks "Captain Marvel"; Highmore Would "Love To Be Considered" For Spider-Man

Katheryn Winnick gives her thoughts about possibly playing Carol Danvers; Freddie Highmore dissects Spider-Man's character and more.


New "Arrow" Synopsis Promises a Wedding and the Suicide Squad

In "Suicidal Tendencies," Diggle and Lyla's honeymoon is interrupted by the last person either would like to see on their special day.


COMIC REEL: "Age Of Ultron" Video Looks Inside Hawkeye's Quiver; "Agents Of SHIELD" Launches Web Series

"Avengers" behind-the-scenes clips feature chats with Joss Whedon, Jeremy Renner; web series tries to expose "S.H.I.E.L.D." secrets and more.

18 New Photos Released from

18 New Photos Released from "Arrow" Return Episode, "The Offer"

"Arrow" returns in two weeks to The CW, and here's an early look at "The Offer," which features the debut of DC Comics villain Murmur.

COMIC REEL: Renner Teases Hawkeye's

COMIC REEL: Renner Teases Hawkeye's "Winter Soldier" Whereabouts; Possible "Daredevil" Villain Revealed

Jeremy Renner says an "awesome" Hawkeye reveal is in "Avengers: Age of Ultron"; a classic Daredevil foe may be headed to Netflix and more.


New "Arrow" Villain Teased, Stephen Amell Hypes an Emotional Goodbye

It's another two weeks before a new "Arrow" episode airs, but that doesn't mean there isn't stuff to talk about surrounding the CW series.


COMIC REEL: New "Age Of Ultron" Promo Teases Widow, Hulk Moment; Amell Posts Mysterious "Arrow" Photo

Marvel has released a teaser for the next full "Avengers: Age of Ultron" trailer; Stephen Amell sports a shiny accessory in new picture and more.

COMIC REEL: Momoa Talks Aquaman In

COMIC REEL: Momoa Talks Aquaman In "Batman V Superman"; Gregg On "SHIELD's" Inhuman Addition

Jason Momoa reveals his reaction to the first Aquaman photo; Clark Gregg discusses the Inhumans' impact on the Marvel series and more.

3 More Heroes for the

3 More Heroes for the "Arrow"/"Flash" Spinoff

With more unannounced superheroes expected to join the in-development series, here's a list of who we want to see suit up.

"Arrow" Behind-the-Scenes Featurette Shows How Ra's al Ghul Overcame Oliver Queen

In a new behind-the-scenes look at "Arrow," the CW shows actors Stephen Amell and Matt Nable performing their own stunts work.

COMIC REEL: Robbie Compares

COMIC REEL: Robbie Compares "Suicide Squad" To "Dark Knight"; New "Fantastic Four" Details Revealed

The actress reveals she didn't have to audition for the part of Harley Quinn; director Josh Trank discusses the FF's new tone and more.

"Flash," "Arrow" Spinoff In Development Starring Routh, Garber, Lotz and Miller

The "Arrow" and "Flash" world looks to expand, with a potential CW series starring Brandon Routh, Victor Garber, Caity Lotz and Wentworth Miller.

COMIC REEL: Dawson, D'Onofrio And More Appear In New

COMIC REEL: Dawson, D'Onofrio And More Appear In New "Daredevil" Stills; Mackie Confirms "Age Of Ultron" Role

Matt Murdock poses with Karen Page and Foggy Nelson in images from "Daredevil"; Falcon will fly again in "Avengers" sequel and more.

"Arrow" EPs, Cast Discuss "Nanda Parbat," What's Next for Oliver, Ra's & the League of Assassins

Marc Guggenheim, Andrew Kreisberg, Katrina Law and John Barrowman discuss the gamechanging events of the last new "Arrow" episode for three weeks.

"Arrow" Promo Reveals There's More Than One Path To Justice

Ra's al Ghul elaborates on his offer in a trailer for "Arrow's" next dramatic episode.

"Arrow" Recap: Ra's Al Ghul Makes Oliver An Offer He Can't Refuse

Ray Palmer dons the ATOM suit as Oliver Queen and John Diggle travel to Nanda Parbat to ... rescue Malcolm Merlyn?