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CW President Says

CW President Says "Discussions" Are In Place for More "Arrow" Spinoffs

CW President Mark Pedowitz says there are "discussions going on" about expanding the "Arrow" universe beyond "The Flash."

2014 Fall TV Guide Pt. 2:

2014 Fall TV Guide Pt. 2: "Marvel's Agents of SHIELD," "Arrow," & "The Walking Dead"

From Marvel to DC to AMC's zombies, check out what's in store this season for your favorite continuing comic book shows.


COMIC REEL: "Gotham" Launches Viral Campaign; Routh on Atom's "Arrow" Costume

Fox launches two viral websites for "Gotham"; Brandon Routh discusses Ray Palmer's Atom costume on "Arrow" and more.

"Arrow" Cast Stands Tall in Season Three Poster

Oliver, Felicity, Laurel, Diggle and Roy get ready to face new threats in The CW's "Arrow" season three promotional poster.


COMIC REEL: "Lucifer" Heads to Television; Ray Palmer Features in "Arrow" Photos

Mike Carey's "Lucifer" series heads to television; Brandon Routh poses as Ray Palmer in new "Arrow" photos and more.

Guggenheim Promises New Saga, Returning Villains In

Guggenheim Promises New Saga, Returning Villains In "Arrow Season 2.5"

"Arrow" EP Marc Guggenheim explains how the digital tie-in to the hit TV series will resurrect some bad blood as the story races toward the S3 premiere.

"Arrow" Adds Captain Boomerang to its Rogues Gallery

Nick Tarabay has been cast as Digger Harkness, better known as Captain Boomerang, in the upcoming season of The CW's "Arrow."

"The Flash" Showrunner Andrew Kreisberg Races Between TV & Comics

After bringing the essence of DC Comics' heroes to TV, prolific writer/producer Andrew Kreisberg brings a touch of their TV iterations to comics.

"Arrow's" Stephen Amell Teases Season Three

Stephen Amell weighs in on the Oliver/Felicity romance, which superhero should visit Starling City and the Arrow's place in the DCU.

Berlanti Talks Bringing

Berlanti Talks Bringing "The Flash" Up To Speed, Confirms "Supergirl" TV Development

The showrunner spoke with CBR about juggling DC-to-TV characters, from "The Flash's" Rogues to Superman's cousin to the latest Ra's al Ghul.

COMIC REEL: Douglas on

COMIC REEL: Douglas on "Ant-Man" Costume; "Agents of SHIELD" Gets Special Guest Stars

Michael Douglas discusses possibly suiting up in "Ant-Man"; "Agents of SHIELD" premieres with Hayley Atwell & George Stephanopoulos and more.

CBR TV @ SDCC: Barrowman, Ramsey & Guggenheim on

CBR TV @ SDCC: Barrowman, Ramsey & Guggenheim on "Arrow" Season 3

John Barrowman, David Ramsey & Marc Guggenheim journeyed to the CBR Yacht at Comic-Con to discuss "Arrow" as it heads to its third season.


COMIC REEL: "Agents of SHIELD" Deleted Scene, New "Supergirl" Rumors

"Agents of SHIELD" gets a new deleted scene from season one; Reports state Greg Berlanti will head up a "Supergirl" show and more.

Matt Nable Cast as Ra's al Ghul on

Matt Nable Cast as Ra's al Ghul on "Arrow"

After being discussed throughout "Arrow" season two, Bat-villain Ra's al Ghul will debut four episodes into season three, played by Matt Nable.

Ray Palmer Makes His

Ray Palmer Makes His "Arrow" Debut in New Trailer

The newest "Arrow" trailer features a first look at Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer, a grittier Laurel and Oliver knowing his way around a gun.

COMIC REEL: Johnson Cast as

COMIC REEL: Johnson Cast as "Shazam's" Black Adam; New "The Walking Dead" Photos

Dwayne Johnson reveals his role as Black Adam in "Shazam"; Daryl, Carol & Abraham feature in new "The Walking Dead" photos and more.

Arsenal, Canary Feature in New

Arsenal, Canary Feature in New "Arrow" Season Three Photos

The first look at "Arrow" season three has arrived, with five photos featuring new glimpses of the Arrow, Arsenal, Canary and more.

COMIC REEL: Official

COMIC REEL: Official "Agents of SHIELD" Synopsis; Downey Jr. Weighs In on Black Widow Solo Film

The official "Agents of SHIELD" season two synopsis hits; Robert Downey Jr. discusses the Black Widow solo film possibility & more.

COMIC REEL: D'Onofrio Teases

COMIC REEL: D'Onofrio Teases "Daredevil"; New "Agents of SHIELD" Teaser

Vincent D'Onofrio discusses the tone of Marvel & Netflix's "Daredevil"; "Agents of SHIELD" debuts a new season two trailer and more.

Liam Neeson Says He'd Play Ra’s al Ghul on

Liam Neeson Says He'd Play Ra’s al Ghul on "Arrow" "in a Heartbeat"

The actor, who previously played Ra’s al Ghul in Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, has said he'd be willing to return to the role on the small screen.

