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Fabian Nicieza Revives A

Fabian Nicieza Revives A "Titans" Family & Unleashes "Superboy" for "Convergence"

The writer discusses re-crafting Arsenal's "Cry For Justice" failings and explains why Kon El will battle the Kingdom Come Superman.

EXCLUSIVE: Arsenal Assists Black Canary in New

EXCLUSIVE: Arsenal Assists Black Canary in New "Arrow" Clip

Black Canary (Katie Cassidy) gets a helping hand from Arsenal (Colton Haynes) in an exclusive clip from tonight's "Arrow."

COMIC REEL: Michael Shannon Rumored for

COMIC REEL: Michael Shannon Rumored for "Batman v Superman"; Sony Teases "Sinister Six"

An appearance by Shannon in "Dawn of Justice" could spell doom for Superman; "Sinister Six" promo artwork surfaces from Sony Pictures Brazil and more.

"Arrow's" Colton Haynes Says Arsenal "Has to Step Up And Isn't Ready"

The actor gives a glimpse at the path ahead for Roy Harper in the wake of Oliver Queen's mysterious end.

"Arrow's" Roy Harper Becomes Arsenal

The CW has debuted the first photo of star Colton Haynes as Arsenal, Roy Harper's costumed identity on the third season of "Arrow."

"Arrow's" Colton Haynes Talks Brother Blood, Donning Arsenal's Costume

"Arrow's" Colton Haynes describes his fight against Brother Blood, his Season 2 arc and whether Roy will don Arsenal's costume.

Keatinge Joins The Outlaws For

Keatinge Joins The Outlaws For "DC Universe Presents"

"Glory" and "Hell Yeah" writer Joe Keatinge speaks about his upcoming Arsenal and Starfire stories in DC Comics' anthology series, "DC Universe Presents" drawn by newcomer comics artist Ricken.


CW's "Arrow" Casts Colton Haynes as Roy Harper

Continuing its embrace of DC Comics mythology, the CW's "Arrow" has cast "Teen Wolf" alum Colton Haynes in the role of Roy Harper, better known in the DCU as Speedy, Red Arrow and Arsenal.

THE OWL SIGNAL: Lobdell Hunts Owls with

THE OWL SIGNAL: Lobdell Hunts Owls with "Red Hood & The Outlaws"

Scott Lobdell accompanies Red Hood, Starfire and Arsenal to Gotham City for "Night of the Owls" where the non-team tangles with the Court of Owls and Mr. Freeze. Plus, an exclusive peek at Freeze's new look!

Lobdell Looks Under DC's

Lobdell Looks Under DC's "Red Hood"

"Red Hood And The Outlaws" writer Scott Lobdell spoke with CBR News about Jason Todd, reader accessibility, the way in which the title is not a team title and how he got involved in the DC relaunch.

Wallace Writes the

Wallace Writes the "Titans" of the DCU

Writer Eric Wallace spoke with CBR about bringing former Teen Titan Arsenal to the villain-centric "Titans," tying into the ongoing events of "Brightest Day" and the coming reckoning over the death of Ryan Choi.