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COMIC REEL: "Flash's" New Trickster Look Revealed; "Agent Carter" Showrunners Talk Twists

Photos of Devon Graye's Trickster suit have surfaced; "Carter's" Fazekas and Butters discuss the show's "Avengers" ties and more.

Oliver Queen Soars In New

Oliver Queen Soars In New "Arrow" Trailer

A riot breaks out in a city under siege in the new promo for "Arrow's" upcoming "Uprising" episode.

"Arrow" Recap: "Midnight City"

As Oliver recovers, the rest of Team Arrow swings into action against the increasingly menacing Brick, and Thea stands up to her father.

Cassidy Discusses Assuming the Mantle of

Cassidy Discusses Assuming the Mantle of "Arrow's" Black Canary

Katie Cassidy explores Laurel's journey to superheroics, the Canary Cry, a possible Birds of Prey nod in the future and more.

EXCLUSIVE: Arsenal Assists Black Canary in New

EXCLUSIVE: Arsenal Assists Black Canary in New "Arrow" Clip

Black Canary (Katie Cassidy) gets a helping hand from Arsenal (Colton Haynes) in an exclusive clip from tonight's "Arrow."

Suicide Squad Set to Return to

Suicide Squad Set to Return to "Arrow" with New Addition

A "Suicide Squad" feature film won't stop the group from returning to "Arrow" later this season on The CW, this time with Cupid part of the crew.

COMIC REEL: Cox Discusses

COMIC REEL: Cox Discusses "Tight" Daredevil Suit; "FF" Writer Talks Codenames

Charlie Cox opens up about the not-yet-revealed Daredevil suit; Simon Kinberg addresses codename concerns in "Fantastic Four" and more.

COMIC REEL: Downey May Keep

COMIC REEL: Downey May Keep "Bumping Along" With Marvel; Momoa Talks Aquaman's Look

The Iron Man star reveals why he took a supporting role in "Civil War"; Jason Momoa teases a new type of Aquaman and more.

In New

In New "Arrow" Clip, Laurel and Ray Palmer See Some Action

Laurel Lance and Ray Palmer come face-to-face with Danny Brickwell and his gang in a new "Midnight City" clip.

COMIC REEL: Possible

COMIC REEL: Possible "Justice League Dark" Roster Revealed; Reynolds Opens Up About "Deadpool"

A new rumor has Constantine and Zatanna heading up the DC team; Ryan Reynolds says they're doing "Deadpool" the "right way" and more.

Black Canary Takes the Spotlight in New

Black Canary Takes the Spotlight in New "Arrow" Preview

Exec. producer Marc Guggenheim previews Wednesday's episode, "Midnight City," which will make Laurel Lance fans "insanely happy."

Vinnie Jones Is A Musical Juggernaut On ABC's

Vinnie Jones Is A Musical Juggernaut On ABC's "Galavant"

The hulking action star, who's been busy menacing Starling City on "Arrow," talks with SPINOFF about embracing the silliness of ABC's musical comedy.

COMIC REEL: Michael Shannon Rumored for

COMIC REEL: Michael Shannon Rumored for "Batman v Superman"; Sony Teases "Sinister Six"

An appearance by Shannon in "Dawn of Justice" could spell doom for Superman; "Sinister Six" promo artwork surfaces from Sony Pictures Brazil and more.

COMIC REEL: Manganiello, Sinise Rumored For

COMIC REEL: Manganiello, Sinise Rumored For "Suicide Squad"; Bettany Talks "Age Of Ultron"

Joe Manganiello may be up for Deathstroke; Paul Bettany talks going red for the Vision role and more.

COMIC REEL: Anthony Mackie Hopes To Appear In

COMIC REEL: Anthony Mackie Hopes To Appear In "Age Of Ultron"; The Scarecrow Arrives In "Gotham"

Mackie is up for anything Marvel wants to put him in; the first stills from "The Fearsome Dr. Crane" have appeared and more.

David Ramsey Wants To See Bruce Wayne On

David Ramsey Wants To See Bruce Wayne On "Arrow"

John Diggle has figured out a number of ways to get Batman's alter ego on the CW series and he wants to see it happen now.

"Arrow" Promo Teases That Justice Is The New Black

The "Midnight City" trailer features a team-up between the new Black Canary and Arsenal.

"Arrow" Recap: "Left Behind"

With the apparent loss of Oliver Queen, Diggle and Roy continue his mission, while Felicity begins to question vigilantism and Laurel at last embraces her new identity.

TV Legends Revealed: Did

TV Legends Revealed: Did "Arrow" Nearly Feature Blue Beetle Instead of Atom?

Find out how close Ted 'Blue Beetle' Kord came to filling the role Ray 'The Atom' Palmer does on "Arrow."

Barrowman Lobbies to Write

Barrowman Lobbies to Write "Arrow" Spinoff Comic

In an interview with CBR, "Doctor Who" alum John Barrowman expressed his desire to write a comic starring his "Arrow" character.

