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John Boyega Tells Racist

John Boyega Tells Racist "Star Wars" Haters to 'Get Used to It'

The "Force Awakens" star also thanks fans who have supported the teaser, pushing it past 40 million views in 72 hours.


NYCC: "Attack the Block" Panel

"Attack the Block" writer/director Joe Cornish and stars John Boyega and Luke Treadaway entertained an enthusiastic New York Comic Con crowd, teasing the release of the cult-hit movie on Blu-ray and DVD.

CCI: Joe Cornish and John Boyega on

CCI: Joe Cornish and John Boyega on "Attack the Block"

Writer/director Joe Cornish and star John Boyega spoke with the press at Comic-Con International about their fun and frenetic ode to old-school creature features "Attack the Block. "


SPINOFF REVIEW: "Attack the Block"

Featuring a stellar cast of newcomers and a dark, funny script from writer and first-time director Joe Cornish, "Attack the Block" is a fun and frenetic love letter to old-school creature features.

PRESS RELEASE: Come "Attack the Block" at Kapow!