"Supernatural's" Amy Gumenick Joins "Arrow" Season Two

"Supernatural" alum Amy Gumenick has joined "Arrow" season two as Carrie Cutter, better known as Cupid, a villain with an obsessive crush on the Arrow.

COMIC REEL: New Look at Coulson in

COMIC REEL: New Look at Coulson in "Agents of SHIELD"; Phoenix Up For "Doctor Strange"

Check out a first look at Phil Coulson in "Agents of SHIELD" season two; Joaquin Phoenix reportedly in final negotiations for "Doctor Strange" & more.

"Arrow" Adds Nolan Funk as Felicity's Hacker Ex-Boyfriend

The new season of "Arrow" looks to delve into Felicity's past, including a hacker ex-boyfriend from her college days named Cooper Seldon.

COMIC REEL: Renner on

COMIC REEL: Renner on "Age of Ultron"; Anthony Russo Discusses "Captain America 3"

Jeremy Renner teases Hawkeye's role in "Avengers: Age of Ultron"; Anthony Russo discusses concluding Cap's story in "Captain America 3" & more.

Rila Fukushima Replaces Devon Aoki as

Rila Fukushima Replaces Devon Aoki as "Arrow's" Katana

With Devon Aoki vacating the role due to a scheduling conflict, "The Wolverine's" Rila Fukushima join's "Arrow" as Katana.

Matt Ward Cast as Komodo on

Matt Ward Cast as Komodo on "Arrow" Season Three

"TRON: Legacy" actor Matt Ward will join "Arrow" season three as Simon Lacroix, better known as villainous archer Komodo.

COMIC REEL: Feige on

COMIC REEL: Feige on "Black Panther," "Captain Marvel" Film Possibility; New "Doctor Who" Photos

Kevin Feige discusses the possibility of a "Black Panther" or "Captain Marvel" film; new "Doctor Who" photos and more.

COMIC REEL: Driver on

COMIC REEL: Driver on "Star Wars"; Gustin Teases "The Flash" Developments

Adam Driver discusses the wonder of "Star Wars: Episode VII"; Grant Gustin teases what's in store for "The Flash" debut and more.

Amell, Kreisberg & More on How

Amell, Kreisberg & More on How "Arrow" Continues to Grow the DC Universe

"Arrow" continues to expand the DC TV world with characters like Ray Palmer and Ra's Al Ghul joining the hit drama while testing its namesake hero and his allies.

COMIC REEL: Affleck on Reaction to

COMIC REEL: Affleck on Reaction to "Batman V Superman" Casting; "Power Rangers" Sets Date

Ben Affleck discusses the fan reaction to his casting in "Batman V Superman"; Lionsgate's "Power Rangers" film gets a release date & more.


COMIC REEL: "Batman V Superman" Set Footage; Sony's "Female Led" Spider-Man Spinoff

"Batman V Superman" set revealed on a Detroit TV station; Sony's 2017 "Spider-Man" spinoff will feature a leading female character & more.

"Arrow" Season Three Finds Its Manhunter

"Medium" actor David Cubitt has been cast as Mark Shaw, one of the many to assume the Manhunter mantle, in "Arrow" season three.

"Arrow," "Gotham" Gain New Cast Members

Felicity's mother comes to "Arrow," while Sal Maroni finds a face in "Gotham" with two new casting announcements for Warner Bros. fall lineup.

Johns Teases a

Johns Teases a "Crisis" For "The Flash," Reaffirms Television/Movie Separation

Geoff Johns hints which comic book plots The CW's "Flash" series is looking to interpret and re-commits to maintaining separate movie and TV universes.

CBR TV: Holland, Blackthorne & Cassidy Look Back on

CBR TV: Holland, Blackthorne & Cassidy Look Back on "Arrow" Season Two

"Arrow" stars Willa Holland, Paul Blackthorne & Katie Cassidy look back on their season two character arcs and forward to season three.


COMIC REEL: "Guardians of the Galaxy" Breaks Records; No Thanos in "Age of Ultron"

"Guardians of the Galaxy" has biggest Thursday opening of 2014; Kevin Feige says no plans for Thanos in "Age of Ultron" & more.

CBR TV: Kreisberg & Berlanti On

CBR TV: Kreisberg & Berlanti On "The Flash's" Hopeful Tone

"The Flash" executive producers Andrew Kreisberg & Greg Berlanti discuss the expectations and hopeful tone for the upcoming CW series at Comic-Con.

COMIC REEL: Gunn Teases

COMIC REEL: Gunn Teases "Guardians of the Galaxy 2"; Hemsworth on "Age of Ultron"

James Gunn teases possibilities for "Guardians of the Galaxy 2"; Chris Hemsworth discusses "Avengers: Age of Ultron" and more.

SDCC: John Barrowman Cuts Loose in His

SDCC: John Barrowman Cuts Loose in His "Anything Goes" Panel

No subject was off-limits at during the Comic-Con International spotlight on the veteran "Arrow," "Doctor Who" and "Torchwood."

"Arrow" Season Three Finds Its Wildcat

Actor J.R. Ramirez has been cast as Ted Grant -- better known as Wildcat -- on the upcoming third season of the CW's "Arrow."