"Arrow's" Barrowman Explains How Oliver's 'Death' Changes Merlyn

John Barrowman explains why Oliver Queen's death is a win/win for his "Arrow" character, and his eagerness to participate in a "Flash" crossover.

COMIC REEL: Toy Teases Possibility Of Gray Hulk In

COMIC REEL: Toy Teases Possibility Of Gray Hulk In "Age Of Ultron"; Bendis Pushes "Powers" On "Late Night"

The "Savage Hulk" Funko figure may be a nod to "Ultron's" plot; a clip from the upcoming PlayStation series emerges and more.

COMIC REEL: Amell Says Next

COMIC REEL: Amell Says Next "Arrow"/"Flash" Event Will Be "Even Bigger"; "Deadpool" Begins Filming In March

Stephen Amell hints that the Lazarus Pit has already appeared on "Arrow"; Ryan Reynolds will head home to Vancouver for "Deadpool" and more.

Amell Denies

Amell Denies "Arrow" Lazarus Pit Rumors

While Stephen Amell Oliver's Queen won't be embracing one comic book concept, he offered clues about what may have happened following the midseason finale.


COMIC REEL: "Constantine" Goes Claymation In New Short; Bendis To Appear On "Late Night"

Matt Ryan lends his voice to the animated "Constantine" clip; the "Powers" writer will chat with "Late Night" host Seth Meyers and more.

"Arrow's" Colton Haynes Says Arsenal "Has to Step Up And Isn't Ready"

The actor gives a glimpse at the path ahead for Roy Harper in the wake of Oliver Queen's mysterious end.

Take One Last Look Inside

Take One Last Look Inside "The Flash's" Return, "Arrow's" New Trilogy

Before their mid-season premier's, The CW's "Flash" and "Arrow" offer up one more action-packed preview as Marc Guggenheim teases a Brick trilogy.

"Arrow" Concept Art Shows Secret Origin of Trick Arrows

Oliver Queen's use of a boxing glove in "Arrow" may have been a happy accident caused by these designs from concept artist Andy Poon.

"Arrow's" David Ramsey Talks Oliver's Absence, Masking Diggle

The "Arrow" actor reveals how Diggle steps up in the wake of Oliver Queen's apparent demise.

COMIC REEL: Peek-A-Boo's

COMIC REEL: Peek-A-Boo's "Flash" Debut Confirmed; "Fantastic Four" Trailer Release Date Revealed

Britne Oldford will star as the teleporting Shawna Baez; Fox's "FF" reboot will debut footage alongside "Kingsman" and more.

Cassidy Sings About Becoming

Cassidy Sings About Becoming "Arrow's" New Black Canary

After waiting for three seasons to get in on the hit show's action, Katie Cassidy is thrilled to finally assume the role of superhero.


COMIC REEL: "Captain America" Writer Talks Carter's Iron Man Connection; Firth Fights In "Kingsman" Clip

"Civil War" may reveal if Tony Stark ever met Peggy Carter; Colin Firth turns into a "killing machine" in new pub scene and more.


New "Arrow" Promo Focuses on Those "Left Behind"

"Arrow" is back next week, and a new minute-long promo shows Starling City in the aftermath of last month's fateful season finale.


COMIC REEL: The "Fearsome" Dr. Crane Arrives In "Gotham"; "Daredevil" Teases Nelson & Murdock

Scarecrow's father will show up on Fox's proto-Batman drama; Netflix's "Daredevil" begins its ad campaign and more.

"Arrow" Cast Gets LEGO-ized In "LEGO Batman 3" Add On Trailer

Stephen Amell lends his voice to the new add on pack featuring characters from the CW series.


COMIC REEL: "Supergirl's" Feminist Message Revealed; "Avengers" Unleashes New Trailer

CBS' Nina Tassler calls "Supergirl" a "female empowerment" story; the heroes get torn apart in new "Age of Ultron" clip and more.

"Arrow" Gets "Left Behind" As "The Flash" Faces "Revenge of The Rogues" In New Photos

The returning CW dramas show off characters from the Atom to Heat Wave to Captain Cold as they prepare for next week's episodes.

"Arrow" and "The Flash" Casts and Producers Discuss Diversity, DC vs. Marvel and More

The combined casts and EPs of The CW's DC Comics-based shows talk the impending return of the two shows, and the seasons thus far.

COMIC REEL: Cavill Says

COMIC REEL: Cavill Says "Batman V Superman" Will Be One Film; "Flash's" Firestorm Suit Revealed

Superman himself denies rumors that the team-up film will be split up; the live-action Firestorm suit pays homage to the comics and more.

Guggenheim Talks

Guggenheim Talks "Pushing the Envelope" in "Arrow"/"Flash" Animated Spinoff "Vixen"

TV and comics veteran Marc Guggenheim talks to CBR about what "Vixen" brings to the "Arrow"-verse, and taking advantage of the animated format.