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ECCC: IDW Announces Creator-Owned And Licensed Projects For 2015 And Beyond

ECCC: IDW Announces Creator-Owned And Licensed Projects For 2015 And Beyond

IDW brought new properties and new series including "Ghostbusters: Get Real" and “Godzilla In Hell" to Seattle.

Ryall, Niles Plans to Survive the Ongoing

Ryall, Niles Plans to Survive the Ongoing "Zombies vs Robots" Apocalypse

Chris Ryall and Steve Niles share details on their new ongoing series, the upcoming Sony pictures "ZvR" adaptation and more.

PREVIEW: Alan Martin Brings Back the Punkette In

PREVIEW: Alan Martin Brings Back the Punkette In "The Power of Tank Girl"

Alan Martin's Tank Girl returns in "The Power of Tank Girl," collecting three plutonium-deprived stories drawn by Rufus Dayglo & Ashley Wood.

Steve Niles Uncovers

Steve Niles Uncovers "Mystery Society Special 2013"

Steve Niles discusses his upcoming "Mystery Society" special for IDW, dishing out plot details on the genre-bending comic, updating CBR on his and Wes Craven's "Coming of Rage" and "Chin Music" with Tony Harris.



Courtesy of IDW, CBR presents an exclusive preview of "The Crow" #1, John Shirley and Kevin Colden's take on James O'Barr's classic mythos. The new series debuts July 11.

PRESS RELEASE: IDW Publishing Announces Comic-Con International 2012 Exclusives

John Shirley Rights Wrongs in

John Shirley Rights Wrongs in "The Crow"

Novelist John Shirley helped make James O'Barr's "The Crow" a pop culture phenomenon with the 1994 film adaptation. CBR spoke to him about IDW's July relaunch of the vengeful spirit.


PREVIEW: "The Crow" #1

IDW Publishing has released an early look at its July-debuting "Crow" series, written by John Shirley featuring art by Kevin Colden with Kyle Hotz and Ashley Wood on covers.

Chris Ryall's

Chris Ryall's "Zombies vs. Robots" Returns

IDW Publishing Chief Creative Officer Chris Ryall spoke with CBR News about his upcoming "Zombies vs. Robots" miniseries, "Undercity," while giving details on Sony Pictures' deal to bring "ZvR" to film.

PRESS RELEASE: Classic 2000 AD Character Brought to "Smushing" Life by threeAToys


IDW's "Zombies vs. Robots" Heads to Sony Pictures

Sony Pictures has acquired the rights to a film based on Chris Ryall and Ashley Wood's IDW Publishing series "Zombies vs. Robots," with "Transformers" director Michael Bay's studio producing.

PRESS RELEASE: "Spawn" #200 Sells Out in One Day

PRESS RELEASE: Record Setting "Spawn" #200 Issue Becomes Comics' Best Value in Years

Abnett & and Lanning

Abnett & and Lanning "Infest" IDW

With an "Infestation" set to rip through IDW’s licensed titles in January in the publisher's first crossover, CBR spoke with writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning about the event and their "Transformers" tie-in.

PRESS RELEASE: Join Steve Niles' "Mystery Society"

PRESS RELEASE: "Zombies Vs. Robots" Returns

Ryall vs.

Ryall vs. "Zombies vs. Robots Aventure"

A few apocalypses later, Chris Ryall's "Zombies vs. Robots" returns in the four-issue miniseries "Aventure," this time joined by three new artists. CBR spoke with Ryall about the February debuting series.

IDW Celebrates Ten Years

IDW Celebrates Ten Years

IDW Publishing recently celebrated its tenth anniversary, and CBR News spoke with company President Ted Adams and Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall about the publisher's history and future.

PRESS RELEASE: image reveals "Spawn: Book of the Dead"

PRESS RELEASE: IDW releases "Snaked" collection

PRESS RELEASE: IDW releases "Device: Fantastic Contraption"

PRESS RELEASE: IDW releases all-new "Tank Girl" mini-series